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  • What they don't know.. [Open]

    Aesir departed from the ball shortly after the Empress, stepping out beneath greying skies that threatened a storm that would fall under the cover of night. He was about five blocks away from Liranthasia Gardens, halfway to Bleaker Street where his hotel was, when the skies opened up and began to mercilessly assault the city with torrents of rain. His pace quickened, his designer suit heavy with water by the time he reached the first awning on the desired street.

    With a sigh, he pressed his lower back to the brick wall behind him and reclined his head as well. Nimble fingers traveled up to undo one, then two buttons of his dress shirt; displaying a pale slice of his muscular chest, beaded with moisture from his trek. Jet black hair hung before his ice blue eyes in jagged spikes until he swept a hand through it, slicking it back against the top of his head.

    A door swept open to his right, the boisterous din of conversation and music luring his attention to the entryway. A couple stepped out, the man of the pair brandishing an umbrella. They tossed a glance in his direction and he offered his usual lopsided smirk. His eyes changed then, bleeding color and transitioning into pure black. The woman gasped and they hurried away from him.

    With concentration, he brought the pheromonic bond back under control. His hand lashed out just in time to keep the door to the pub from closing on him. Stepping inside, he discarded his coat on a peg with little regard given to the water that dripped from it. Then, he moved toward the bar where he snagged a seat between two individuals engrossed in conversation. The stale scent of cigarettes and beer teased his keen sense of smell, a far cry from the party he'd previously been attending. Less security to analyze his every change in expression.

    "Corellian whiskey. A double." He asked of the bartender, resting his forearm atop the bar counter and turning his eyes upon the crowd.
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    Having already seen the empress to her private home, Akilah needed a break after the long evening of keeping her senses peeled to those who might wish to do their sovereign harm. Time for a break, she mused and stepped from the speeder, the pouring rain catching the edges of her pantsuit that wasn't protected by the umbrella, and now her legs as she moved to the front door to the club, opening it as fast as she could and stepping inside. Shaking off the cool water, she closed her umbrella and pushed a button that retracted the telescopic cylinder, making the object now a small object that she could put into her jacket pocket. These clothes needed to be washed anyway, she mused and continued inside.

    Music played among the din of conversation and occasional laughs emanating from dimly lit booths and tables. Hazel eyes led the agent to the bar where she noticed an extremely handsome figure, his outfit soaked and dripping on the floor. Smirking at the sight, she moved around to the rightmost neighbor of his, noticing how agitated the pair had become for some reason, angling their conversation around the apparent newcomer.

    Moving to her, the bartender leaned in as she eyed him, "Bantillian Sunrise with a Lum chaser," she stated, then sat down.

    "Comin' right up."

    Akilah's gaze rose to the suspended holoprojector hovering inside the bar's cabinets to notice coverage of the ball she had just left. The talking heads now going on about fashion statements made by some of the more notable guests as well as certain rumors about infidelity. Enough to make her shift her gaze away from the news.


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      Kalidia was happy with what had happened in her life for the past while, from discovering more about her origins, gaining a professional partner and a new career with the Empire. Yet, she had been a loner for so many years that she had felt the need to take some time on her own on that evening.

      She had grabbed some food at another cafe, before reaching this club that reminded her of many similar places she had gone to in her life. The Morellian had planted herself in a booth not afar from the bar. She could see the holo screen with some coverage of the ball.

      Legs crossed as she was sipping on her second Reactor Core, she looked as there was now pouring rain outside. She wasn't going to head out for a while, especially with this weather. Always an observer at heart, the brunette watched as new patrons came in.


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        The bartender set his tumbler of whiskey in the wedge of space between his thumb and index finger, perfectly poised over the white square napkin he'd settled his hand upon. The rest of his fingers roamed up the glass and then fastened around it in a full grip, lofting it to his lips so he could take his first sample of the stock. It was good, not nearly as strong as the black membrosia that the givers had manufactured on Alderaan; but, it was satisfactory. His glacial blue eyes never strayed from their task of people watching, his suppression of the pheromonic bond extinguishing the lights of their aura so he saw them as others might. A woman had entered, her hazel eyes passing his way. A man lighting up a cigarra in the corner, trying not to be noticed. A lovely specimen of woman sitting alone with her beverage, people watching the same as he. There was a tap at his arm.

        He turned to face the bartender, his grin reappearing at the towel the man proffered to him. "It's really coming down out there." He said, accepting it.

        "If you're any indication, sir, I'd say that to be true." The bartender shot back in good humor, sidling across the bar to take the woman's order once she sat down. With his body still angled out toward the main room of the establishment, Aesir relinquished his glass momentarily to take up the towel, running it across the moisture that pooled at the back of his neck. A sheen of wetness glossed his dress shoes, his pants seemingly the most dry of all his attire, and his shirt stuck to his sinewy torso in places where his jacket had not shielded it.

        The sudden bang of a stool against the floor, as the man beside him thrust away from the bar, momentarily sliced through the din of the pub. Eyes infused with anger were steered in his direction and then, he stomped off toward the exit, his female companion in tow. He leaned sideways, snagging the seat of the stool with his fingertips and righting it. "Wonder what that was all about." He said to the woman with the hazel eyes, swiveling around on his own seat to set the towel down and retrieve his whiskey.


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          Taking a first sip of her drink, Akilah set the glass back upon the counter, the polished dark wood in amazing shape and she wondered if it hadn't been newly refurnished. The outburst from the man beyond the soaked underwear model caught her attention, his exasperation evident as he and the woman that he was conversing with got up and left. Brow furrowed lightly as she watched them disappear into the rainy night, then hazel orbs returned as the dark haired man mused aloud.

          Grinning, "Probably noticed how much attention she was giving you instead," Akilah commented and took another sip, trying her best not to stare at his chest. An older man to her right apparently agreed, his chuckle announcing his presence more than he had already. If she was to guess, a divorced professional given his dress and haircut, but ignored the older man in favor of the one now giving her some attention.


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            The stunning guy who had arrived hadn't been lost on Kalidia, neither the hazel eye gorgeous. She smirked as she heard the exchange about how the woman from the couple in a hurry must have been staring too much. That was a possibly as rain could make people either look even more attractive or just look like some sick pup.

            Her glass finished, she got to her feet and walked up to the bar. "Another one and some chips with a club sandwich please." Her Morellian stomach saw her hold her booze perfectly and be more hungry than the norm at times.

            "Well you two make for a nice sight." She chuckled, at the attention of the two newcomers.