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What About Another Date? [Eerika]

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  • What About Another Date? [Eerika]

    After more dancing and a couple more cupcakes of doom, Sinead was a bit tipsy but in a very good mood. She knew when to stop before getting hammered on sugar. That helped, especially when she didn't want to make a fool of herself in front of her date.

    "We really need to go out dancing another time." She purred a little as they left the Ball arm in arm. She had been interested in the imperial for a while now, but seeing her look drop dead gorgeous and waltz like a princess had only added to this, liking the contrast with how professional and deadly the brunette could be.

    She was caught in a fit of giggles and rolled her eyes at herself. "Sorry!" She wasn't making fun of Eerika at all, but the amount of sugar in her body was making her having funny reactions.

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    She smirked, walking down the grandiose staircase that led to the building that hosted the ball tonight, Sinead's keys in hand as her date was in no shape to drive back to her place tonight. Eerika had offered to drive because Sinead had been so excited to see sweet treats that she adored so much. Thus she encouraged her to indulge, as that what these parties are for.

    "Obviously something's quite humorous in your head." She gave the valet Sinead's ticket and the keys to bring the speeder around. "Do me a favor and retrieve the vehicle. I know you didn't park it, but my lady here's quite unsteady. The less walking, the better. I promise a good tip for you."

    "Right away, Miss!" He nodded and ran off towards the direction of the speeder that Eerika had described.


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      Sinead normally had outstanding balance, but right now, she was very happy to be arm in arm with Eerika, and not just because she liked being close to her date. Her feet might have a tendency to trip on their own!

      "I see funny things... Give me ideas for jewelry sometimes!" She chuckled, though for once in her mind, it wasn't about thieving, but about how once upon a time, she had wanted to get into jewelry creation!

      She giggled again and raised a finger to mark her point. "Not seeing pink Rancors though!"


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        "Lovely. At least I know you're not entirely blitzed out of your mind," she said quietly, keeping Sinead against her so the woman would remain standing.

        "Dare I ask if you want to take bets on how long our valet takes?" She was already counting since he sprinted off, having a starting point for his tip and how it depreciated with every 10 seconds.


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          Sinead laughed to Eerika's remark. In the back of her mind, she was having some naughty thoughts about her gorgeous date, but she was still clear headed enough not to want to act on any of them in her current tipsy taste. She liked being able to remember everything correctly and she didn't want the imperial to think of her pulling a move on her as a simple drunkard idea.

          "What shall we bet?"


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            "Drunkards choice," she challenged smugly. "Curious to see what you would like to bet...."

            It was the spy in her, unable to help herself in analyzing what Sinead would do in this situation - with little inhibition to hold her back.

            And there was no sign of the valet yet. Gave enough time for this game to continue a bit longer.


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              Sinead giggled to Eerika's response. "Well... The winner chooses the destination of our next date." It was bold but that was what she went with.

              She raised a brow, her green eyes fixated on the imperial, curious to see what she would say.


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                "And here I thought it was to your hotel?" She smirked, making ti unclear if she were joking or not. "But, I suppose that would be sufficient enough cause for a bet.

                And since you asked me out, you may make your wager first."


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                  Sinead wasn't so often puzzled by someone, but between her intoxicated state and how the imperial could be hard to read, she gave a confused look at her upon mention of her hotel. She couldn't tell whether she was joking or not.

                  She found her voice back when asked to make her wager first. "I say the valet takes another two minutes."


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                    "Two?" Closes her eyes and does a quick mental calculation of how fast the valet was running, where Sinead's speeder was, and with traffic being how it was, how long until he could pull up. "Two minutes 30 seconds," she finally said, opening up her eyes. "Only because of how congested traffic is up front, even with guards positioned to keep it moving."


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                      "Let's see!" Sinead giggled and waited for the valet to finally show up. She lost the bet, though she didn't check her chrono herself. The speeder arrived before them after two minutes and thirty seconds, more or less, but certainly more than two minutes.

                      "Guess you win... Right?" She chuckled, having her notion of time a little messed up but not totally, due to her intoxicated state.


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                        "I suppose I do," she agreed, escorting Sinead the rest of the way down the stairs and to the speeder. Once she was settled in the passenger seat, she gave the valet ample reward for retrieving the speeder.

                        "Thank you!!!" He fist the money and stuffed it in his pockets with a giddy smile.

                        Eerika had already entered the vehicle and was well on the way towards her date's hotel. "Now where are you again?" Sinead had picked her up for the ball tonight and the Agent was trying to be polite since she already knew where the woman lived. She was a spy after all...


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                          Sinead took place in the passenger seat, her gaze drifting to Eerika again, as the imperial asked her about where her hotel was. "Staying at the Kenora Hotel on..."

                          She frowned, her mind a little fuzzy. "The first street after the Central Crossing on Crescent Avenue." She smirked. "The exact name of the street's bloody escaping me right now!"


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                            She smiled, almost towards Central Crossing. "I'm sure it'll come to you when we get closer.", Eerika assured as the street was Ingane Lane. But to reveal that now would mean tipping her hand that the spy had done her homework.

                            "Kenora Hotel's not upscale, but it's pretty decent for a merc. Had some good deals since we last saw one another?"


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                              "Hopefully!" Sinead quipped with a chuckle. She shrugged when the imperial said how Kenora hotel wasn't upscale. She felt a bit bad about it suddenly, though didn't really say anything about it.

                              "Yeah, got a pretty big promotion. I was appointed as one of the Cartel Lieutenants." She said with loads of pride in her voice.