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    Though he spent his professional time at the academy, Darksun was still a commissioned officer and, as such, he could be called upon for particular duties. This was a task he'd execute with pleasure since it meant highlighting the good work of a good friend.

    In uniform, Mazen commed Ranooki and asked her to meet him at the Rogues hangar. He was no longer leading them, but they'd both done good work there. There, before any peers who happened to be present, Mazen would see her promoted...

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    "No, NOT THIS ONE!" Ranooki managed to pull the droid away before he'd fry something. She landed on her butt in the basement floor of the warehouse. She heard her comlink beep, but she was trying to deactivate the crazy droid.

    "Yeah? Mazen? Hiiiii! Rogue hangar? Sure. Frak!" She fully unplugged the droid. "I'll be here ASAP!" Sighing, she glared at the now inert machine.

    Rogue hangar? Was it some business for the squadron, official event and she had forgotten about it? Could be the case...

    She hurried to refresh some and she threw her uniform jacket over her tank top, buttoning it up as she hurried up to the hangar.

    "Yeah?!" Then she realized that Mazen was in uniform. "Who's the party for?" She quipped.


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      "Well, it might be yours, Reese, so I'm glad you bothered with a uniform," Mazen teased.

      It was convenient that she'd opted to dress appropriate to the occasion since he hadn't given so much as a clue of what he'd wanted with her! He grinned at the blonde, knowing that she was going to have to struggle to stay in-check when Ranooki realized she really was being promoted.


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        "My party, Commander Darksun?" She was surprised but managed to quip back thankfully! She had a reputation to maintain!

        She straightened up her uniform, at least as much as she could. Though they both were pretty laid back, she stood and saluted, waiting for what was to happen next. She stayed put but the grin on her face was unmistakable.

        Oh my frelling gods, I can't believe it!


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          Mazen smiled in his roguish way and returned the salute. He then gave a sharp whistle and waved over the other pilots and technicians in the hangar to bear witness.

          "Reese, Command tells me that you've done some things right around here. They also tell me that I'm down here to promote you to Lieutenant Commander in response," Darksun said. "What do you think about that?"

          He opened a closed fist to reveal the rank bars that would signify her promotion.


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            Ranooki was used to bark orders and she wasn't the timid kind at all, but when Mazen gathered everyone, she still felt a little put under the spotlight. She liked it though in a pure Reese fashion.

            Returning her attention to her friend, she was still beaming as he explained that Command had sent him. "Holy frak." It was all she could say for a moment, before speaking very loud so everyone would hear.

            "It means that drinks are on me tonight and that you'll say thank you Lieutenant Commander, guys!"


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              "I can still give you demerits for that language, Lieutenant Commander," Mazen kidded.

              He smiled at Ranooki and stepped back, admiring the rank bar on her uniform.

              "Well done."


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                Ranooki laughed to Mazen's quip. "Sure thing, you can, Commander." She winked to him and beamed with pride as the new rank bar showed up on her uniform.

                "Thanks bunches, Mazen."
                She grinned and saluted, being her rather informal self as usual. At least, she didn't tackle her friend, yet.