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  • Friendly, Family Warning (Marcus)

    Waiting within the doorway of the docking bay that the Demon's Pride had just touched down was Kalyn Nystrom. She was not blind at all to see how close the Marcus and Katja were getting and now that he was a Sith Lord, she was going to ensure that his intentions were clear in regards to her baby sister. The man was a Sith, a Force User - immediately someone that the family did not trust despite the blood relation to Aurelia.

    At first it was not an issue, Marcus barely made time for his in-laws, but he was frequently returning to Bastion to hang out with Katja, more so now that there was a treaty between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Empire. She understood the intrigue between the two of them - they were basically male and female versions of the other and with their immaturity, probably thought it was a party all the time together and fixing speederbikes.

    But again, he was a Sith Lord now. Katja was Force Sensitive. There would be no seducing her to the Dark Side, nor toying with her feelings for the sake of the friendship they forged. They will have an understanding before she allowed the Sith to meet up with her sister or she will ensure he left right now.

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    Marcus, looking tousled from sleep, scratched the side of his head as he studied the pale woman who stood in the docking bay's human-sized doorway. He didn't know her at all, but it was clear that she was waiting for him.

    "My kinda fem. The kind that's waitin' for me!" the Sith Lord chuckled.

    Leaving his lightsaber aboard the ship because there was no need for it regardless, he let down the ramp and gave a jaunty wave to the woman waiting on him.

    "So, what's up, doc?" Marcus drawled at her.


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      "What's up, Lord Vilao, is that I wish to speak with you." His flippant behavior didn't phase him any more than Katja's did - which meant the Morellian could see the immediate appeal that her younger sister saw in the man.

      Two peas in a pod indeed.

      She joined him as they walked, hands folded in front. "In regards to my sister. Katja."

      Letting that sink in, she offered introductions. "My name's Kalyn Nystrom and you've met most of my family I believe?"


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        Marcus twitched an eyebrow up, looking especially like his birth father in that moment. He would've hated to have been told that, though.

        "Well... Kat and Nikole, yeah. Let's see... one screamed in my ear that I was her new playmate and the other tried to incapacitate me. Charming family. I'm guessing you're the one who'll kill me rather than the other options," Marcus said candidly. "Or try to anyway."

        He chuckled, giving her a look.

        "Come aboard for a drink?"


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          She smirked, unamused but wasn't baited at all. He would die. There was no question. The man was a brutish thug that happened to have the Force at his disposal. There were more subtle ways of subduing the neanderthal.

          "I don't mean to keep you, Lord Vilao. We could always speak on the way to your intended destination. My aim is to be brief," she admitted, smiling like the viper that her mother raised her to be.


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            Marcus smiled back, crooking a brow.

            "C'mon aboard," he insisted. "And really, the Vilao thing is a little passé. It was more a dead relative's idea for me. Or something. Anyway..."

            Marcus gestured toward the ramp.

            "Smuggler's always got the best liquor in the galaxy. What's your poison, Kalyn?" he asked in that annoyingly knowingly-friendly tone of voice.


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              "Following traditions from an old soul's idea?" She mused aloud, following Marcus up the ramp. "Regardless, one can't argue that logic, Marcus. Your choice. I'll have what you're having."

              Kalyn could hold her liquor. This was merely a formal pleasantry to get to where she wanted - them having a hopefully civil conversation.


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                Marcus nodded and pulled out two bottles of - predictably - Corellian Ale and gestured to the main hold where they could sit and talk. Handing one to Kalyn and offering her a seat, Marcus landed opposite her and propped the ankle of one leg onto the thigh of the other.

                "So... what's on your mind, Kalyn Nystrom, sister of Katja?" he asked.


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                  "Thank you, Marcus." He was kind enough to open the bottle for her too, but she did not drink it yet, resting it in her lap.

                  "Your intentions. You and my sister are close. I want reassurances that you're not going to hurt her." Now she took a sip, gauging Marcus' reaction.


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                    Marcus lifted both brows, looking at Kalyn so intently it was as if he was looking through her.

                    "Do you interrogate all of her pals about their intentions? Or am I just lucky?" he asked with a crooked grin. "Seems like a funny sorta thing to do, after all."


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                      "Lucky or cursed." She smiled shrewdly. "Take your pick. Regardless, it's not so funny and you know why."

                      Kalyn didn't have to elaborate. "I see the appeal. She's fun. An utter riot. And the answer you just gave could have easily come from her mouth. But you must know of our family's distrust of the Sith. We know Katja's Force Sensitive and being a Lord yourself, you must know. I hope this friendship of yours isn't leading her down a darker path ..."

                      She didn't presume so, but Kalyn wanted things to be completely transparent with Marcus.


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                        Marcus frowned at her, sipping his ale. He didn't like the implications this Kalyn was making at all.

                        "Uh, no offense, but from what I was told, her fiancée is an ex-Sith herself," he pointed out. "Y'all worried about her being a bad influence no matter what she says she's doing now? Colère is around Kat a frelluva lot more than I am."

                        Of course, Kalyn was apt to pounce all over the fact the fact that Marcus had yet to answer her question.


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                          "Apparently my sister has failed to mention that she was going to join the Sith along with Colère. Had quite the elaborate plan to cause Aurelia, Nikole and our mother pain. But that didn't happen, obviously. Fear and anger almost made them do something they would regret." Kalyn smiled irritatingly patient.

                          "But you explained my point well enough, Marcus. Without really meaning to, I'd wager. But she's an ex-Sith. You, are not. And you've also not answered my question and instead ... deflected it."


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                            Marcus gave a good-natured shrug at being called out for deflecting the question.

                            "Corrupting Katja into becoming a Sith is totally the last thing on my mind," he said truthfully. "She's great and fun. And that's what we do together: have fun. Colère seems to trust, well... tolerate... me for her gal's sake. So, why doesn't the family?"


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                              "That's Colère's prerogative. The family on the other hand, is not so easily swayed towards Force Users. Even she had her issues with members of the family once we learned of her existence. Considering her allegiance was to the Galactic Empire and not the Sith. Your allegiances are quite clear, Marcus. Hence the distrust."