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  • Turn the Lights Out [Maxx]

    "Go to hell!" Ranooki screamed to whoever was banging on that bloody door. One would think that being in charge of the mechanics working here and having scampered off to one of the lower floors of the basement would do for some privacy.

    She looked back at the newer mechanics she had personally recruited. She grinned and kissed him again, not giving a thought about whether the others would continue trying to get her attention.

    Given all the last hours spent working on birds, Maxx and her had deserved a small break. And instead of a smoke break as she used to do, she had gone for another kind.

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    Maxx was loving this life! He got to do something simple, working on ships and land vehicles, and had had a hot commanding officer that he took 'breaks' with, and got smashed with. This was the kind of life he could get used to because there was no responsibility or stubborn Jedi trying to make him use his potential.

    He only wanted to insert said potential on the boss he had here. Which meant ignoring the pounding on the door too!


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      Ranooki had no idea whether people kept pounding on the door, for she was probably the loudest thing on the basement floor not so long after yelling at them to get lost.

      She growled after catching her breath. "Yeah, hiring you was my best idea in a long while, Mechanics Elgrin." She chuckled and winked to Maxx.

      "Of course, I'm saying this from a completely professional vantage point!"


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        The pounding kept continuing and was messing up the mood.

        "Yeah well Mechanics Elgrin says to find out what those guys want so we can get back to what we were supposed to be doing on our break," he said with a smirk. "Seriously. Much as I'd like to ignore them, you are kinda the boss around here. What if it's important?"

        Not that he cared, but his girl was a Captain around these parts. If his on the sly relationship with Reese got her into trouble with the higher ups, that would make things change between them real fast.


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          "Yeah, no kidding." Ranooki said, wondering what the hell was up. She worked on readjusting her clothing. "If one of the noobs fried something again, I'm going to yell. They all go through recruitment and supposedly training and when they arrived, some seem not to get anything of the basics! Remind me again, why I bother holding training sessions every time we get new tools?!"

          She had no problem with her relationship with Maxx eventually be public knowledge, nor was she hiding anything. She had always been an odd ball in the Navy, and they knew it. Given how good she was, and was a mechanics, they tended to cut her some slack.

          As the couple left the room at last, she looked at the guy outside. "What's the problem, Dorn?" She asked, waiting for him to go straight to the point. "Err.... One of the new guys, Tern, he... Messed up with the maintenance droids he was working on."

          Ranooki felt like banging her head against the door. "Why wasn't Lt. Siennar with him then? Maintenance droids are his specialty." Dorn shrugged. "He was taking a caf break."

          The Lt. Commander was ready to kill them all. "I'm going to have a few words with these two. Thanks for letting me know, Dorn."

          She gave a come hitter gesture at Maxx. "Seems maintenance droids are on our to do list, Elgrin."