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Who Are You Again? (Ceres)

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  • Who Are You Again? (Ceres)

    Riggs was back on the Capital planet. There was prep work to be done for a long trip. He was stepping down from his position on the Renkl back to the 181st. He longed to fly, and not a big beast like a destroyer. They way a fighter can breeze through the stars was something. In truth, Eliza Steele had tapped him for a mission she was putting together in unknown space. Why, two reasons, she said he had to, and secondly time alone with her as the two were engaged in an secret affair.

    On his way back to the baracks Riggs opted to cut through a back alley. The former bounty hunter wasn't too worried about any rif raf. He was rather bulky in a muscular sense, and as strong as he looked. The man would have no problem dealing with whatever come his way. He was running since he felt late, but really had about a couple hours before he had to meet the transport.

    Taking a sharp left turn, Riggs continued running, and tripped over something. As he stood up again, he noticed someone laying there. She, Riggs was certain the person was a she, was bruised, cut, and so dirty that there was no recognizing her, though she seemed to be familiar in someway. Looking over to her, Riggs smiled.

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to trip over you."

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    Warm brown eyes opened to the sharp pain in her side as some behemoth-knucklehead fell over her, but what kept them open was the sound of the familiar voice. Weakly gazing up at his visage, Ceres asked weakly, "R-Riggs?"

    It wasn't him, it couldn't be! This was just a vision, a dream. Clearly a fantasy created by her mind to help drain away her stress. Ceres was willing to accept that, and then drop back off to sleep again, but the sheer reality of her 'dream' kept her from doing so.

    Shakily, she got up onto her feet and staggered towards him, wincing in pain with each step. It felt like every nerve in her body was on fire, every inch of her body throbbing with a deep, intense, pain. The ghostly silhouette of Ceres, shuffled towards him and finally leaned against an adjacent wall. Her hand reached out and grasped his shoulder, squeezing it, testing to make sure this was real. "Oh...Oh god. Thank.. the Empress."


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      Riggs stopped at the sound of a familiar voice. It was rough, but very familiar. Ceres Starweaver had been his wingmate on a mission which did not end well for her. The cadet had been captured, and Riggs did everything to convince himself it had not been his fault. In reality it had not. He just did all he could to make sure he didn't get shot out of the stars. Riggs had survived, but Ceres had been caught. Yes, it was on the laundry list of things which used to make him drink constantly. Something Ceres knew all about as she and Topol had been his drinking buddies.

      "Ceres, how did you, when did you, you're back on Bastion."

      Riggs had a million questions, but for the moment only one thing mattered. The cadet needed to see a doctor and get cleaned up, and by the way she acted, in that order.

      "C'mon girl, let's get you to a doctor. You look like you've had a few too many rounds without me."

      Riggs was taller than her, so rather than help her walk, the large, muscular cadet carried her instead. He was already headed back to the base in order to meet Eliza for his official briefing on the trip to the unknown regions of the galaxy. They could find a doctor there.


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        In her own way, Ceres was trying to put on a mask of stoicism in spite of the pain. Heedless of personal injuries, she tried to pursue after Damon, but stiffened almost instantly under the pressure of broken bones and bruises, the sharpness of it threatening to render her useless. "I..." she spitted, ridding herself of the metallic blood in her mouth. "I don't know..."

        She shifted her weight trying to find a comfortable position, finding none. Breathing became shallow again, and both eyes felt as though there were weights forcing them down. She grit her teeth, trying to fight against the fatigue and weariness taking over, but could only be thankful that Riggs was there to help her, falling into her first peaceful rest, arms air-lifting her from the unforgiving concrete. Truthfully, she never would have asked for his help, and even now she did not, hell... she didn't even have the strength to respond to his joke. Silently however, she thanked him over and over again.


        She felt like she was fading from existence, floating into death, coming in and out of reality for almost a day. If they hadn't put her in when they did, she would have died from both her injuries and exhaustion.

        By the next morning, Ceres was fully awake and out of the tank. The brunette Imperial stood alone in the silence, toweling the bacta off of her scarred body. She would need to go through a few bacta therapy sessions to heal completely. What happened back on Telos? The memories were fuzzy, and did not come back to her willingly, as though they were blocked from her viewing like a highly classified, restricted, document.

        Slowly exhaling, she lifted herself over to the uniform waiting on the back of a chair for her. Obviously the Empire wanted to waste no time in putting their members back in the line of battle. Carefully, Ceres pulled on the clothing, one arm and leg at a time. She was starting to look and feel like herself again, albeit a lot thinner than before.


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          Riggs stood outside the medical facility waiting for Ceres Starweaver. Her orders to get fit for duty came very quickly, and Riggs was instructed to make sure she made it back to the barracks and into the simulators again. The man was more curious as to what had happened to her however. Her time away likely affected her deeply. Perhaps the woman needed a good stiff drink, while he would normally suggest it himself, he was trying to stay sober now. The relationship he had begun with Eliza Steele had made him realize he was much better sober than drunk, and that moving on was healthy. Still if she wanted a drink, Riggs would buy a few rounds with hopes Eliza could join them when off duty.

          As Ceres came out Riggs was seen leaning against the wall, arms crossed. He chuckled seeing how quickly she had gone from street urchin to Imperial Pilot once again.

          "Well that was quite the transformation. How are you feeling?"