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  • That Awkward Moment

    Atara had set out on a mission. The aim was simple. Enact self control and exemplify Alderaanian moderation. She had planned ahead, made an itinerary and set a budget. This was suppose to be the average mall trip, her mind had been set on that. Purchase a few desk knick knacks and an outfit or two and then make for the exit like a Corellian smuggler avoiding Imperial entanglements. Simplicity in itself except for the fact she was an impulse shopper with a history of shopping sprees that put her poor Uncle on the verge of stroke a number of times. It wasn't that the credits weren't there, but he felt an aspiring politician should have more fiscal acuity than a five year old inside a candy store with the weeks allowance.

    Then again, her Uncle had never seen himself inside the tobacco emporiums back home. He put five years old to shame and it was a point Atara brought up every time they had the money argument. If that didn't work there was always the tried and true gazelle caught in the consumers jungle and devoured by the advertisement sand panther speech. Never mind that gazelles didn't live in jungles but that's beside the point. Was that a Vanar's Secret?

    Much like a gazelle, Atara had caught wind of her favorite grazing ground and all bets where off. *With all the grace and agility of the metaphorical creature just spoken, the brunette maneuvered through the Thani mall until she was nestled inside the store's pink walls. It was Vanar's! Everyone loved Vanar's, male and female alike. Surely her Uncle would understand. Besides, you could never have too many pairs of comfortable underwear.

    Tall and slender as she was, Atara had to make little effort to squeeze through shoppers and racks of clothing. Holomannequins cast the glow of styles and sizes for varying species from their podiums and reflected off the white sweater she wore as she passed by. Slightly bobbing her head, long Brown locks hanging free, she was lost to the upbeat music. Blue eyes scanned different bins filled with all manner of bra and panty until the Alderaanian found the one she was looking for. Boy shorts, 3 for 35. Done deal.

    On the move again, Atara was suddenly slowed when her black skirt was snagged on a t-shirt display. Something had told her the slit one the side was going to cause trouble in some fashion and sure enough. Stopping long enough to be sure there wasn't a tear she happened to catch glimpse of a red graphic tee tha almost instantaneously changed her whole outlook on the Vanar's franchise.

    Picking it up, she held the shirt out by the sleeves and read the slogan to herself.

    Looking for Love in Alderaan Places.

    "Oh. My. Gods. That's not very tasteful at all!" She scoffed tossing the garment down and instantly forgetting it and making way to the 3 for 35 bin.
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    Off to the mall! There was a three day weekend thanks to some new ground pounder who thought it would be a good idea to test a new chemical compound which was highly volatile in the wrong mixture. The compound blew the roof the testing facility, but regulations required the entire base closed for immediate repair. As a pilot, Torch got out of any reconstruction effort, and had a day longer to his weekend. That meant one thing, some lonely lady was about to have her world thoroughly rocked by the infamous Kyle Torchwood. Cocky? He'd been called that, but usually by those jealous of his confidence.

    The toned and well fit pilot dressed extremely casual as he had just left the base and went straight for the mall. He parked his speeder bike near the entrance to the food court as it was a very central location to the mall itself. There was a need for something to drink, but the flyboy decided to wait. The food court was not usually a place to pick someone up, not unless you were a teenager anyway. No he went straight for where he usually had great success. The small bookstore across from VS. First, he loved to read. It was a little known secret about him, but the man was an avid reader. Second it gave him the perfect set up to be seen, or to see. Either way, great spot.

    He noticed a sophisticated type looking over the boy shorts, and grinned. Torch couldn't make out the t-shirt, but could tell the woman didn't find it amusing. She was slender, lithe, pretty. Her backside had a nice shape to it. Yeah, Torch liked what he saw. The only thing now was to figure out to happen to just run into her. Hmmm, maybe he just needed to literally do that.

    Moving fast, Torch grabbed a boxed set of a series he had been wanting to read for a while. The series was called "A Song of Fire and Ice" written by a guy with the last name, Martin. Torch always laughed when people had a first name for a last name, but they writer was supposed to be good, so he bought it all. Then he walked out of the store, timing the run in just perfectly...


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      A dilemma had risen. Atara found herself caught in the tangled web of color choice. Fire coral or Cali Coral. Sure, to the untrained eye they where one and the same but the astute observer could discern the slightest difference in shade. One was more pink than orange, the other more orange than pink. She wasn't feeling very orangey and pink just seemed to typical, but they just stuck from the rest. Orange or pink, orange or pink....

      Oh wait, I wear a lot of white. Beige Heather it is.

      Crisis averted, the first selection had made now on to the second. Ballet grey? Antique mint? Champagne Dot? Fire Coral? Cali Coral? Palpatine's Bones this was going to take a while and shewas trying to stick to a schedule. Dropping the one pair of undies, Atara decided it best to come back and had started for the door.

      Wait. I have that black dress and then the one I'm wearing so...

      The realization came at the last minute as she was almost at the door. Pivoting on heel, she returned to bin snatching up both corals and the beige. There, it was settled. Now to the check out. Selections in hand, the brunette made way towards the first clerk she saw . Almost, but no deal. Before she could get in line Atara's nose had been assaulted been by fruity, flowery, and minty goodness. Lotions.

      Had someone been patiently waiting then they could have no fear. Scent selection was by far an easier ordeal than deciding on clothes. For Atara there was only one Vanar's fragrance that mattered. Strawberry Champagne. Weaving once more through customer, bin, and rack alike, she made her way to an entirely different part of the store with the image of that pink and gold bottle in mind. Success! Now to the check out.

      I don't wear the black ones that often.

      She started to step back out of line before deciding to frell it and buy the coral. If nothing else she could gift them. Atara was sure there was poor sap out there in need of wardrobe upgrade. Probably Corellian. Probably red headed. Strange thought, but for some reason she felt she actually knew such a person. Weird.

      Her purchase finally made, Atara made haste to get back on schedule. Not before deciding to message a friend about the sale going on though. Her bag on one arm, the brunettes attention was affixed solely on the typing of her message when she collided with something hard. From her peripheral Atara could see it was a man, kind of cute. Maybe, she couldn't tell at the moment because another dilemma of choice and risen.

      The world had slowed down around her because in her recoil not only had she dropped her device but her bag as well. She lacked the reflexes of Jedi or fighter pilot so knew there was only hope in catching one of the two. Which? Catch the bag and she would spare herself a momentary embarrassment by exposing her newly acquired undergarments. However her the community would no doubt shattering and she would be forced to deal with a customer service rep to have it replaced. Probably Corellian, probably get the point. She doesn't like Corellians. Lingerie bag or Electronic device, lingerie bag or device.

      Crap! My lotion!

      Successfully, however ungracefully, Atara nabbed her comm before it's backworld made parts could skitter all over the mall's floor. Her bag though had not been so fortunate. There laid exposed to all fire coral, cali coral, and baige heather. Worse...Strawberry champagne's brains and been spilled all over the floor.

      "Awww, I just bought that" she whined stamping a foot. Blue eyes darted to Kyle, their gaze full of contempt. "What's wrong you, there's a huge walkway!"
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        Right... not totally a planned. He wasn't supposed to spill the lotion, but he did get to see her purchase, and already on the floor no less. She was a boy shorts gal... Torch immediately wondered if she was currently wearing a pair, and if they looked good hugging her nice rear end. Oh yes, the flyboy had already noticed. He was Corellian, and quite the observant pilot. It was going to take some manuvering, but the situation was still salvageable.

        "So sorry," he said bending over to pick up the broken lotion bottle, and the bag of panites she had just purchased. "I'm sooo sorry. Got in a hurry after getting caught up in the bookstore just across the way when I was supposed to be getting a gift card for my sister's birthday. She really likes Vanar's Secret, but you wont' catch me trying to buy her panties for her," Torch explained handing her the bag. "I'll replace the lotion for you, it's the least I can do and maybe a peace offering from Mojo's?"

        Leave it to the flyboy to try and score a date out of the whole mess, well not really a date yet, but he was certainly going to try. After all, that's why he ran into the woman in the first place.

        "I'm Kyle Torchwood by the way, in case you'd rather take out a bounty."

        The blonde grinned... attempting to be funny and make light of the whole thing.


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          "I'll take em," Hutch nodded, then took off the new running shoes he was very much in need of, then handed them to the salesperson at the Shoe Locker, which was next to the bookstore in the Thani Mall. The Rendili flashed a roguish smile at his cute little grease monkey as Calise watched him slip back on his other shoes.

          "So your turn next, sweetheart… My treat," the flyboy winked hoping the Spiran might want to drop by Vanar's Secret across the way to pickup a little eye candy for later. Today was their four month anniversary of being together exclusively, not that Dirks was counting, but it was a significant event given his previous history of womanizing; and he had been faithful too even when Calise was gone to boot camp. Which was especially meaningful of how much Hutch cared for her.

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            "Your treat," Calise asled with a quirked brow. "Is it because of what today is, hmmmm?"

            Of course Calise was going to give the Rendili a chance to earn some points for later. Honestly, he had a lot to cash in on considering he had extremely faithful since the two decided to see each other exclusively. Four months already, the time had gone fast, but so worth it. Calise didn't want to think of how things would be right now had Hutch not seen her trying to figure out how to get her boxes to the top floor of her apartment building.

            "I'm thinking I need to pick up something a little less than regulation," she said with a wink.

            Vanar's was just across the way, and all she had was the little red number, which Hutch really liked, but variety was nice too. Hazel eyes spied what was in he window, and noticed a scene outside. Some blonde, his back turned, was clearly getting into trouble with a brunette just outside the store she wanted to go to. Calise shook her head. If she was a betting woman, she would say it was Torch trying to get lucky.

            "You don't mind walking into VS with me, do you," Calise asked ignoring the scene.

            Today was about her and Hutch as far as she was concerned. No one was going to get in the way of it.

            "I'll let you pick something out on top of what I'm looking for.""

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              "Maybe… " Hutch smiled, then leaned down after paying for his shoes and placed a quick kiss to the brunette beauty's lips before taking her hand in his, sack in the other, and leading Calise out of the store and back into the mall atrium.

              "Ooh… I like the sound of that, and no I don't mind. Believe it or not, I've never been inside an actual Vanar's Secret before. Just ogled the nice stuff from the outside and the catalogues that still come to the house in the previous owner's name," he added, flashing the Spiran a lopsided grin sideways at her.

              As the two walked around a giant planter and a destination sign hand-in-hand, the scene before them at the lingerie store hit home and who was involved. Dirks exchanged a look with Calise, then couldn't help but smirk.

              "The Fire Coral is so you, Torch… Wouldn't you agree, darlin'?"

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                "You really should tell Mrs. Darksun your holding onto her catalogues, love," Calise said chuckling at the sight of Torch holding a bag with ladies panties.

                She patted Torch on the shoulder, then wrapped her arm around Hutch's waist. The Spiran was already eyeing something she wanted to get for the anniversary celebration later. Seems as though they needed to do the right thing by their friend though. She couldn't leave the Corellian hanging when he was clearly trying to apologize to a girl he likely ran into on purpose.

                "So Torch who is the lovely lady?"

                Calise looked her over. She was way out of the flyboy's league. Pretty, but her clothes boasted a taste in fashion Torch could ever afford. That meant she'd likey want the fine dining places. Places that would break the bank. Maybe it was the lesson Torch needed.

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                  Who was the lovely lady? At the moment she wasn't sure. Atara the confused? Atara the slightly embarrassed? Atara the ashamed? Atara the lotion bombing panty dropper? The Alderaani knew what she wasn't. Atara the pretty bird flying far far away from here. Looking from Kyle to Dirk to Calise she was completely flabbergasted and unsure who to answer first. Red cheeked and all she stumbled over words trying to give someone some kind of answer.

                  "Umm, I'm...ya know with him and the...uh..Hi, I'm um, I'm Atara nice to meet you," she finally managed answering Calise before snapping her head to Kyle.

                  "Did you say gift card? You don't buy someone a gift card. It screams lazy or forgot!" Scolding Kyle for the second time she grabbed him by the hand and started back towards Vanar's.

                  "First you're going to replace my lotion, and then, you're going to pick your sister a proper gift." She put intending tosound more diplomatic than pushy. "Come on...or Mojo's is off the table..."
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                    "Haha very funny you two."

                    It was all the time he had before Atara was lecturing him about how a gift card was no good at all. Seriously!? Why would he buy his sister something from VS other than a gift card. I mean he didn't want to know what panties she wore. Though the point was to spend time with Atara in an attempt to get her on a date so he could work his magic. After all the Corellian was really the guy every mother warned their daughters about, and didn't feel a stitch guilty about it either.

                    "Right so Mojo's is a must, so you grab the lotion you want and then we'll find something for my sister."

                    Turning to look at Hutch and Calise, he knew his wingman and roommate was likely laughing at him. He would if the situation was reversed. This whole plan of his seemed to be working better than he planned, so that was either really good or really bad. He'd find out later he supposed.

                    "You two comin, or just gonna watch this whole thing?"


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                      Hutch was trying so hard not to bust his gut holding in a royal laugh. The Torchman was really putting the smooth moves on this one, but for some reason he didn't think the end game was going to go his wingman's way this time. This chick had attitude, one that may be even too much for the Corellian to overcome. Time would tell.

                      "Oh yeah, we wouldn't miss this for the world," the Rendili quipped knowingly, flashing a lopsided grin Calise's way and lifting her interlaced hand to his lips for a kiss. He bet something in plum would look really nice on the Spiran beauty, course the flyboy would take her in anything from VS.



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                        Calise smiled wide as Torch was drug off to the store. This was too good to miss. She slid her hand into the Rendili's larger one and gave it a squeeze as she was kissed. There was a lot of fun to be had. Atara was going to make Torch squirm. Calise leaned into Hutch and whispered.

                        "This ought to be good. Mind if we watch this before I try some things on for you?"

                        Calise winked and kept walking into the store.


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                          Leading the newly formed party back into Vanar's, the goal of the day had changed to saving this sister's birthday. Atara knew a thing or two about receiving bad gifts, especially from a lazy sibling. It was embarrassing for both parties involved. You get that gift wrapped package and anticipation soars as you're expecting the best only to find something like a pair of bacta infused socks or something. It was hard to hide disappointment in moments like that, and the giver could always tell. Stranger or not, Atara could not let that rest on her conscience.not

                          By passing the lotions, the lingerie, especially the panties, she led Kyle to an area full of casual wear. Tossing her Brown mane over her opposite shoulder, she sized Kyle up trying to get a feel for what this girl might look like. If size was an indicator, then this was a lost cause. Kyle was anything but shaped for ladies clothing, all sculpted and bulging and....nevermind. There was no way they where shaped similiar. God's forbid they dressed alike to.

                          He was a little to casual for her taste, maybe if he was in a suit. Yes, a suit. Dark blue and tailored to fit every...nope. She was drifting again. Atara snapped her head back to the displays, cheeks blushing, and hoped she*hadn't stared long enough to give mixed signals.

                          "So...about this sister?"
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                            Well that depends on whether its the blonde, brunette or redhead?!

                            "I think he's met his match with this one," Hutch quipped back with mirth lighting up his hazel eyes. It was fun to see Torch squirm just a bit.

                            The Corellian playboy usually had it way too easy with women, though Dirks had too before his Spiran beauty made other females pale in comparison. The flyboy was whipped… He knew it too, but wasn't ever going to admit that out loud, not even to his best buddy yet. Kyle was no dummy though… It was obvious his wingman was smitten with the brunette he'd met while surfing.

                            Hutch leaned down and whispered into Calise's ear. "Let's not watch too long though… I am really looking forward to you modeling for me," he winked slyly.
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