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Shattering the Silence [Open]

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  • Shattering the Silence [Open]

    Night had fallen upon Ravelin and the lights peeking from the windows of residential homes speckled the cityscape like hundreds of stars. Perched on the very edge of a tall building's top, Madoc'leri'kleoni took in the sights through the advanced scope on his Charric sniper rifle. He had the night off and the district surrounding the Palatine had long since lost his interest. The last few weeks had been anything but quiet for the Chiss and he could not yet determine whether the pervading silence, minus the whistle of the wind, was of comfort or not. He knew precisely what sound could contribute to his good mood.

    Pulling the long barreled weapon in and across his lap, Clerik retrieved the pack he'd brought up onto the commercial building's roof. His gloved hand retrieved a metallic orb from one of the inner pockets and he held it up for inspection. Grinning to himself, he impressed a switch and then tossed the orb outward. It broke into several smaller orbs, which blinked red, and then floated apart to take up random positions throughout the labyrinth of structures before him. A flap on the side of his sniper rifle was flicked open and the setting on the weapon was dialed back. Then, standing, he settled the blaster into position and fixed his sights on one of the training modules about ninety meters out.

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    Having left the range with a surprisingly interesting conversation with the former Sith, yeah, he knew who she was, Tauren was actually about to head back to his apartment for the night. What he didn't like was the sound of training droids flying above him, or the fact that a toddler was the first to see them, that meant that someone either doesn't like using the target range, or there is a serial killer using a cover. Either way he was going to see what going on.

    There wasn't much a need to hide his identity, most knew who the assassin was, even those who didn't recognize him without the modulator or the mohawk. No, he made his was to the roof of the Adner bank building, if security wanted to follow, they could, they didn't have any authority over him though so they would probably be thrown down the stairs if they aggrivated him. Walking around the roof slowly, he heard the pops of shots being taken, no doubt at the droids.

    Making his way finally to the scene of the action, he saw the Chiss and assumed it was the one he knew. Come on, Bro!

    Then he realized it wasn't Bahd'Bro'Manz, no this was one he knew only by face. He was no less agitated though.

    Thought you were someone else. But, if you're looking to get some work in, why don't you check the board?


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      One last exhale, one more target. The blaster whirred as he eased the trigger down, the bolt shredding the last of the targets. Then, he turned toward the voice that had tugged at the fringes of his concentration before the takedown. A member of Seraph, one that he recognized in passing but had never personally met; given the stagnation of the group. The Charric rifle was pulled against his torso, his forearm resting against the heated top of it casually. He eyed the stranger for a few more moments in silence before taking another step back from the ledge.

      "Just needed to let off some steam and seeing as how I've been suspended from the range until further notice, I figured I'd take my practice elsewhere." He told him, shrugging one shoulder nonchalantly. "If I'm bothering you, I can take off... bro." He said with a hint of a smile, wondering whether that would annoy him or not.


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        You're going to take off, right now.

        So much for going home. He thought to himself as he pulled out his datapad, made a few entries and tossed it to the individual. If this guy was "letting off steam" and impetuous enough to get himself banned from something so pale as the firing range, then maybe this target was ripe for the shooting.

        If you want to "let off some real steam", get a full load out and meet me in the motorpool in 30 minutes. If there is no sign of you in 31 minutes, I leave.

        He would slip out the moment the kid's head was turned.