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  • To Expect The Unexpected (Open)

    It had been a while since Sofia had wandered around Ravelin. The adopted Imperial had often struggled with her identity, knowing that she was born on Belsavis, a distant Republic world and had been taken in by the SGE Imperial Admiral, Marce Karyne after his team destroyed her home. She and her adopted sister Annalise were the only survivors and at the time, rather than given to their enemies or shoot them, the girls were immediately adopted into Admiral Karyne's family to stop the Republic from discovering the truth of what really happened. As an Adult, she could've gone home if she wanted to, but chose not to. Her life had been with the SGE and in her heart, she knew that going back to Rebel lands would put her and her sister in danger. If they were to leave, they would go together. Annalise, however, had no plans of leaving the Imperial life and Sofia respected that. As difficult as things were, Sofia was building herself a life within the Army as a Medic and a Doctor and settling into this life.

    Today, however was Retail Therapy Day. Her first day off in Heaven's how long and she decided it would be a good time to pamper herself by going to the Salon and having her long blonde locks dyed brown, the colour she was born with before Marce adopted her. She then did a little bit of shopping to get herself some new clothes, something she hardly ever did. For the most part, Sofia had often went for clothes that were functional rather than fashionable so was caught by surprise when she found and brought these clothes to wear. Feeling like a whole new person, she decided to continue on with her window shopping. Winterday was coming soon and she needed an idea on what she could buy her family and friends... and perhaps some co-workers too.

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    "Yes, Sebarek! I'm going to this shop you recommended. Yes, I'll make sure I check the Foyard Couture floor! I can shop. I promise I can." Sabriyya sighed, knowing how much she'd rather be back to Lorrd, working! She had too much time on her hands in between her business meetings on Bastion.

    "Sebarek! I'm not Sajita! She would be the one going all over every single great boutique of the city!" She was normally calm and quirky, but now she was just annoyed as she was arguing with her older brother.

    "Oh my! Excuse me!"
    She suddenly stopped on her tracks as she had bumped into someone. "Fine, I just walked straight into a lovely lady, so this conversation ends here. Yes, I'll survive and catch you for caf later. Bye." She ended the communication and looked at the woman. "Apologies. I didn't see you."


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      Lost in her own little world, Sofia was caught by surprise when she pumped into a dark-skinned lady. Snapping back to reality, the Imperial Doctor instinctively said, "Oh! My apologies, Ma'am!" before blushing slightly at the comment of being called a 'lovely lady' as the woman ended her conversation on the communicator, apologizing for bumping into her.

      "No no... its okay! Really!" Sofia replied as she clasped her hands together. "I was in my own little world, I should've watched where I was going."


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        "I'm glad you're alright." The Lorrdian replied with a smile, feeling bad for having startled the other woman. "I was arguing about my shopping skills with my brother who has higher ones than I do. That's the problem with comlinks, when you forget to look where you're going."

        She chuckled a little impishly. "I seem to make a habit of bumping into people here in Ravelin. I swear I'm not that clumsy or blind!" She was so much more in her element when working at her company!


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          Sofia couldn't help but chuckle. "Well, my shopping skills tend to be quite bad too. My sister keeps telling me to get something fashionable instead of functional," the Imperial Doctor then sighed and shrugged her shoulders as she continued, "..but I tend to fail at the fashion category bigtime. Being a Doctor in the Imperial army tends to do that..."

          Sofia then decided to be kind and ask, "Is there something specific you're looking for?"


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            "My brother is the fashion expert, and my sisters are better than me. Not difficult though!" She chuckled, glad that the woman didn't mind what had just happened. "I tend to stick to business wear or some sport items."

            She was impressed when the woman mentioned serving in the army. "A military doctor? I'm sure that you must be quite busy. My brother works on Bastion, that's part of the reason I'm here."

            She smiled to the question. "I'm looking for trendy casual wear and a couple of evening dresses. I have a couple events to attend soon."


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              Sofia smiled a little as the lady spoke about looking for trendy casual wear and dresses. ""Hmm... there's an Ayelixe Fabrico store not far from here. Usually has some good casual clothes if that's what you're wanting and Coruscant Fashions recently opened an outlet store nearby if you fancy the Core World Fashions. They do some trendy clothes and some nice dresses." she said, pointing North for Ayelixe Fabrico and West for Coruscant Fashions.

              Sofia then grinned impishly as the woman spoke about Sofia being a busy bee and of her brother in Bastion. "Yeah. It can be very busy sometimes. Soldiers don't tend to be too bad if you stand up to them, but sometimes, when the hospitals are full, I end up getting volunteered to treat the civvys... sorry civilians. They can be a whole different ball game."

              Sofia then put a hand to her mouth, suddenly realizing she'd forgotten to introduce herself. "I'm so sorry. Its rude of me not to introduce myself!" she said apologetically before waving impishly. "I'm Sofia Karyne..."


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                "I used to like the Core World Fashions. Then my brother and my three sisters spent the last years bickering about different designers, and I try to avoid a raging battle at family reunions." Sabriyya smirked, knowing that they were all rooting for different Core designers. It was a walking headache when these four started! "I think I'll have to check Ayelix Fabrico. This seems like what I'm looking for!"

                She chuckled when the woman said "civvys" for civilians. "We all have our professional jargon. I accidentally drop communication terms way too often. As for being a different ball game as a civilian, well..." She shrugged and her expression changed for a split moment, turning sadder. "I know that I've not always been the best patient when needing to see doctors."

                She quirked a brow as she read the sudden shift in the imperial's body language, the skill intuitive to her species. "Oh my!" She smiled apologetically too. "I'm no better. I'm sorry." She extended her hand. "Pleasure meeting you, Sofia Karyne. I am Sabriyya Dalenak."