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  • Suits and Shoots (Semi-Open)

    OOC: While this is an open thread, there is a bit of a story-arc for Alienor and Tauren, so there you go.

    There was a high level, high society cotillion. It was hosted by Moffs and other members of the Empire, be it through private business or the government in some way shape or form. While this was not open to the public, the monetary donations allowed for almost anyone who could afford a seat at one of the tables to be "on the list". This of course put the military and planetary security on their guard, with heightened patrols and snipers in key positions, however it was also something for Imperial Intelligence to pay attention to as well.

    There were spooks there, each with their own orders, each with their own objectives. None of them knew of the others that were there though, save two. Director Saryl was here with an agent that he recently began to oversee, agent Na'Varro as they were here for a reason that he understood and that she would learn soon enough. They were here to blend in and disappear, just like all of the other spooks, but they were here for a nefarious to the Empire reason.

    So they rode their limousine in under the guise that he was a high level investment banker and she was his wife. Their appearances slightly altered to deter any recollection of their features. What are your knowledge bases? How is your portfolio? What do you answer when one asks you a question of the market fluctuations? His questions may seem tedious but they established identity.

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    When Director Saryl had enlisted her for an upcoming assignement, Alienor had of course accepted. Given her history and her personal values, she would have had a hard time posing as anybody's wife for a mission, but the Director had clarified how it would be nothing more than being "trophy wife". That, she could do. Being able to speak up her mind and ask when she had question when training or preparing an op was something she particularly appreciated in her work with Saryl. And blending in some high society event was something right up her alley.

    When she had looked at herself in the mirror before they had left the covert base, she had been surprised. She recalled how one of the other intelligence personnel had tried to twist her arm into wearing something more revealing, but when they had seen the amount of ugly scar tissue they'd need to cover up, they had let her pick a couture dress from one of the most recent collections that suited her part and made her feel comfortable enough. Between the changed hair color and discreet but significant facial alteration, nobody would recognize her.

    As Saryl and her were in the limousine speeder, she was curious as to what exactly the reason of their attendance to the cotillon was, but she knew she'd learn it soon enough. To the Director's question, she replied already showing she was in character. "I'll tell them that you are the one to ask such questions to, but that I hope that if the market is in their favor, they'll consider donating to the upcoming fundraising campaign for our veterans." Playing a socialite who had interest in fundraising would look perfectly normal there, especially as married to a banker. "If they are willing to show good faith in such causes, I might even agree to slip a word to you on their behalf."


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      Good, keep the answers social, but vague. Give nothing that can stick but can connect to a different answer. If you feel like you are being interrogated, question them and draw attention, do not make a scene but roving eyes make those who want to hide tend to scurry. The limousine pulled slowly up to the entrance and the doormen opened the speeder door expectantly, Saryl did not like that as he had more to say but he had to keep character. So he stepped out and offered a hand to his "wife" to help her out of their ride, he remained in the way of the doormen who were trying to do the same thing because they were both wearing listening and recording devices, not to mention weapons (if necessary). Do you gentlemen always open doors without knocking?

      "I'm sorry?" The doorman who opened them up was clearly confused as he was doing nothing more than his job.

      You should be, you interrupted an important conversation, I could have you fired.

      The doorman was clearly at a loss for words, he did not mean for this to happen. "I am so sorry sir, I didn't mean..."

      Just be quiet and be more mindful... Looking to Alienor he quipped. Shall we, my dear?

      Making their way into the banquet, Tauren was immediately "working" at that point. He did indeed notice that the place looked incredible, but he was here for a reason. We have solid intelligence that there are three individuals here who are recruiting for moles for the Republic. We need to find them and trail them back to their source.


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        Alienor had no idea how much detail there was in her file about her past with the Sith. On several occasions when she had been there, she had helped other Sith in missions not so dissimilar to this kind of Intelligence work Saryl and her were doing this evening. She hadn't thought back then it would help in her new life, but she was glad of this, as well as to the training she had received with the Imperials over the past year or so.

        "I'll do as such." She replied with a nod of understanding. She pursed her lips when the doorman opened to let them out of the limousine without a knock. She didn't say a word until her "husband" held out his hand to hers. She accepted it and then took his arm. "With pleasure. I just hope that the rest of the personnel is more discreet and with better manners." She observed with a look of annoyance.

        The blonde found herself observing their surroundings at once. This habit went back to her life on Corrino where she had soon learned to do what she could to escape her punishers even if only for a short while.

        Saryl's information explained their presence with more significance. "No other detail?" She whispered, for "three individuals" was awfully vague. It could be they didn't know more, but asking didn't hurt. The good thing was that whenever people recruited, they had to reveal their end game at some point. They had to be careful but if they truly want people' attention, they had to unveil things, at least to a degree.


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          Forse didn't like parties like this. An excuse for the political elite to come around a pat each other on the back and exchange money and gifts. He was comforted a small bit by knowing that the majority of the money spent on parties like these was funneled back into the public sector, funding education and other public services. But giving people a party about it made Forse think a little too much about the Alderaanian Royal Family, which he had detested.

          Still, it was his duty to make sure the party went off without a hitch. They had a couple of close calls in the past few months, and so security was as tight as they would allow Forse to make it. He had hand picked the security detail from the Stormtrooper Corps, not exactly trusting the regular army or security forces to provide adequate security.

          Forse's mission was simple enough. He had to secure the premises from any outside threats and detain suspicious individuals. It wasn't the first time he had done this. In his youth, he had been the head of a security detail for a military parade hosted by the Moffs of the Imperial Remnant he served at the time.

          Forse was dressed in his Storm Commando armor in order to better blend with his surroundings. He was laying on a rooftop, his E-11s in his arms. His HUD was linked to the electronic scope, and he was using the rangefinder to scan the crowd for threats. He had several scout troopers on the rooftops alongside their speeder bikes to better respond to threats in a timely manner. Uniformed storm troopers patrolled the party just out of sight as to not disturb the patrons.

          Forse had closed off many of the roads leading to the large mansion which would host the cotillion. This way, He'd only have to watch the area leading to the mansion and no where else. If there were people or vehicles on the other streets or sky lanes, they were almost instantly taken into custody. Forse was not playing around.

          "Status report, Sniper teams sound off." Forse says.

          The scout troopers all gave an ok through his helmet comm. They knew better than to project their voice outside their helmets. No one needed to know that the party was covered by sniper fire.

          "Affirmative. Ground teams, status report." Forse says.

          "All clear so far, Lieutenant." Came the answer from the squad leader on the ground.

          "Affirmative. Continue patrol." Forse says, scanning the crowd.

          Forse had to stay vigilant. He couldn't allow any danger to happen to any of the Imperial politicians and business leaders, even if he couldn't stomach being in the same room with them.


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            You know what I know at this point. The Director whispered back. He was going to remind her that sometimes in cases like this the less intel the better, but they were swept up by a "Market Analyst" who recognized him by his dossier, and the fact that Scaasi Somat (his "old name" backwards) was his established "cover". He knew the individual and while he wasn't exactly wanting to talk to any "attendees" at the moment, he knew it was necessary.

            Speaking in a thick Coruscanti accent he offered a handshake "Ah Benetal, Arimai... it is my pleasure to introduce my wife "(Whatever undercover name you decide )". This was going to be her cue as while they were here to look for insurrectionists, they were also here to blend in and disappear if necessary. Sure, Saryl knew that there was security and snipers were on the roof but they were there as a backup, this was an Intelligence Operation, not an Army one, though they were indeed useful. While Alienor spoke with the two attendees he looked around silently.


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              Alienor nodded. She was glad to be on the same page, so she could do the best possible during this evening, even with so little information. When one of the patrons of the gathering spoke to him and that she was introduced as Saryl's wife, Annabella, she briefly talked, her attention drifting to different places in between.

              "I think that Mr. Redart is trying to catch your attention, my dear." She mentioned to Saryl, as someone was indeed seeking to speak to him. It also gave him opportunity to go mingle with others. "I am certain that Mr. Flear and his wife can keep me company in the meantime." She smiled graciously, before returning her gaze to the attendees who had first approached the "couple". She would remain courteous with them, until she may move to another person and continue look out for the insurrectionists.


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                Forse looked over the party with his scope, but saw nothing to indicate any sort of external threat. Forse thought the odds of an attack were pretty slim when security was this tight, but chose to treat his job as if the threat of attack was imminent.

                Forse patches into a low flying recon droid which was hovering over the party grounds. Using his HUD, he could see a view from the air of the party. This would give him a better angle in the event that something were to happen. Usually, if someone was moving quickly through a crowd, it meant they were up to no good. At that point, the droid would paint the target with a red signature that would show up on Forse's HUD as well as the other snipers and guard teams. From there, they could take their shot or not.

                Forse kept watch, staying silent and vigilant.


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                  Coming to his senses for a moment and noticing the elder statesman in front of him and put a hand on the man's shoulder. Ah yes, Mr. Redart. Come to gloat over the purchase of shares in duracrete that you just made? The two shared a laugh as Tauren was pulled way by the portly fellow and his business partner. Only the Director knew that the individual was as corrupt as they come with ties into the criminal underworld that were not useful, but dangerous to the Empire. That is why a beacon was placed on Redart's shoulder almost immediately, while he didn't know for sure that Redart would be one of the marks they were looking for, Tauren wanted eyes on him anyway for future purposes. Subtly changing the comm-link in his mouth to a different frequency, one that was used by and for security when he had heard the status check.

                  That's when he activated the beacon as Redart was making a really bad joke and blatant pass at his "wife" Tauren played up his role as "Scaasi". You silly man, I've got my eye on you. While he wouldn't be able to talk to security directly, that was code for Redart being under Imperial surveillance as the beacon emitted an ultraviolet light. While security wouldn't know who was where, the security chief would have access. Of course Tauren was watching two of the servers who seemed to spend a little too much time talking to an older woman who looked "single and ready to mingle".


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                    As Saryl and her moved to speak to different guests on their own, Alienor didn't find anyone worth of being watched for a while. She knew to observe and also trust her instincts, but it took a moment until her senses picked on something. As she was speaking with a woman, who must be in her mid forties, she could tell that something was up. It had all started when they discussed fundraising in general and the way she had seemed almost disgusted when speaking of the veterans had made Alienor suspicious.

                    Little by little, the Field agent subtly oriented the conversation. The woman, Lady Feregus, seemed then eager to get Alienor to meet some of her acquaintances. The young spy agreed to this, and as they parted ways, she placed a beacon and shortly activated her, and then alerted the security in the same fashion.

                    Reaching for the buffet, she stood by Saryl's side for a moment, smiling to him, keeping cover. "I hope the evening's been good to you so far."


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                      Forse saw the ultraviolet beacons light up as Intel marked some targets for him. These were persons of interest who may be involved in seditious activities. The first was a rather overweight man whom Forse didn't recognize the man, which wasn't surprising. The second was a middle aged woman, unremarkable except for her hairstyle, which was very large. Forse thought it was tacky, but he didn't exactly have room to talk with his unkempt appearance.

                      "Two targets. Confirm." Forse says to his teams.

                      "Affirmative." Came the reply from the section leaders.

                      "Stand by. Don't engage until they act or we're told to. We're not here to shoot up the party." Forse says over his comlink.

                      Keeping an eye on the targets, Forse continues to silently observe.


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                        The evening has been quite enlightening. Hopefully you have not been too bored among all of these stiffs. He was still watching the two servers talking to the woman grasping at her youth, that is until the servers put their trays, full of finger sandwiches, down and the three disappeared through a back door. This is the sort of place that makes me want to explore the hallways, and maybe a breakout room or two? His comm-link still on, and several people around them he was still speaking in code.

                        The code she would understand, as well as the security chief, was of the three who disappeared, anyone else would just hear a husband wanting to be amorous with his wife. He was about to suggest that they do just that when the Redarts showed up out of nowhere. "Oh dear, you MUST go shopping with me one day. Your taste in clothing is breathtaking." Mrs. Redart quipped as Mr. Redart was being awkward though trying to be funny.


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                          "Not too bored..." Alienor replied, still in character. She caught sight of the trio leaving away and was expecting was Saryl said next. "I thought you'd never say that." She smiled slightly, but her blue eyes darted back to the Redarts who joined them again.

                          "You are too kind. I will have to take you to the new designers who just moved to Crelia Avenue. You will love this!" She knew that following the trio was on the to do list, so she had to find a pirouette.

                          "But my dear husband asked me to dance for the first time in forever and I don't want him to forget before the end of this tune!"


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                            Forse kept his eye on the ultraviolet beacon, which showed the portly fellow move towards a couple in the party whom Forse didn't recognize. Forse hadn't been briefed on the Intel agents that were involved in whatever it was they were doing. He didn't have that kind of security clearance any more.

                            Forse wouldn't move until he got word from his superiors. There was no need to get directly involved in an intel op unless they asked him to.


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                              But of course... his comm-link still activated ... how could I forget our dance and follow the crowd headed down the back hall. Sorry you two, I have her to myself for the next few minutes. He was being as subtle as he could at this point but the trio had to be followed and if Intel couldn't do it, Security could. Walking out to the dance floor and playing the part his eyes were on her, but his peripheral vision was watching one of the other spooks who was now talking to Redart who's appearance suddenly changed.

                              Gray suit behind us. Field Agent Modeir, why is he having the effect on Redart that he is?