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    The waves in Blue Bay along Thani Beach were ripping today and Dirks was shredding them one by one; picking the best coming in on each set and riding the heck out of them to his heart's content.

    The Rendili beach bum had been doing so all morning long since it was his day off and decided to take a break from the action. The dark-haired Rogue gathered his things from where he'd left them on the dry white sand and was about to head back to the beach house just down the way he shared with his wingman when a particular surfer caught his attention; a pretty brunette… no scratch that, a gorgeous brunette. The flyboy had seen her cutting up the waves earlier and liked what he saw; both of her skills with a long board and the way she looked doing it.

    So when the hot beach babe walked by, Hutch flashed her one of his signature smiles. "You are a classic carver out there… Very nice lines too. I could watch you all day," he complimented breaking the ice, hoping it would get him a favorable response.
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    She was the new girl, freshly imported from Spira to join the New Republic as a mechanic. Calise was getting settled before heading over to the recruiter's office when the waves caught her eyes. The movers hadn't arrived yet, but she had a small personal bag with her which had a few things she didn't want inspectors looking into. Her bikini was among those items. The young mechanic couldn't resist the waves so she quickly ran to the pro shop to rent a board and change.

    A few runs occupied her time before the moving truck came, but when it arrived they simply dumped her stuff and took off. Of course she watched it all happen as she walked up from the beach carrying her board. She tried catching it, but didn't, obviously. Though her eyes did catch a nice looking surfer looking her way. He was cute, and had nice muscles, great for heavy lifting. Why, not? Though she didn't need to initiate, which was nice.

    Calise smiled nicely at the compliment. His runs had been good too. Though she was certain her skills weren't the only thing he wanted to watch.

    "Thanks, you're not bad yourself," she said tucking her loose bangs behind her right ear. "Don't mean to be rude, but those movers just dumped my stuff here, and I gotta figure out how to get my stuff to the apartment I'm renting. You from around here, mister....."


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      "Dirks Hutchinson… Though you can call me Hutch," the dark-haired flyboy replied with a roguish smile, then a look of surprise with a touch of anger flashed upon his ruggedly handsome face. "Seriously?! I hope you didn't tip 'em. Yeah, I just live two houses down," he pointed with his thumb over his broad shoulder, then turned back to the pretty woman, his hazel eyes taking hers in.

      They were mesmerizing… as was everything else about her the Rendili could see. Torch would definitely be upset when he heard of what he missed out on, though the Corellian was probably getting his own on his stopover in Spira.

      "Tell you what, miss… Let me drop off my board, change into some dry clothes and I'll help move you in. It's the least I can do for a fellow surf lover."
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        "Oh my, thanks," She said offering a wide smile.

        Hmm hazel eyes too, and they were nice. Wait that was a distraction. At least he lived close by, and honestly she needed to get some dry clothes on as well as return the board.

        "Sounds good, Hutch. I'll meet you at the pro shop then. Gotta return the board and change myself," Calise said and turned away. "Oh," she said spinning around, "I'm Calise by the way, and waves here aren't too bad. See ya in a few minutes?"

        She waited for Hutch to nod and waved as she walked off. There was a small bounce in her step as she thought he was handsome, but more than that, it was nice for him offer his help. That earned him some points in her book, even though he was probably checking her out as she walked off, he was guy after all.

        Once and got the board back the pro shop, Calise went back to the dressing room to change out of her wet bikini and into somwthing more appropriate for moving in. The simple t-shirt and shorts finished with a comfortable pair of running shoes would be good for hauling boxes. It was a good thing she didn't have a lot. Though there were a couple of heavy items which Hutch was going to have to lift! Good thing he kept his word too. She waved as she saw him approaching.


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          "No problem, Calise… See you there!" Hutch nodded, his hazel gaze appreciating the view as the brunette beauty walked away. What?! He was a young, healthy male after all, and it was definitely worth the look!

          The Rendili quickly changed into a shirt/tank combo paired with his favorite khaki shorts, then slipped on a pair of Vans. After applying some Swagger deodorant, Dirks was out the door.

          "Hey," Hutch waved back as the flyboy walked up to Calise, who seemingly could rock anything she wore. What a cutie! The Rogue grinned, then added with a flourish of his hand, bending at the waist. "This humble servant is at your pleasure, milady… Lead the way."


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            Calise chuckled lightly at his gesture. He certainly was charming and confident. How many times had he done that same move. Part of him seemed like all the surfer bums that hung out on her families resort on Spira, but yet at the same time he seemed to have it all together. It was a curious combination to be sure, curious enough to make Calise entertain the thought of actually getting to know him more.

            Hutch looked good in his outfit, very beach living like. He was no stranger to it that's for sure. If she had to guess, he grew up on the beach just like she had. What was that smell? Whatever his scent was he smelled good.

            "Well my humble servant is punctual. Now let's be off to collect my belongings," Calise said with a slight curtesy.

            She was having fun. With a come this way guesture of her index finger, Calise, lead the way to her boxes. There weren't a lot, but they were all piled on the sidewalk in front of the building. That's what she got for surfing before the movers made it. She let out a sigh as she pulled a piece of flimsi from her carry on.

            "I'm on the top floor. I feel bad about just asking you to help and then you just taking off. I can feed you afterward?"

            That was a peace offering, reward, and way to keep him around a bit longer. Calise wanted to find out what kind of man he was.


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              Dirks followed the hazel-eyed young woman like a happy little puppy to her apartment building. That finger gesture of Calise's got the Rendili's mind working in ways it shouldn't at this point, and the flyboy had to keep his naughty thoughts to himself as he didn't want to blow his chance with her this early in the game. Calise seemed to be a keeper and keep her he wanted to do… well at some point.

              The boxes were half-hazardily stacked on the duracrete sidewalk, though they at least were marked and sorted in like groups. Keen pilot eyes happened to look upon the flimsi Calise had pulled out and Hutch picked up on her things had been shipped from Spira of all places. That's where Torch was right now! Small galaxy.

              "Naw you don't have to feed me, but your company later would be appreciated over food," Hutch replied, then lifted two boxes up and started walking towards the front door. "There are quite a few good eating places nearby… Depends if you want take-out or eat-in, casual or fancy. Let's get you moved in, then you can decide what you're in the mood for," he grinned, then started the trek up the stairs to the top floor. Figures, the turbolift was down for maintenance. Well between surfing earlier and this, he wouldn't have to hit the gym today. Which meant more time for fun, and getting to know this gorgeous surfer better.


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                "Careful, lift with your legs not your back" Calise said as she picked up one of her suitcases.

                The lift was down. Figured that would happen. Hutch took to the stairs right away.

                "I said top floor, right?" she said as she followed the flyboy up the stairs.

                He was behaving like a keeper so far, and the fact he took dinner to ask her out on a date that was fine. Calise knew she'd be hungry afterward. What she wouldn't give for a great pizza, some buffalo wings, and a tall glass of beer. Once at the top of the stairs, she slipped past Hutch, laying a hand on his shoulder, as she whispered.

                "Excuse me."

                Walking down the hallway, Calise walked to the fourth door on the left. Pressing the passcode written on the flimsi, the door swooshed open and revealed the small studio. She walked in a smelled the place. Every place had its own unique smell and Calise wanted to know if she liked it. It smelled clean.

                "The bedroom is on the other side. Let's get the stuff in here, and you're taking me out for pizza, wings, and beer. I'm hungry enough to eat an entire bantha!"


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                  Dirks walked into the small studio apartment, then to the bedroom on the other side of the open living area. He put down the boxes, then let out a whistle.

                  "This place isn't bad at all… And your view out the window is to die for. That's "The Point" down there…" Hutch pointed, then turned his head and flashed Calise a lopsided smile. "I'll take you down there sometime at sunset. Hands down the best place along the beach to watch the sun sink past the horizon."

                  Also the most romantic…

                  "Oh I'm all over that… And I like a girl with a healthy appetite," the Rendili grinned, leaving that for Calise to ponder, then went back down stairs in a flash to bring up the rest of the heavy boxes.


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                    "So, you've got me watching Sunsets at 'The Point' with you now, hmm," Calise teased. "Let's see how pizza and wings goes first."

                    In other words, she was open to the idea of romantic sunsets on the beach. He may have lost a little with his comment about women with a healthy appetite, but only a little. They had just met, and already something with a double meaning. That's where he did fit the surfer boy stereotype well. The dark haired surfer still made up for it by helping her out, and at least he was being himself.

                    While Hutch went back down the stairs, Calise decided she might as well start putting some things away. She started in the kitchen, it was the easiest since she didn't have much by way of dishes, utensils, and cookware. She was single, and though she could cook, it was often times cheaper to get something on the run and make it last over a few meals. The suitcases could wait until Hutch was gone. Calise didn't want the surfer seeing her unmentionables and giving him any more ideas than what he naturally had.

                    "You can set that over there," Calise said when he walked in through the door. "If you help me get that bookshelf organized we can get out of here sooner!"


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                      "Yes, ma'am," Hutch answered cheekily, hazel eyes catching a nice view of the brunette's backside in those short shorts as she bent over to put some cooking pots in a lower cabinet, then the flyboy went happily about organizing said bookshelf, one particular book drawing his attention.

                      "So men are from Mars and women are from Venus huh? Maybe you can explain that to me sometime," the Rendili chuckled, then reached inside the next box and picked up a framed holo. "Is this your family?"


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                        "If I have to explain it to you, then you sir, have not spent much time around the fairer sex," Calise teased as she straightened back out from putting the pans away in the lower cupboard.

                        Lazy steps carried the brunette Spiran over to where Hutch was organizing the bookshelf. Good boy, he was putting them up exactly as Calise had packed them. They were organized by genre, series, and author when they went into the box, and Hutch seemed to pick up on that. Points for being observant.

                        Hazel eyes dipped to look at the framed holo. A loving couple were in the center, both having dark hair. Two boys stood behind the parents who were on stools of some kind, and Calise sait in front of her parents on the well manicured, green grass just in front of the main building of the resort her parents owned. Calise smiled and nodded.

                        "Yeah, mom and pops, then my brothers Carn and Caste. My parents had a 'C' thing going on with the names..."

                        Calise took the framed holo and looked for the perfect place to set it. She knew where she wanted, and wandered off to where the bedroom was. The framed holo was set on the nightstand just to the left of the bed, the side she normally slept on when not sprawled out in the middle of the queen sized bed.

                        "You getting hungry," she asked as she came back out. "You've been an absolute lifesaver today with all your help. I think it's time to call it a day and have some fun!"


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                          "I am just your ever humble servant, madam… You may call upon me when ever needed to be your knight in shinning armor," Hutch smiled canting his head to the brunette while touching his chest with his hand.

                          "I like the idea of having fun, and yes I'm hungry… The pizzeria isn't too far away, just down on the boardwalk," the Rendili replied with a lopsided grin now gracing his face, then offered his arm in a gentlemanly way. "Shall we?"


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                            Calise smiled at the gesture. Hutch was really making a good first impression. That was important. The brunette slipped her arm in his and let him escort her down the stairs as the lift was still out of service. A pizzeria on the board walk sounded fun, and it made her really glad she was such a low key gal. Don't get it wrong, Calise liked to have an excuse to pull out her little black dress, but she also like having fun.

                            "Lead the way then, my shining Knight," she said with a happy look in her eyes. "So I gave you the scoop on my family, what about yours?"


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                              Once they left the apartment building, the two walked along the duracrete sidewalk westward towards were the sun would be setting. If they timed it just right, there might be a chance to watch it set from atop the Ferris Wheel that was featured on the boardwalk after their meal.

                              "My family huh… Well it all started twenty-four years ago in Oceanside, Rendili, when the perfect baby was born to Sera and Jorge Hutchinson," Dirks chuckled, then went on. "My family are blue collar folk. Mom is a teacher and Dad is an engineer, who works for StarDrive. My older sister Meri, who also is a teacher, and I were spoiled rotten by our grandparents, Betney and Johne, a retired engineer with a pension from StarDrive, growing up as they lived just down the street from us. Mer is married with a three year old son and another baby on the way. I'm hoping to go home to visit after my little niece is born. Family means a lot to me and I miss 'em especially the family meal where we all got together for two hours no matter what once a week."

                              Hutch motioned they needed to cross the street, then they transitioned onto the wooden-planked walkway that lead them to the classic boardwalk on Thani Beach, which was lined with shops and restaurants of all kinds.

                              "This is one of my favorite places to hang out when just kicking around. Reminds me of back home."