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  • Hello, my name is... [Tuk]

    Lisbeth's shared quarters in the army barracks were not the place to have a celebratory night following her promotion, so she'd sprung for a room at one of the downtown Ravelin hotels for herself and Tuk. Having changed out of uniform in favor of a different outfit, she lingered around the lobby of the hotel while waiting to meet up with him.

    Her overnight bag was up in the room already, unsure if their night was going to necessarily start at the hotel. For now, in her mind, it was just the best place to meet! The new lieutenant had a thousand thoughts swirling through her mind while she waited on his arrival - from her promotion, to Bakura, to what she'd found out about her name and nickname - but none of it troubled her for now. For the moment, life was pretty astral.

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    Being that he was just a contracted smuggler, Tuk couldn't have been there for his girl's promotion - which really ticked him off, but rules were rules.

    Maybe next time I'll smuggle myself into the ceremony!

    Chuckling to himself, he walked into the lobby, dressed for a spectacular night since this was supposed to be a celebration! And it was the suit that he would have wore at the ceremony if he could have went! Only other item he carried was a duffel bag over his shoulder as he looked around for Vallen ...

    "Holy dren girl!" His eyes widened, amazed at what he was seeing before him. His girl was beautiful! "You look frakking amazing!"

    He kissed her on the lips and hugged her, hopping his PDA wasn't frowned upon.


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      Spark kissed Tuk back, after taking a good look at him in his suit. He too looked amazing and she smiled wryly when they pulled back.

      "You look amazing yourself, Mr. Arghann," Spark said.

      She leaned back, sliding her hands over the front of his suit coat, feeling the definition of his chest beneath the material. Spark smiled.


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        Tugged at his labels, he had a toothy grin plastered across his face knowing that he had Spark's approval. "Had to make sure I looked good for my date tonight, right?" Needless to sat, he was enjoying his girl's hands on approach to his arrival.

        "So!" He clapped his hands together and spoke jovial. "What shall we do to celebrate your promotion?"


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          The introvert smiled as she took a half-step back and gazed at her boyfriend. She offered a simple shrug.

          "Go out, perhaps? I hardly ever do. People keep saying there's a city and culture to see here; who knew?" she joked.


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            Tuk shrugged back and looked around the hotel. "Ya mean like this place portrays? Psh. I hadn't a clue either. But you're the celebratory lady of the night. If you want to go out, we shall. We can find a show, holo or live, there's bound to be some sort of programs going on if we look around. Or ask the concierge?"


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              "No... I mean I've never been the type to go out much. In general. Not just in a posh setting."

              Spark chuckled, and found that what she'd just said really resonated with her... even if her memories were false and incomplete. Whoever she really was, it fit that person too.

              "Yes. Let's check with the concierge because my default is to hit up a tapcaf and drink mochas half the night," she added with a grin. "And we're too dressed up for that!"


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                "Hey! I've ensured that every barista in this damn town knows how to make mocha a la foo foo for you, luv. But, a night on the town it is," he said, offering his arm for her to take. Walking up to the concierge, they looked at the terminal and were given some options from the clerk.

                "There's some fancy restaurants, the park not too far from here, cultural art center, bakery that has stuff from all over the system - some 'exotic' stuff too." And by exotic, it was very odd alien goods that were novelty items in a place such as Ravelin. "There's a carnival in town. Or we could always take in a movie?"


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                  "A bakery and caf? My, you know how to show your date a good time." Spark chuckled. "Let's do it."

                  The idea of being fairly casual, even while dressed finer than usual had its appeal. More than anything, she simply wanted to spend time with Tuk.

                  "I'm glad you've been able to stay on-planet for as long as you have," she remarked as they set off, hand-in-hand. "What is your schedule looking like in the short-term, Tuk?"


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                    Falling back to old habits, Tuk liked it. It was them! Nice fancy clothes with caf and baked goodies.

                    "We can walk on the way over if that's all right?" It was a nice night and that would give them the opportunity to talk along the way. "Well, I've checked in with the boss. Had a supply run on the edge of space and back here. Nothing too crazy though."

                    It was Linnea's usual drops heading into Wild Space and some samples he brought back of the terrain they were curious about for Aliya to run.

                    "Far as I know, think I'm running solo for a week or so."


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                      Spark nodded, liking the idea of being out for a walk together. It felt a little strange to purposely take note of Ravelin; she'd been operating obliviously since her arrival and intake!

                      "Well, that is nice," she said upon learning Tuk would be around at least for the week. Spark smiled. "I have a mission coming up, but the departure has not yet been decided. So, we'll have to make the most of the time we have."

                      Including talk about the name work I've uncovered, she thought then.


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                        "Oh? New mission for our new officer, eh?" He smirked. "Is it the sort of mission you can share the details with, or will I be in the dark about it? The hush hush, covert sort that will keep me awake at night until I know you're home safely?"

                        His tone was lighthearted, but no less sincere. Not often used to consistent beings in his life, besides his brother and nephew, it would be a very boring life to live without the enigmatic blonde in it.


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                          Spark smiled at Tuk, liking how he'd just worded that.

                          "We're going to Talaesa. And you know... gun-toting, bang, bang, in and out," she said with a wave and chuckle. "Dirum and Renkl are slated to go with me. I work well with them, so it should be simple enough."