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  • Dinner With Friends and Family [Open]

    The white china dish rattled as it slipped from Jamie’s fingers and onto the tabletop, “Oh-god!” Exclaimed Jamie in a whispered breath. Had it been one more inch to the left, the floor would have been fed. Dinner parties were not her forte, but she was trying. Jamie was moving forward despite her failures, and the thought alone made the warmth bubble up in her heart. It was joy.

    She licked her bottom lip and sucked it in, setting her teeth in place. The table cloth had creases, a few of the candelabras were a little chipped, and the silverware seemed off center. It wasn’t perfect in that ‘pristine professional’ sense, but there was that imperfect warmth to the table display that made it feel perfect to Jamie.

    Guests would be showing up soon.

    “Nan! Please go and tell Andi that it’s almost time for our guests to arrive.”

    “I’ll go fetch Master Andrik.”

    Jamie nodded, watching after the gear-creaking Nanna droid who was off in search of her tyke. After the incident with Gauge, the Brends had upped their security measures, tightening schedules on the children, and keeping someone nearby at all times. It was a change of life, hectic and privacy-invading, but it was honestly nice having the extra help to juggle the responsibility of raising a family, which took some of the pressure off Jamie’s shoulders.

    Still, a droid could never replace a father figure.

    A certain masculine face flashed into her mind and a weird feeling rose up inside her. Jamie felt her cheeks flush a dark pink and choked back the beating heart that had jumped to her throat. Slender fingers quickly began working on the knot at the nape of her neck where the apron was tied, it felt like the temperature in the room had risen.

    Without much care she tossed the apron on the hook and looked down at her chrono. Only seven more minutes. She thought, racing through the house to finish last minute tidying, fluffing pillows on the couch, picking up any toys that had been left out, and taming the wild brown wisps of hair one last time.



    It'd been an open invite to all the Rogue's, and of course to her family. She didn't know who or what to expect.

    “Come in!” Yelled Jamie, glancing down briefly to notice a white streak of running child dash to her side. A brow raised. She told him to be there on time, clean, and happy. At least he was two of those. “Let’s fix your hair real quick.” Jamie grabbed Andrik’s shoulders, pulling him in and running fingers through his locks of blonde tangled hair, trying to pull the knots out.

    “OW!” he cried in response, wriggling like a fish caught on a hook. A captive of his Mothers intent. “Hold still.” she commanded softly, licking her thumb and rubbing it on his cheek to peel away the dirt.

    Honestly. You act like I’m killing you.”

    “Almost..” he muttered in bitter response.
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    He got the signal to come in, words yelled by a voice he had been deprived of hearing for a good, long while and was more than glad to hear again. So he let himself in, laden not with bottles of ale but with a few good bottles of wine, and tailed by his father. Hearing the talk between Jamie and her young son brought a smile to his face that was nothing less than fond.

    "Hey, Jamie!"

    He moved forward enough to let the elder Perris through the door enough that the door could close, but he was unsure if he should slip off his shoes, in case others might be coming. He didn't know the rules in this house when it involved others. Ah well, better stick to what he knew, for now, and slip them off, setting down the wine against the entryway wall. Then, with mock-surprise in his voice:

    "Is that an Andy I hear?!"

    This elicited a grunting laugh from Kelly.


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      "Hey Tad. Kelly!" Jamie smiled, waving them in. They'd hit a rough patch earlier that year, much of which had been Jamie's doing. Now, it was a matter of moving forward. They could still reach for lost dreams and missed opportunities.

      One of which Andrik saw. The opportunity to break free came and he took it, turning with pride and determination. He folded his small arms across his chest and gave Jame that look. Jamie sighed and rolled her eyes. What was it they called it? Terrible twos? Threes? Fours? The stages seemed to blend together.

      Before she could correct him, Andrik caught wind of Tadel. As quick as a bolt of lightning hitting the earth, Andi's mood shifted gears and revved up in a full charge toward the younger Perris. "TADEL!" he squealed, clinging to Tadel's leg with all the strength in his pint sized body.

      "Can you play with me??? Plleeeasseeeeeee. Come on, come look at my new nerf-blaster!" He begged, pleaded, clinging with all desperation.

      Jamie grinned and scrunched her nose at the display. "Andy. They just got here. Maybe they want to relax a little. Kelly, do you need something to drink? You can come and sit down. I figure we can start eating in ten minutes or so."

      "P-aahhhleeaseeee." Andrik continued.


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        He shook his head, pint-sized monster suctioned to what once might have been his leg. He gave the former-leg a little shake, but the suction-beast wouldn't come loose.

        "It's alright, Jamie," said he, trudging towards Jamie with one leg much heavier than the other, and stopping just short of her, leaning in a bit, whispering, "ten minutes oughta have him worn down a teensy little bit, dontcha think?"

        He flashed her some semblance of a grin, knowing his dad would take care of the wine, and trudged just a little further before bending over far enough to grab Andrik by the ankles and peel the boy off his leg, upside-down.

        "Alright, then. Where's this 'nerf-blaster', ya runt?"

        "Runt? Who ya callin' runt?"

        Andrik tried to take a swipe at him, but Tadel had the advantage of arm length. He flipped the boy over, and hoisted him over his shoulder, carrying him off to find the toy, with considerable mock-protest from Andrik.


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          *Open invitations to dinner weren't something to be ignored. That was especially the case when the person making the invite was a member of his squad, was probably a better cook than he was (which wasn't difficult), and the invitation was made to the whole squad. It had been a quiet few months, Rogue Squadron was still stationed on Telos despite his request to be moved to a battle group. That was good for families and training, not so good for keeping a combat edge. Since the squadron was categorized as a strike squadron, keeping that edge was of the utmost importance. Patrols in friendly space worked against them.

          Though he was arriving all on his lonesome, he could tell at least one other had already arrived due to the half-recognized speeder. After parking his own, Jac walked towards the door he knew to be Jamie's. He rounded the corner just as it was closing and caught a glimpse of Tadel and another inside the place already. Because of this, he simply let himself in after knocking on the door to announce his presence. Tadel and whoever the other person was had both left their shoes by the door, so the Mirialan did the same - he didn't know if it would be requested, but Tadel was a more common sight here than Jac was, so he'd follow the other man's lead. Carrying the dessert he'd brought, just a mint-chocolate ice cream Jamie could use for other times if she already had something planned, he continued into the kitchen. It was a bit of a surprise to see the elder Perris present as well, but not enough to cause a break in the step.*

          "Good to see you, sir. Nice place, Jamie."

          *The captain had never been to Jamie's home before now. As he spoke, he offered the ice cream to her, knowing that simply placing it on a counter would likely result in it being forgotten.*


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            Watching the exchange, and the way Tadel handled the young son of Jamie El-Eison gave the old former-Rogue a smile, a particular smile that said it was a sight he'd wanted to see for a very long time. After his son and her son had vanished, the elder Perris picked up the wine carrier from alongside the entryway wall, and approached the daughter of his late friend.

            "Missed ya, kid. Looking good as ever," and he would have given her a hug, if not for the fact that Drae had walked in the door just then. Instead, he gave her a familiar smile, and glanced over his shoulder at the Mirialan, saying with a chuckle, "drop the 'sir', Jac. It's all informal, here."

            Then he looked to Jamie again, brows lifting as he lifted the wine case into view.

            "Wine... mostly," he mentioned with a grin, the 'mostly' alluding to something that wasn't wine in the case along with the wine, "Should I table it, or...?"


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              What was it, about the way Tadel said that, that made Jamie go a little weak in the knees? She played it coy, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, willing herself to not lean away, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. Cause... it wasn't. "Alright. Ten minutes." replied Jamie, a little breathy. Stern eyes fell onto Andrik. "But only ten."

              Jamie watched the pair exit. Andi was getting big fast, and seeing Tadel with her son, reminded her of the life he could have. Aspects of their life were rocky, but it was those small glimpses, the simple moments of happiness, that made the challenges worth it.

              "Thank-youu." Jamie chimed, grinning, attention on Kelly now. "Have they been working you hard at that shiny desk of yours?" she asked in good humor, knowing that it must have taken some real convincing and begging to drag Kelly from a cockpit. You can clip a birds wings, but the desire to fly was always there.

              Drae followed behind her last comment, Jamie was glad to see someone made the effort to come. "Thanks Jac." Calling him by first name was odd, and didn't roll off her tongue easily. "That's right, no formalities. Tonight is a night of re-lax-ation! Here-" she grabbed the gallon of creamy-goodness from his hands. "I'll put this away. Yum! This'll go great with dessert. Feel free to grab a drink, there's refreshments on the counter. Make yourself at home."

              Again she looked at Kelly. "Mostly?" she asked with some evident skepticism. "Go ahead. Table's fine."
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                While Andi greeted everyone at the door, Faline was much more reserved, shy even. Since all that had happened, Faline didn't initially take well to strangers and while she could sense that the people joining them were Auntie Jamie's friends or comrades, the little girl didn't know them at all and as they were all men, Faline had more cause to feel more guarded. She didn't trust men much now. Only her Father had her trust but even that had once been broken.

                Still, Faline watched as Andi played with one of the men that joined them and decided to tentatively approach, though her courage soon failed her and now that she'd made her presence known, Faline decided to clamp onto Auntie Jamie's leg and hide behind her. She never made a sound, but as she looked up at her Auntie, Faline showed her worry before looking at the others then hiding her face in her Auntie's leg, suddenly all painfully shy.


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                  "Hard enough," he said with a laugh, "though it's a little low on adrenaline."

                  He gave the little girl that curled around Jamie's leg a small smile, and went off to set the wine at the table, leaving her questioning of his 'mostly' alone, saying nothing save for a wink before he left her to Jac and finishing up whatever else needed doing for dinner. He could hear the laughter and rough-housing from Tadel and Andrik, and it made him think of their time with the Brends, all those years ago.

                  How much those kids had gotten up to. How he wished he could have... but he sighed, smiling, and pulled a bottle of red, and a bottle of white out of the case, leaving a bottle of Corellian whisky alone.


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                    "Yoou," A finger pointed out at Kelly and wagged back and forth. "Don't need any more adrenaline-rushes." she replied with a scrunched up nose, and raised brow. His cheeky grin and wink, made Jamie briefly wonder about what kind of mischief Kelly was getting into.

                    "Fee...?" Jamie addressed, looking down to the child that was suctioned against her thigh. Jamie's heart melted into mush, and she knelt down to the girls level so she could wrap Faline in a comforting hug, balancing ice-cream in one hand, while trying to convey through gestures that the youngest Brend was safe among friends.

                    "It's alright." she assured, squeezing. "Come on," With a heave-ho of one-two-three, Jamie hoisted Faline up and set the girl on her shoulders. "Let's go round up the ruffians for dinner." Of course, the ice-cream was put away, first.

                    Flying darts, forts, and poked eyes... is just about what she expected from the noise level. The door opened for her, but she stayed a safe distance back, trying to stay out of the range of fire."Hey! It's dinner time, come eat."
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                      Faline melted into her Auntie's embrace as she shyly looked at the older man. She felt safe in her embrace with all the men around, though she did smile as her Auntie lifted her onto her shoulders. There was something about being higher up than everyone else that she found comforting. It wasn't so scary up here, now but she still shyly looked to the others in the room. It would take her some time to trust those that weren't family again so... for the most part, she just kept with her Auntie.

                      As her Auntie took her into the room where the boys played, the girl continued to snuggle Auntie Jamie's head, not necessarily ignoring everyone, but not interacting with them either as everyone stopped what they were doing and when it came to sitting at the table herself, she made sure she was beside her Auntie at the dinner table by looking at her and asking. "Auntie Jamie..? Where will you be sitting? Can I sit with you? Please?"


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                        "Got it."

                        *It was going to be odd referring to these people without rank or callsigns. NAGS, then Stryker was elsewhere in the house - Jac couldn't tell if he was keeping the kid occupied or the other way around. Then the Commander...informal. Kelly. He knew that the Perris family knew Jamie from more than just the squadron, and that she and Tadel had dated before, but this seemed to be a bit more than that. It seemed like they were all part of a family. Clearly there was a dynamic in play here that he was going to have to adjust to on the fly. That was fine though, he was one heck of a pilot.

                        There was another here, a second child. Jac knew that Jamie had a son, but this girl was unknown to him. She clearly didn't trust anyone besides Jamie - not without reason, Kelly was frightening to look at - and he didn't know how to deal with that. He chose to ignore it, giving the girl a quick smile then moving further into the kitchen as she and NAGS went to grab the others. White and red wine, and an untouched bottle of Corellian whiskey. Red was the choice of the day, and he leaned against the counter waiting for the others to return. He wouldn't be the first to sit, even if he did know the seating arrangement. Small talk with Kelly was in order at that point, as he was the only other one left in the kitchen.*

                        "You don't find it thrilling to be in charge of the insane fighter squadrons and rest of the Navy, then?"


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                          Setting the carry case aside, he proceeded to uncork the wines to allow them to air; the white still nice and chilly as the ride over hadn't been long at all, and the red more-or-less room temperature. That done, he listened with a keen ear as Jamie and Faline went to pull the boys into the idea of dinner.

                          "Living vicariously only stretches so far, Jac. And the politics..." he shook his head "...but I'm pushing fifty. Past my prime, but for up here..."

                          He tapped a finger to his right temple.

                          "...still sharp as ever."

                          And to think that Elsie had joked that he'd die before her - the inherent risk of being a starfighter had been more likely to remove even someone that was seen as a legend from this side of the life-death line. There had been no foreseeing what had come.

                          "The guys you have now are the best," he admitted, but he turned his head finally to look at the Mirialan, a slight mischief in his expression, "but don't be afraid to have me come and kick their rears into shape or submission, if you think it'd help."


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                            There were nerf-bolts everywhere, some stuck to the walls, some strewn about the bed and floor... and one flying just past Jamie's head the moment she poked it into the room, causing a sheepish look to materialize on Tadel's face. He looked to Andrik, who shot him with another bolt, straight in the chest.

                            "Oof, ya got me!" and he flopped over on the bed, faking death for a moment or two for the boy's amusement, which made Andrik laugh, and put a proud grin on his face... at least until the younger Perris got up to nudge the boy out of the room. "Alright, let's go, grub time!"

                            As they exited the room, he looked at Jamie.

                            "I don't know who's more disappointed that we have to stop: him or me," he said with a laugh on the way to get seated for dinner.


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                              *Jac nodded his understanding as Kelly talked about living vicariously. A while back, the Captain had considered changing tracks somewhat, either retiring from the military altogether or making a lateral movement to FleetOps. After all, he'd made his way up the ranks to Wraith Leader, then over to Rogue Squadron executive officer when the Wraiths were disbanded, and up to commanding officer of the Rogues. He'd taken his fair share of damage but had never been shot down, which not many with a record like his could say. He'd realized, however, that if he retired he would never get it back. Even if FleetOps assigned him a ship and crew and gave him a patrol, he'd be in charge of the ship rather than controlling it. And there was something about flying a starfighter, especially one into combat, that was addictive. He'd ultimately chosen to stay with the Rogues.

                              He chuckled when the man offered his help whipping the pilots into shape. Truth was, the current Rogues were some of the best pilots in the galaxy barring Force-users. He continued the tradition of giving them more latitude, knowing that they would all be called to do extraordinary things when the time came. The idea of using Kelly to whip them into shape though...*

                              "I'll invite you and Isaacs if that ever happens. We'll just have to make sure they see you two using canes beforehand. Enhance the sting a bit."