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    Aurelia couldn't fathom what in the stars her wife was up to when she'd said they had an intel mission, together, that involved them going to one of the local cantinas. None of it made sense, given that they were known in town. How undercover could they possibly be?

    And how cruel is it to put me on a job that involves a cantina when I'm still breast-feeding?! Auri thought, more bemused than dismayed.

    She was just happy to spend the time with her mate, even if she suspected something was amiss about this task. Her return from Nar Shaddaa had come with a slight "hiccup" so Aurelia was grateful for focused normalcy as she called it. Told to play it cool and be observant at the cantina, Auri was determined to do just that.

    "Any clues what I am supposed to be observant about?" she asked quietly as they entered.

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    "Just enjoy yourself with me in your presence," she offered, kissing her cheek. "Not much to do otherwise as I'm the one who's keeping an eye out for the mark."

    It was not that horrible of a lie, since it was a white lie. Plus, Aurelia was terrible with anything related to spy, so to tell her wife to act natural was the best advice Nikole could give.

    And we really are here to meet someone. So no lies! A surprise in fact.

    "Shall we get a table or booth?" she asked while looping an arm around Aurelia's, keeping an eye out for their mystery surprise who was not here yet after a cursory glance. With everything that had happened since their separation because of the crusade that she and Colère had embarked, they needed something good to happen. Not that what happened after their rocky reunion and resolution. Needless to say, Nikole had proved Aurelia over and over and over again how deep their bond remained quite enthusiastically and primal ...


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      "I can do that," Aurelia said with a smile.

      Enjoying time with her wife was what made her happiest. And she was determined to appreciate such moments, given what her mate had done for her; though not much had been said about the mission itself, Aurelia was grateful. Doing so while Nikole played spy was even better, because she thought that her girl - in her element - was incredibly sexy.

      "Mm. Booth. If you'll sit on the same side as me," Aurelia replied.


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        Kissing her wife's hand, Nikole then grabbed a couple of menus and decided to seat themselves. She motioned to the hostess they were taking the booth in the back. Since it were the Moffs Nystrom, no one questioned the move at all!

        "Now why is it that my wife wants to sit with me on the same side?" She queried, holding out her arm for Aurelia to take a seat first as brown eyes scanned the front door. The individual that Nikole was waiting for had just arrived.

        Perfect timing...

        Soon as Aurelia slid in, Nikole followed suit, thanking the designer of this establishment for making the back ends of the booth high enough to keep what her wife thought was an Op and actual surprise ...


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          "I've always found that to be romantic," Aurelia replied. "When couples do that."

          She slid into the booth, looking toward her spy, feeling especially nostalgic. This evening wasn't like when they'd met, of course. Their first few "dates" had been entirely within their respective apartments; it had taken a little time before they went out in a traditional way! But, the spy business did remind Auri of their first mission together which had been undercover. This wasn't on that scale... she didn't think. It was a fun throwback, regardless.

          "Not a strategic place to watch from," she mused, glancing at her mate as she took one of the menus. "Can hardly see from back here."


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            "Oh I dunno!" Suddenly a woman's voice cut in before Nikole could chime in with some crazy reasoning as to why this was the perfect spot! "Seems like the perfect spot to see this!"

            A well worn, but well kept stuffed ronto sailed over the high backs of the adjoining booths, landing right in front of Aurelia! It had two colored eyes, one brown and one blue because Kalyn couldn't find another brown one to match the one that was lost! It had tattered patches in several areas, quite a few sewing surgeries too - along its belly, a leg, and one of its ears. One thing was consistent in looking upon it, it was old and loved.

            Aliya waited with a stupid grin on her face, cradling it atop her crossed arms that rested along the divider. She managed to sneak in and take the booth behind her sister and sister-in-law, completely catching Aurelia by surprise!


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              Aurelia didn't know the voice, and also didn't know where to look first: look for the source or take in the sight of the well-loved and well-worn...

              She gasped. "Ronto Girl?! Is this really you?!"

              Auri shifted quickly in the booth, knees thumping into Nikole's leg beside her as she turned and looked up.

              "Aliya! Gods above! You're home?!" she exclaimed.


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                Nikole doubled over onto the counter, laughing and rubbing her soon to be bruised leg. "That hurt!"

                Sliding out just as quickly, she met Aliya as they both hit the floor into a bone crushing hug! "Gods! I was prepared to see you again. But with you in my arms, I ..."

                Tears rimmed her eyes as she ended up choking back a sob.


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                  "You called me Ronto Girl?" Laughs and hops out of the booth, crushing Nikole right back with a vivid grin directed right at Aurelia. "And I'm uncertain Aurelia. Why don't you come here and hug me to find out if I'm truly here or not!"


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                    Aurelia gave a startled laugh as tears welled in her dark blue eyes, happy for Nikole and Aliya's reunion, and just as happy to finally meet her! She scooted back out of the booth and crowded into the hug.

                    "Yes! I had wondered about the baby girl who was going to get the ronto we picked out," she said, gaze shifting from Aliya to Nik and back, remembering. "If she liked the present! And I can see that you did, the poor thing!"


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                      Nikole kissed Aliya on the cheek and just like when the blonde girl was younger, ruffled her hair with fondness that the Morellian missed for over ten years. The distance had felt like that when Kalyn had been gone for over five years, but that was because the Nystrom twins had grown up with an intense sisterly bond that the separation almost rivaled that of a Morellian one.

                      "Kalyn had to fix Kyron countless times. Why he's in such good condition as it is!" She gently pushed Aliya into the booth that the married couple weren't occupying. "Now I say we sit and catch up. Aliya has already seen mother. ... Correct?"


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                        "Yep! Nikole had told me the story of how Kyron was picked out that I memorized it in its entirety." She laughed as Nikole demanded they sit down. "All right! All right!"

                        Sliding into the booth and took Kyron the Ronto and turned him around to face Aurelia and Nikole. "And as I was wanting to say. Nikole said spoken the story so much, that when he lost an eye, I begged Kalyn to make it blue. You see, Kyron was just as mine as his story. I wanted him to be like his epic choosing and be both Nikole and this little Aurelia that found him. Nikole said I was being far too ... what was it, Nik?"

                        "Spiritual for a girl your age," she said, blushing.

                        "Yes!" She winked. "Kalyn thought it sweet."


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                          Aurelia didn't know what to say. Hearing the story from Aliya's point of view, having grown up on that chance meeting and the little ronto - Kyron - was very humbling. Tears stood in her eyes as she smiled.

                          "Helping find him was a very special day for me too. Who knew in the moment that the pretty and hopeless lady at the store was my mate?" she said.

                          Auri reached over and squeezed Aliya's hand, winking at Nikole sidelong.

                          "How long have you been home? Are you staying at 'the tower?'"


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                            Nikole remained silent, blushing profusely at Aurelia's comment about being mates. It was surreal that she had met her so young, which was why there was no indication that they were so interconnected beside the chance meeting in the first place. Instead, she focused on her sister and wife chatting for the very first time.


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                              She laughed at Aurelia's reference to the building that her mother owned. "Ah yes. Nystrom Towers as Rachael joked. She helped me move in. Poor things kinda in a rut about her friend Syrenia doing patrol up in space. So I kept her distracted with caf and unpacking."

                              Taking Kyron off the table, she put on the cushion gently. "Seemed to work well. Oh hello, luv. I'll have an ale, thank you."

                              She said to the waitress and folded her hands on top of the table, eyes going back and forth between her sister and sister-in-law, voice switching immediate to serious. "Did you inform Aurelia why I've returned after ten years?"