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  • Time to meet the Department (Intel and Leaders)

    Ronin has just received word of his promotion and it was time to check out what he had to work with. Gone were the days of him going deep undercover on a regular basis, now he had higher duties and responsibilities. It was gonna be a rough transition after spending the last 70 years working in the field and leading operations but the plan going forward was to develop, lead, and train others to do what he had done for nearly a century, but also move Intel forward in a newer direction.

    *All NRIS personnel report to Level 9 for debrief as soon as possible....Director Ronin Riedrak*

    Looking around his new office, he studied the work left behind by his predecessor...which surprisingly wasn't much. Z really had done a great deal of work before stepping down again, which Ronin couldn't lie, he greatly appreciated that respect as it let him approach things with an open mind even though he would spend the next several days researching what had crossed the former Director's desk before him assuming the position. One always needed to prepare themselves for the unknown and in this line of work everything started as the unknown.

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    Sasha had been out rock climbing at the Point when she received a message from the DoI. The youthful Corellian's short tenure so far with the NRIS had been rather uneventful so this prompt had gotten her attention. The spirited redhead quickly finished her climb off, then made her way into Intel's headquarters.

    The new agent had only met one spook so far and that had been Z, who had recruited Sasha at the swoop track and got the former CorSec detective credentialed. Apparently back in the day, Z had worked with her mother, Katara Starkos, an operative at the time. She was curious to see who else had known the fiery redhead nicknamed "Red", or "Big Red" in their family. The younger Starkos woman was known as "Little Red" in that circle.

    Getting to Level 9 wasn't a walk in the park. One had to go through layer upon layer of security, but finally Sasha had made it. When the final door swooshed open, the copper-red haired Corellisi walked into the debriefing room and took a seat at the table, unzipping her brown leather jacket as she relaxed back into the chair to await the others.


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      Aien was surprised to hear that. Not because of who was the new Director, even Morellian's grow older after awhile, he wasn't even surprised that this would be the third Director in only a few months, it was the nature of the business. What surprised him was that Riedrak actually took the job. Aien had just came back from lunch with "Z", his wife Za'ia after spending the morning working on modifications to his bow when he had heard the news. So without further adieu, the Infiltrator locked up his gear, changed clothes, grabbed his tech pack and headed down to Level 9. That was where Z worked, and she was happily surprised to see him there, but she knew why as she received the news and was already debriefed, a quick duck around the corner for a kiss when no one, or camera was looking and he was on his way.

      When reaching the Director's office, Aien didn't wait, he grabbed some water out of the nearby fountain.


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        He mouthed the word as he read it, glancing up from his datapad as he did at frequent intervals, being on the move through HQ. The device and all of its content had been scrutinised and cleared by Intelligence during his intake process, though a few interviews had occurred because of those contents, and to delve into the skills he already possessed. He had no background in security outside of securing himself and his own data, but his comportment lent him well to this sector of work, and he preferred to work.

        "...that's new." Riedrak had done his initial intake, and hadn't been in this position then. He never met Dantes, though had been told the former director was in the café at the swoop tracks on the day of his arrival. Watching. "Unexpected." But no less welcome. At first blush, Riedrak seemed the 'dyed in the wool' type.

        The countless layers of security were a thing he bore without concern or complaint, though the personnel manning each checkpoint were sure he never left the building. He'd been asked if he ever slept, but offered little more than raised brows, or a thin, firm smile in response when queried. There was some expression of surprise as he passed through layer by layer, on account of his being clean-shaven, but he arrived on Level 9 with no issue, and the briefing room a minute later, sweeping his gaze across the room to note the layout and the few that had arrived before him. Shrugging out of his own dark jacket, he hung it over the back of a chair across from the redhead and slipped into the seat, plucking a stylus from behind his left ear to jot down a few notes on the 'pad.

        He scratched at his right temple, murmured something in his native tongue low enough as to be indecipherable, his head raised in thought, diving back into his jotting a moment later.


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          Having taken sometime to look over files on all of his active operatives, he placed names, ranks, and faces to each as he was looking forward to seeing what they would be able to do as a department. The New Republic had been going through many changes and Intel was going to be very valuable and important, fighting the shadow wars that nobody would see or know was truly happening.

          Walking into the meeting room dressed in a newer suit and wearing a clean and new eye patch the new Director walked in and smiled as he saw several familiar faces already here.

          "I am glad you all came so quickly. I truly look forward to working with you and serving alongside of you all going forward." pausing for a few moments as he studied all of those that had arrived so far, he made important first notes about each of them. "Adept Mueller, it truly is great to see you here. I am sure you are surprised by many of the sudden changes but I knew I could take the promotion knowing I have men just like you climbing through the ranks and chopping away at the shadow I had cast over the department for many years."

          Turning his attention to the next, he had to do a double take for a moment before grinning. "You look so much like your mother Trainee Starkos, I hope she is doing well and when you see her next you must tell her to come visit her old friend Rafe. It has truly been far to long since we last visited...I think it would be about 10 years now." much had been said about the younger woman and many say she was just like her mother which meant she would be a handful for many people but it was great to have someone of her caliber here during this great time of change.

          Finally turning his attention to the young man one of his own spooks had 'tapped' the Chiss man named Neel. "I see you found the one eyed man." grinning as the message he had his spook deliver was meant for when he came to recruit him to the Spooks but instead now was to meet the new Director. "I truly had other plans for you when my operative bumped into you but it seems the powers that be had far different plans for us but I still see great potential in you and can already see many ways you will become a top Intel asset." as he motioned for them all to take a seat.

          "Now I know only a little about each of you in your own rights and I am very sure that you know little to nothing about one another so this is as good a time as any to introduce yourselves to one another and tell me what you all feel you bring to the department...." grinning as he leaned back. "We are entering a new time that while may appear to be safe and happy, their is much unrest remaining and we will all be playing a major part and role in the New Republic's future. We are the guardians of secrets and the warriors in the shadows that engage in a very dangerous war that only we will ever know the truth about."

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            The young Corellian flashed a smile at the one-eyed Director of Intelligence after he addressed her. "I've been told that before, sir, and yes, mach ten with my hair on fire is my slow speed as well," she winked with a soft chuckle, then added. "She is, and I will be sure to pass along your message to her."

            When their boss asked each of them to introduce themselves, the green-eyed redhead was thoughtful for a moment before speaking up. "Hi everyone... I'm Sasha Starkos. My background is in law enforcement. I graduated from the CorSec Academy, and most recently was a detective in our Special Crimes Unit. I am heavy in forensics and profiling," she nodded to those there, her gaze lingering a moment on the Chiss as his glowing red eyes were fascinating.


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              I was born on Onderon, was a member, a Captain of the Royal Guard and was given a commission into the Storm Commando program in the Empire. I had made it and was on my second mission with Xeta Squad when we were ordered to commit acts that went against anything and everything that anyone with the smallest level of a conscience would believe in. It had been years since that mission, but the anger was still in his voice with the reproduction of the memory.

              I went home to find that Onderon had alligned, again, with the Empire and my family had sold me down the river. I had to find my own way out, then came here, spent six months behind bars until the upper ups believed I was not there to betray the Republic. I'm married to a great lady... Za'ia... she's an agent here too if you haven't met her yet. I fashion myself with tech and infiltration. That's why, though I have two blasters, I prefer my bow. I can track, I can tail, I'm also good with explosives and fluent in a few different languages. Not to mention have an established cover* in the Core.

              * "Neli Furtado", a VERY flamboyant holovid director.


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                Though she had been debriefed according to procedure after her last mission, and brought up to speed on the changes undertaken within Intelligence, Zaia was still honestly surprised. Flipping through the documents available to her clearance level after Aien had passed by on his way to the meeting, she paused at the one detailing the transfer of leadership.

                Zatara had stepped down, willingly so, according to all accounts. The brunette sighed, streaks of silver flickering briefly through her hair. While she and Z hadn't seen eye to eye on all matters, he was still the finest agent she'd had the privilege of training over the years. Z Squared, they'd been called once, before duty and service had insisted they go their separate ways, only to see the friends reunited as Director and Agent.

                But it was what it was, and she would have refused the promotion even if it had been offered. Field work was her life, and what she was singularly good at.

                Carding a hand through her hair, she rose from her chair and stared at the now empty and clean desk opposite her own. Elsie would not have thank her for wallowing for so many years, and with Aien's love and support, Zaia thought it was time to accept whatever the new Director would throw her way. Smiling, she exited her office and proceeded to the designated meeting space.

                Absently smoothing out the soft fabric of her blouse, bright golden eyes fell briefly to the chrono on her wrist. She was late, and an expression of displeasure crossed her features. That was unacceptable, and it put an urgency into her stride that slipped easily through the long-familiar hallways and stairwells. A brief pause once she arrived gave time for a deep breath before she slipped discreetly into the room, unwilling to interrupt those that were already conversing.

                Zaia stepped up behind Aien as he spoke, fingers toying with her wedding ring absently until he finished. Resting a hand briefly on his shoulder, she took a moment to look at the others assembled before lifting her own voice to speak.

                "Director, my apologies that I was late. Good afternoon, everyone...I'm Zaia Mueller." she began, nodding to each person in turn as she met their gaze. "I've been serving the Republic and it's predecessors for over one hundred years. I spent time in each of the branches, going wherever my skills could best be put to use. I've strictly been with Intelligence as an Agent for the last twenty-five, and my specialty is infiltration, with deep cover long-term assignments being my real area of expertise. I've picked up a number of weapons skills, tech tricks, and languages over the years, all of which I'm more than willing to use and teach as needed. My singular ability, however, is one best demonstrated."

                Zaia breathed deeply and exhaled in a slow, measured manner. Her hair color flickered briefly to silver before her form shivered and 'melted' as could best be described. It shifted in a scant few moments to a perfect replica of the former Director, Zatara Dantes, down to the easy grin he always wore and the deceptively casual stance he often used. "I am one of two known Shi'ido serving the Republic." Zaia said in Zatara's voice, before taking another deep breath and returning to her own shape, sliding into the seat beside her husband.

                "If anyone's got any questions, let me know...otherwise, I'd love to hear more about those of you I don't know. Which, I'm ashamed to say, is many of you." Z smiled brightly and settled into her chair, pushing her long chestnut ponytail over her shoulder.


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                  Ronin nodded as everyone introduced themselves and gave a quick run down of their different skill sets. "It is a pleasure to meet you Zaia, just don't do that with my voice or appearance." grinning "You may have a lot of people gunning to kill you due to mistaken identity."

                  It was gonna be a rather large change for Intel but seeing who all he currently had in the cupboards made him relax more about taking the promotion and knowing his field time would be rather limited due to it. "Well I am sure some of you know my reputation or atleast heard whispers." pausing briefly to make sure everyone that was supposed to be in attendance was here. "I now go by the name Ronin Riedrak but their are files covering three different names I have had over my two tours of duty in Intel. I made my money mostly as a spook, leading the Black Ops department for the last 20 years before deciding I should leave the fun field work to the next generation for awhile." studying everyone's reaction he knew of only one person that probably had a longer service them him but that wasn't a surprise as Keno had him by a few years at one point. "I will be taking a more active interest in all of your development and ensuring that we have missions that fit into each of your unique skill sets. With the growing peace that everyone observes and see's we will be fighting the war in the shadows and be the silent protectors of the New Republic. I thank you all for willingly joining such an underappreciated organization but know we will be implementing changes to recognize our fallen, even if we are the only ones that will truly understand what they did."

                  Turning to the covered wall at the back of the room he walked over and pulled off the cover revealing a wall with 50 NRI symbols, each with a call sign engraved into them. "While the galaxy may not know of their sacrifices, we all will and as we lose members in the line of duty they will be added to this wall." It wasn't something he was sure many would like or approve of but he had paid for this himself after going over logs and records seeing how many of their own had died over the past few months since the transition was underway.

                  "Now is there anything you all think needs major attention? I am just taking over the position and I know you all have been working in various areas gathering intel that I would like to see what you feel is an immediate threat or something that requires more immediate attention." Ronin knew it wasn't orthodox but he had been so far deep undercover it was difficult to know what all he had missed since returning and being promoted that he decided it was best that he get their opinions before spending the next several days and nights going over all reports and logs left behind.

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                    "Sir, there's no smok..."

                    Keno slipped right by the security guard with a nearly imperceptible shuffle, brushing against the guard just enough for him to feel the solid mass of Keno's frame. The guard had barely registered that Keno had already passed him when the checkpoint gate beeped, signaling that Keno's code cylinder allowed him access to the points beyond. As Keno passed through the archway, he removed the remains of a lit cigarillo from between his lips, then reached out and smashed it into the dirt of a potted plant on the nearby window sill. Keno kept walking, never once looking behind him as he let the leftover smoke leak out of the corner of his mouth.

                    "Sir? Sir! I nee..."

                    "Best let him go kid. He's not new around here."

                    With his own footsteps echoing back to him from down the long and empty walkway, Keno reached up and ran his fingers through the unkempt mess of a brown mop on his head. He let out a soft sigh as the voices behind him faded in the distance, his thoughts betraying attempts at a new direction.

                    "You should really stop being so hard on people. You have nothing to prove to anyone anymore."

                    Voices from up head let Keno know that he was getting close to his destination. Some of the voices were familiar, or sounded familiar, others not so much. Instinctively, not because of his career, but due to his degree in xenolinguistics, Keno began picking out the different accents of the voices he heard.

                    "Corellian, sounds, close, but not her; that's Ronin; Cheunh, native too; hmm, Inner Rim..slight Imperial inflection, probably Onderon...Mueller, I think that's his name; whoa...that's a new one, interesting; and Z."

                    Clearing his mind, Keno stepped into the room, seeing only two he knew in person, a couple whose faces looked familiar, maybe from a report or something he read in the past; and then...Keno did a double-take. The red hair, the posture...the eyes flashed at him as they glanced his way, reflecting the light in their green orbs, but they were the wrong color. Keno turned his attention back the other way, nodding at Mueller with respect, then looking at Ronin with a shrug and Keno's trademark smirk spreading across his face, albeit hidden beneath the bushy beard that had grown there. It had been years. Keno remotely taking assignments, checking in only by electronic text communication sent by hyperwave transceiver. Sending his mission results the same way. Keno hadn't "checked-in" in person in...six, seven years? Probably longer.

                    Realizing that Ronin had just given some kind of speech welcoming the newbies and remembering he had heard everyone introducing themselves, Keno figured it was his turn.

                    "I'm Keno Tylek. I kill bad guys." The smirk on Keno's face was now obvious, despite the beard.
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                      Sasha felt like she was amongst giants here. Both the Mueliers were impressive, but the thing the woman did was just down right surreal. Of course she'd heard of shapeshifters, studied them at the academy, but the Corellian had never seen one do their thing.

                      The young Starkos listened thoughtfully to what Director Riedrak had to say. Seems he was going to be shaking things up, doing things a bit differently and hopefully more effectively. She knew her mother had grumbled once or twice about working for NRIS, but "Big Red" had never shared with "Little Red" the details.

                      Just after their new leader finished his spiel, a late comer joined them. There was something about the bearded man that screamed Sasha should know him... maybe from a holo someplace she'd seen, but where... Then his blue eyes connected with her green as if he had recognized the redhead, but then didn't almost disappointed like. When he offered his name to the group though it put everything into prospective... It was the one who got away.


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                        Waiting impatiently for the analyst to finish the last of the indoctrination forms, Maggie glanced at her comlink and noticed that the meeting with Ronin was already underway. Hazel eyes glanced to the chronometer on the woman's desk, knowing she had a job to do, so didn't make a fuss about it. Everyone had gained her appreciation when she was director of Intel, though it seemed that many new faces now inhabited this headquarters. Images portrayed of past members having given their lives in the line of duty tugged at her heart. She knew many of them and had recruited at least two herself.

                        ".. have somewhere more important to be," the woman asked, gaining her attention once more.

                        "Hmm," Maggie returned her attention to the agent. "No, no. Just a lot going on today, that's all. Sorry."

                        Nodding, the girl finished typing and then finalized the last few things. Once done, she decrypted the file and then sent it to their main ghost drive. "The director's conducting a meeting now of members, so just take..."

                        "I know the way, thanks," Maggie interrupted, pushing herself from the chair and moved through the sea of cubicles.

                        "Excuse me?

                        Ignoring the fact that the woman didn't have the clearance to discover that an ex-director was now back in service and back on the reservation, as it were, Maggie left it at that. No sense in making waves or being arrogant as her life and the lives of everyone in this building and those in the field depended on one another. Pushing her walk as fast as she could, long brown hair gyrating behind her, the Saami from Belsavis moved through the remaining security stations and then pushed even harder not to miss any more of the meeting than she had already. Catching sight of Keno's back as he walked into the briefing room, Maggie grinned knowing it had been a long time since she had seen him as well. There was so much that she had missed out on, leaving as she did. But, the trip had been necessary and cleared up a lot of her past.

                        Pulling the door open, she slid into the room whose main lights were focused on the director, his fancy new suit and overall appearance catching her eye immediately as she moved to a chair on her left and sat down. Grinning at Keno's brief description of himself, she understood that they were in the initial stages of the meeting apparently, so rose and followed suit, even though she knew almost everyone in the room already.

                        "I'm Shadow," she began, some authority still in her accented voice. "Not only describes what I do, but where I live most of the time. If there's any training that I can help with," hazel eyes turned to Ronin. "Just say the word. I've got years of experience not only with N.R.I.S., but also originated in a special training program that the Empire had for training assassins. Beyond that," she shrugged. "That's about it, really. Any questions, don't hesitate." With that, she sat down.

                        Video - thanks Adam