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    Calise was still flying high on the surprise of her day, the one where she found out Hutch was actually a pilot for Rogue Squadron. Gods he looked good in a uniform, though she also liked how he looked in his civies. Surprise two was the lunch they were able to enjoy where Hutch invited Calise over to his beach house to see that clasic speeder of his. She was actually excited, and nervous at the same time. Her ship date for boot camp came during the afternoon, and eight weeks was a long time to be gone when starting a new relationship. Calise was nervous because she wanted to be sure Hutch would still be available when she came back, and there was really only one way she knew how to make that happen.

    The house wasn't too far, a nice walk along the beach led to the place where they had first met. The evening breeze blew through her long tresses, which hung naturally. She had hair tie on her wrist for later once work on the speeder began, but until then, it was about making Hutch do a double take when he opened his door. She was dressed in a simple gray long sleeve shirt, and blue jeans. Causual, yet still looking good was the plan.

    Walking the stairs of the deck which were off the beach, Calise came up to the back door of the house. She quickly ran her hands through her hair to smooth it out and shake it up a bit, all at the same time. Once she was certain she looked as good as she could possibly look, she knocked on the back door and waited for the handsome Rendili to answer, he heart pounding hard in her chest.

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    Hutch had been thinking of nothing else other than the pretty Spiran since their lunch date after finalizing her recruitment to the New Republic Navy. Boy that had been a surprise when low and behold the very next recruit he'd called back was none other than Calise; the girl of his immediate dreams. Who'd a thunk the mechanic job she'd moved to Telos IV for was a military one! The brunette had conveniently left that little detail out when they were exchanging personal info… but so did the Rendili, not mentioning he flew for none other than the infamous Rogue Squadon; the New Republic's elite X-wing squadron. Course the flyboy tried not to let that get to his head, though Dirks was proud of how far he'd come. It was humbling to be wearing the emblem of those who helped to defeat the Emperor and Darth Vader all those years ago and now defend the New Republic.

    When there was a knock on the deck door, Hutch dressed in an old pair of jeans, t-shirt and boots, put down his hydrospanner and peeled off his work gloves, then made his way from the garage into the beach house walking through the kitchen and dining area to open the smaller of the sliding glass doors with a big smile on his face as he spotted Calise standing there. Gods the brunette beauty was a looker! It didn't matter what she wore… the grease monkey, his grease monkey, was hot!

    "Well hello there, beautiful," Dirks greeted, then leaned down and placed a kiss to her very desired lips. "Welcome to my humble abode. Wanna see my baby?" he grinned like a proud papa would.



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      "Mmmmmm I don't think I could ever get tired of those," Calise said after Hutch kissed her. "Keep'em comin. I gotta quotient to fill before heading out for boot camp next week."

      The Spiran thought it best to get that news out of the way first. Who knew, it might lead to the conversation she really wanted to have with Hutch. Part of her really hoped he would bring it up, okay most of her did, but like she said on their last date if he could catch her, he could keep her. In one way the chase was still on, and it was Hutch's move.

      "I'd love to," she said excitedly "You think I came here to see you in very nice fitting tshirt? It does wonders for the rugged part of ruggedly handsome, flyboy."

      Calise popped up and pecked his lips after the teasing. Hutch could take it.

      "Lead the way!"


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        "Next week, huh? Well then we should definitely fill that quota, maybe surpass it a bit hmm," Hutch smiled with a wink attached as the brunette's lips pulled away.

        As he turned back around to lead the way to the garage, his hand playfully grabbed the Spiran's cute backside. "And you sweetheart are truly rocking those jeans", he quipped, flashing a lopsided grin over his shoulder at her.

        Dirks opened the interior garage door that was just off the kitchen and held it for Calise, then swaggered over to his baby; a classic blue XJ-2 airspeeder. "Well… What do you think of her? Been mostly working on the interior and exterior cosmetics. Now it's time to move on to the most important part… You know, what's under the hood. Could really use your expertise, darlin'… That is, if your willing to see this project through with me?"

        That sentence/question could have a double meaning… though the Rendili wasn't really sure if it did or not. He was still trying to figure out his feeling for Calise because they were so different from the other women who had come into and out of his life so far. Those feelings excited and scared the flyboy to death.
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          Calise jumped when Hutch grabbed her butt, but at the same time she liked it. The Spiran didn't really like to be handled, there was history to that, one she was ready to get into Hutch with. She could tell he was experienced with women. Calise liked him, but wanted to be really sure. She trusted him though, so she didn't get after him about the grab. Instead she smiled and giggled.

          When they got into the garage, Calise went straight for the speeder. It was amazing. He knew his classics, and she couldn't wait to get her hands on the thing.

          "Gods, Hutch, she's sexy. You sure know you're classics."

          She really wanted to fill her quota of kisses, and just liked kissing Hutch, so she kissed him again.

          "I'll see the project through with you, Hutch," she said pulling away, and understanding the double meaning behind that. "Sounds like a fun project for a girl to do with her new boyfriend."


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            "She sure is," Hutch answered, though his gleaming hazel eyes were not on the classic model air speeder, but rather the girl praising it; taking in every bit of the pretty brunette standing in front of him before lips met again in one of her sweet kisses.

            Now Calise was definitely a classic; one he could cherish, covet, yearn for day in and day out… or so the Rendili thought, but would/could the flyboy be able to do that wholeheartedly? Hutch hadn't so far, why would he this time with this one? Because she was slowly catching him, or maybe caught already.

            "I like the sound of that too," Dirks smiled genuinely, then the dark-haired Rogue walked around to the hood of the airspeeder and popped it; raising the hood upward and securing it open.

            "Should probably take a good look at the engine and tell me what you think you'll need to get it up and running smoothly… I'm letting you call the shots with this for now, then maybe later I'll throw in a few suggestions of my own."



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              "Your engine, Hutch, your speeder," Calise said matter of fact like. "The only way to really make it yours is to get your hands all over it. Here hand me that hydrospanner."

              Calise had no clue what she said could have a double meaning. She just leaned into the speeder to look at the engine. Before she started messing around with it, she wanted to see what the damage was. As she guessed, Hutch was looking at a lot of work, possibly a complete overhaul. It really depended on what he wanted the thing to do when they got done with it.

              Standing back up, and turning back to Hutch, Calise caught that his eyes had been looking at her curvy backside. She blushed, likely knowing what he had been thinking, why did that make her blush? Was she really thinking that was something she would consider doing with Hutch. The Rendili must have had her under some kind of spell if she was thinking along those lines. In the next moment, it was gone, though she remained a bit flustered by what she had just thought.

              "Um, I could use some water," she said making an excuse. "Be a dear and get me some please while I get to know your baby a bit better?"


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                "I knew that, and generally I am a hands on type of guy," Dirks retorted with a chuckle, then handed his cute little grease monkey the hydrospanner he'd used earlier to tighten down a new interior door panel on the passenger side.

                The Rendili couldn't help but appreciatively watch Calise bend over head first into the engine compartment as she inspected the airspeeder's motor. The flyboy's mind was going fifty shades of gray as he gazed upon her perfectly shaped buttocks in those low-rise jeans of hers. To say Hutch was attracted to her physically was an understatement… and of course he'd been caught ogling her.

                The blush and flustered body language was endearing. "Sure… I can get you a water. Be right back, sweetheart," he winked.

                While Hutch went into the kitchen, he put the layered meat and cheese pasta dish made earlier into the oven, set the timer, then grabbed a water bottle out of the fridge and headed back out to the garage. The dark-haired pilot walked up to Calise and waited until the Spiran paused in what she was doing, then offered the drink to her.

                "So… What's the verdict, darlin'? And we have about an hour and a half before dinner is done."



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                  Calise took the time to compose herself while Hutch was in the kitchen getting her water, and apparently getting dinner in the oven. It wasn't that she didn't want to think about Hutch that way. Calise had just been burned. There had been a surfer boy who said all the right things, but made all the wrong moves, and made all the wrong choices. Calise had decided then no other guy would get the best of her, unless he was the right man.

                  "Whatca makin me," she asked before taking a swig of the water.

                  Nodding her head back to the engine, Calise smiled before bending back over, this time making sure Hutch's eyes were on the engine.

                  "Well most of your engine needs reworked, coolant pumps are shot, hoses full of holes. We can piece it together, or do a full on rebuild. Up to you flyboy," she asked after pointing everything out.


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                    "Well that's for me to know and you to find out. Can't give away all my surprises for tonight," Hutch grinned, then followed suit and leaned forward, hands resting his weight on the front frame of the airspeeder. His hazel gazed looked where Calise was pointing to as the grease monkey went down her check list of things needing to be fixed. The engine damage was as he'd already assessed, but now a real mechanic could work their magic on his baby.

                    "I like to do things right the first time so lets rebuild it from the ground up. Make it into something really worthy of our time and effort hmm… Course that means with our schedules and gathering the finances to pull this off it will mean a long-haul project... Still willing to sign on with me? I'll even throw in a massage as needed," the Rendili smiled, then his arm snaked around and pulled the Spiran in closer to capture those oh so desirable lips once again.



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                      "Mmmmmm," Calise managed as Hutch kissed her.

                      She placed her hand on his toned chest, the fabric of his shirt didn't do much to hide how firm his pectoral muscles were. The hand remained their as the kiss broke, her mind musing the question they seemed to be dancing around. The Spiran wanted a clear answer.

                      "What are we doing, Hutch," she asked seriously. "I mean, I really like you, but I'm going to be leaving for eight weeks, next week. Before I leave, I want to know what I'm coming home to. Are we really talking as long haul as that engine will take, because if that's what you want, I'm in."

                      Right, and she just put it out there like that. Calise just had to know though. She wanted Hutch to be around when she got back. That meant they needed to make the decision now. If it wasn't what Hutch wanted she didn't need to waste her time falling for him, and she was really falling for him.


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                        Hutch sighed for a moment. Wow she was really going to make him choose now about their future. He thought about what he really wanted, then turned and sat down on the front frame where his hands had been resting before and pulled the Spiran with him to stand between his legs facing him, his arms encircling her small waist.

                        "That is a good question, Calise… I've been asking myself that very thing. I really like you too. You're special… make me feel different in a good way. I'll be honest, I've not been a choir boy, but recently that part has become real old, real fast. I'd really like to see where this takes us, and in reality eight weeks isn't that long when one is looking at a possible lifetime together?" Dirks said, gazing up into her eyes.

                        "I'm in as well." the Rendili smiled sincerely.

                        Oh gods… Did I just commit to a relationship without trying out the goods first? Wow, just wow. I must have it bad for her. More than I even let myself believe before now. I'm either doomed… or so very, very lucky to have met Calise.



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                          Wow did that just happen just like that? That talk was not as painful as she thought it would be. Calise kissed him, deeply. She didn't even care about the not the choir boy speech. The Spiran was just happy they seemed to want the same things.

                          "That was the right answer, flyboy," she smiled.

                          She finally pulled away, but with a bit of a bounce. Calise looked at the engine again, and thinking about the build from scratch. It was going to be a fun project with her boyfriend. Dirks Hutchinson... Calise Hutchinson... had a nice ring to it. Okay maybe the brain was going there too fast, but every girl could dream right, right.

                          "Okay, Hutch, what's here that we can do? Any parts we can tinker with. now before dinner, or is brain still back on the fact you just told me we're officially in a full on relationship?"


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                              Hutch chuckled softly as Calise pulled away after breaking a very impassioned kiss seemingly bouncing on cloud nine.

                              The muscled Rendili looked at his wrist chrono, then pushed off from the air speeder. "Tell you what, sweetheart… Why don't you start by making a list of what we will need to rebuild that engine while I get dinner on the table, then we can go from there. Give me about fifteen minutes or so… You'll have to wait for dessert until later," Dirks grinned, placing a quick kiss to the brunette's lips before he ventured back into the beach house with a little more swagger this time.

                              While the meat lasagna was resting on top of the stove, Hutch threw in garlic breadsticks into the oven to bake. After tossing up a green salad, he placed everything on the dining table and lit the candles. A bottle of Cabernet-Sauvignon was opened and left to breathe on the table as well. Now all he needed was his cute little grease monkey to join him.

                              "Dinner is served, m'lady," he said, sticking his head out the door into the garage.