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    The large auditorium was called to attention as the colonel in her dress uniform moved from the main entrance. A bellowing voice from the veteran Chief Master Sergeant echoed throughout and the immediate silence after everyone in attendance rose to their feet, facing forward. Her boots beat upon the thinly piled carpet as Madeleia turned the corner and headed down the central aisle to the front of the room.

    "At ease," she belted out, prompted everyone to take their seats once more. Climbing the stairs to the stage, the decorated officer and head of the Army turned to face the sea of male and female members gathered for this event. Many had been recognized for their bravery in battle the past few months and her schedule had been quite full since taking on her new post. "Lieutenant Brocar'do, front and center," Madeleia stated loud enough for everyone to hear.

    Watching as the new addition to her headquarters company approached and then stood at attention, brown eyes lowered to the human female. "Having shown bravery in the field, executing every order given to your utmost and taking on every assignment with professionalism and integrity, I'm proud to promote you to captain." She descended the steps once more and as Major Rivera stood by with the new rank, she took it from him and then removed her present rank, then replaced each with the lieutenant's symbol on her collar as well as the board over each shoulder. Handing the old rank to the major, she shook Anne's hand, then returned the salute.

    "Congratulations, Captain."
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    When summoned to an official gathering, Anne had made sure to show up on time and in her dress uniform. The soldier was proud to be part of the New Republic Army, who had welcomed her regardless of her tumultuous past. She was honored to serve.

    She had met the Colonel Madeleia a few times and considered the woman one deserving great respect. She had been convinced by the woman in charge of the Army and knew they were lucky to have such a leader.

    When asked to stand forward, she was a little surprised, but obeyed without batting a lash, her manners and posture impeccable. She was amazed to have come up such a long way over the past years and was extremely proud as the Colonel changed her rank insignia. After the hand shake and salute, she replied with joy in her eyes, though her tone remained curt and polite.

    "Thank you, Ma'am. It is an honor to serve."