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    Kalidia was still wrapping her mind around all that had happened over the past while. She hadn't expected to get a new life, to get some answers about who, what, she was. She hadn't thought she'd get new professional opportunities, which included a business partner. It was kinda crazy but she liked it.

    Goran had gone off for some family matters and she had decided to stick to Ravelin in the meantime. She could have wandered off to another part of Bastion, but the city was nice and she had decided to enjoy the time on her own. Being a loner, she liked such moments, regardless of how well Goran and her got along.

    She had just left the hairdresser, which had been the first thing on her list for the day. It was exciting to be among civilization again. Now, she had heard about some great holo book shops in Ravelin and it was her next destination!

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    On assignment from the Empress, Eerika had been tasked to make contact with Kalidia. To check in as it were on the new girl. She was briefed that Kalidia and her partner, Goran, were signed on as privateers under the auspices of the Navy. This was Kalidia's first real position in anything and Eerika was sent to see how she was acclimating.

    She had followed the Morellian to the hairdresser and let that be. No reason to approach her just yet, but the spy crossed the street and caught up with her shortly after leaving the salon.

    "Ms. Siron?" She called out, walking swiftly as she got her attention. Knowing that the woman was not well known at all in Ravelin, Eerika needed to provide introductions quickly to alleviate suspicions. "Agent Eerika Praji. I was sent by my division to see how you were adjusting to Imperial service, Ma'am."


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      When she heard a voice calling out for her, Kalidia was surprised. She was a nobody on Bastion, well, she was like this pretty much anywhere, so it was weird. She turned on her heels as she stopped in her tracks and watched another brunette come to her.

      "Yes?" She asked curtly, instants before the other imperial introduced herself. "Well met, Agent Praji. I didn't expect anyone to be sent as such." She wondered whether it was more to get more information on her or something like that. Of course, she'd play along as it was the least she could do as she now was in service of the Empire.

      "Please, call me Kalidia."
      Being called "ma'am" or with any title always made her feel weird. Her stance hadn't completely relaxed and she was still alert. "Would it be alright if we talked as we walked? I was headed to one of the bookstores further downtown. Or are you in a hurry?" She wasn't trying to push Praji away, but merely trying to assess what would be most practical to both of them.


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        "No hurry, Kalidia," she responded, having no issues at all using her first name since the woman had offered. "And of course..."

        Eerika motioned for the Morellian to lead the way. "What fancies you at the bookstore? Anything in particular?"

        Idle chit chat could prove more valuable then just asking 'how are you adjusting'. Just on the fact alone that she was out and about was a good sign.


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          Kalidia smiled when the Agent used her first name. It made her feel more comfortable. She still didn't know whether she was being watched or if it was genuine care for how she adjusted. She wanted to believe it was both, though she knew she might be wrong.

          As they walked towards the bookstore which was a few minutes away, her expression brightened up at once when asked about why she was going. "I didn't have the opportunity to peruse literature and philosophy sections in a vast bookshop for a very long time. So when I heard that there was one or two in Ravelin, I knew I'd have to go."

          She had studied both topics at university when younger and had been writing on and off, though had never published, since then. She wrote non fiction for the most part, though she had a few original stories up her sleeve.

          "I've not seen much of civilization so to speak in a while, so I'm sure I might look like some enthusiastic pup right now."


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            She made an 'ah' face. "Education is important. Ravelin's bookshops reflect that pursuit regardless of age and specialty."

            The Empire encouraged it's children and young men and women to strive to better themselves. Or in the case of Eerika, they did that as well as mold the child into a deadly weapon. But the Empress wanted what was best for the Empire - to secure it's future and experimenting on her people was for the greater good. Eerika knew this.

            "I make no judgements. I'm just here to make sure you're settling," she stated. "Sounds like you are slowly."


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              "I loved my university years." Kalidia said pensively as they were walking down the streets in Ravelin. "The only formal education I had since then was in martial arts. Being able to find more about literature and philosophy, my first passions, is a treat here."

              She found herself a little curious about Eerika, why she had been the one assigned to her specifically. "We all form judgements one way or the other, but we don't all let them cloud our decisions." She chuckled, knowing this must have sounded cryptic, but her love of esoterica and certain spirituality gave her this side.


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                Eerika found this information peculiar because her education had been blended - history, literature, hand to hand combat, weaponry - and that was little insight to how thorough her training had been. Even if she wasn't selected at a young age to be in the intense training regiment that the Empress wanted, her education would have been honed into her talents and been just as favorable. Regardless of the bad PR per the New Republic, the Empire wanted its children to have a strong educational foundation so they could be productive members of Imperial society.

                She didn't comment any further on Kalidia's insightful piece on judgements, wanting to focus on her thirst for knowledge. "You could always continue your education here. On Bastion."


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                  They eventually reached the book store and Kalidia beamed as soon as they entered the establishment. She politely greeted the vendor who welcomed them.

                  When the other imperial brought up the possibility of continuing her education, she stopped on her tracks, having obviously not thought about it. "I'd love to pursue a Master's one day. It's an old wish of mine. Do they have remote education via the holonet at the university here? With my work as a privateer, it is unlikely I'll see much of Bastion on a regular basis."


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                    "Yes. Those wishing to pursue a higher education do have that option. There are several programs depending on the major you want to apply for. I could provide you that information if you wish? Though, I do caution that Imperial education does prefer having classroom experience when able, so consider taking a class or two on planet," she offered, nodding in polite acknowledgement towards the proprietor.

                    Eerika was not biased because 100% of her education had been done as traditional military and educational training due to the nature of the program that Tatiana wanted to initiate. The Empress had also developed varying ways for all of her citizens to gain access to a quality education through the holonet or even with fundraisers to ensure adequate supplies for all levels of schools.

                    However, a holoreader store was not her idea of a good time but was professional enough to not let it show.


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                      "I would be grateful if you could. Thank you very much." Kalidia replied with a smile to Praji.

                      "I would love to take actual classes, but with the work of a privateer, I have no idea whether we will return to Bastion before months, if not more. I would arrange to sit at conferences or seminars if some are available while on world though."

                      The Morellian perused the literature section and was giddy as she found some fascinating titles. She liked clothing a lot, but books would always prevail in her mind!


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                        Eerika nodded at that plan and offered her assistance. "I could provide you with a list of conferences and seminars per preferences that you provide. That way you can plan ahead and see if it's doable with your schedule along with the programs as well."

                        Then she fell silent as Kalidia browsed, keeping a watchful eye on everyone. Not that she expected trouble but she was always on alert when on the clock.


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                          "I'll give you some specifics, of course. This is very generous of you." Kalidia was very surprised, but in a good way. She was used to do everything by herself, given the life she had chosen, so it was different.

                          "Were you born on imperial soil or did you join at a later age, if you don't mind me asking?" She inquired with a polite smile, in between perusing various titles.


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                            "It's a rather complicated story, Ms. Siron. One that I'm not at liberty to say," she explained. Eerika had no memories of her early childhood, nor had any idea of who here parents were, or if she had any living relatives. Her first memory was being was traveling with other children her age to Ravelin for a new educational program offered by the Empire. What little she could deduce herself is that it was quite possible that the Empire ensured she wouldn't remember.

                            "Just know that Bastion is my home."


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                              "I understand the notion of complicated well." Kalidia replied with a nod. She wouldn't press on. After all, her own history had been filled with secrets and mystery. Only recently, had she begun to put things together, against all odds.

                              "It must be something to have a home."
                              She mused, as she finished to get enough writing equipment and books for the day, slowly heading towards the cashier.

                              "It feels that there is all types of places for people to pass time around here. Ravelin is a larger city than I have seen in a while."