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    In the months following the loss of her hand, Lorenza had worked on regaining her lightsaber proficiency, but she had also returned to her use of blasters, which dated back to her military training back with the Empire. She had worked as an AI specialist, but was part of the Army following the academy cursus. She had realized that blasters were still more natural to her.

    It had led her to seek out some assistance for advice and better practice. She knew that it wouldn't be perfect right away, but her Jedi training and her military past had made her feel it was the right direction for her.

    The knight had contacted some New Republic representatives, to explain her situation and what she was seeking. She had been told that she could meet with someone on Telos, in Thani. Having traveled there before, Lorenza had of course accepted and made arrangements.

    She had arrived the day before meeting with whoever had accepted. On the given morning, she showed up at the training center. It was early, but she was an early bird, so it was no problem for her. She introduced herself at the reception desk and was told to wait nearby.

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    She wasn't the only early bird.

    Before his late morning run through the canyons with some young buck pilots he always came to the gun ranges. This wasn't some ridiculous "I have to be the best at everything" thing, no he was good and he knew it but Ewan was a realist. Ever since he, Holly and Wood were shot down over Klatooine, the devil pilot has always been armed and always been a bit of a crack shot. He kept up with his weapon use not because he could, but because he felt it was necessary. "There will always be someone better..." meaning he could be shot down again, or crash and be stuck somewhere. This morning was a little different though as the Captain who was the "instructor" at the range was out sick, nothing major but he had an appointment to meet with a Jedi of all people.

    Don't they use those glowsticks?

    With a shrug he told the office staff he'd meet with her. She might want to practice her blocking or something, either way he had authority so it would be good for the both of them. Walking up to the reception desk he was pointed to the woman and then approached. Good Morning Master Jedi, Lt. Commander Isaacs, how may I be of service? He could speak in any manner he wished, but he preferred to show the proper respect, mainly because younger officers need to see how to treat those around them and not simply be nonchalant.


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      Lorenza got to her feet as someone approached. As the man introduced himself, her own military reflexes had her want to salute, and her posture straightened up, though she simply bowed her head to him. "Good morning, sir. It's an honor meeting you." She offered a handshake. "I am Knight Lorenza Pyrrin. I appreciate you seeing me. I understand that my request is a little unusual."

      Unsure of what he might know or not, she explained. "While I have decent proficiency with a lightsaber, I have been drawn to return to blaster and fire weapon use since getting used to my cybernetic hand." She paused before continuing. "I have military experience prior to joining the Jedi and I'd be interested in getting advice and mentorship from specialists again."


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        Well that explains the "why". He smiled, showing her the way into the halls. Now it's just a matter of determining the "how" and the "what". Walking over to the weapons locker, he opened it up to a literal armory of nearly every conceivable type of blaster. You interested in rifles? Hold-outs? Carbines? Blasters? He wasn't an expert in any of them but he could use all of them, that was good enough to help her out and maybe the rangemaster will be feeling better tomorrow and be able to better help her then.


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          Lorenza smiled, glad that her explanations made sense to Isaacs. She hadn't heard of other Jedi - at least those she knew about currently in the Order - using blasters, but it didn't mean she couldn't.

          As they reached the lockers, she looked at all the types of blasters before her and she felt ten years younger all of the sudden. "I was decent with most, but preference goes to hold-outs and heavy blaster pistols."


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            Well then... taking a few out... take your pick and let's choose a stall then. There were several, but Ewan had his Westars out, as well as a DL-44 and a few others. He wasn't sure what she wanted to do or go with but it was her decision and it was something he was glad to help with.


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              "The choice is impressive." Lorenza admitted as she looked through the different types. She didn't recognize all models and went for ones that were familiar to her. Though many weapons were used on all sides in the galaxy, her picks hinted at her imperial background: a Model X heavy blaster pistol, a DC-17 hand blaster, and two Scout trooper blaster pistols.

              "These should do fine. As much as I will of course." She knew that the weapons were one thing, and the wielder another one.


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                The choices weren't lost on him, she was definitely a defector, which was fine, people made their choices and lived their lives and she was a Jedi, it's not like she was infiltrating enemy headquarters or anything. Taking a few himself, and grabbing some safety goggles for the both of them, he stood next to her. Alright, just relax and don't fight it. Let the weapon become an extension of your hand, your arm, don't stiffen up or you'll not only feel it, but you'll lose aim.


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                  "I used to overthink everything when learning to use a lightsaber..." Lorenza mused, more for herself. She fetched one of the heavy blaster pistols, feeling more comfortable with them. She recalled her instructor on Carida, who hadn't expected such a tiny woman to prefer this type of heavier pistols. It just gave her good balance in her movements.

                  She quieted her mind and forced herself to relax her posture and shot a couple of times. It was weird but she totally forgot about her cybernetic hand when using something else than a lightsaber. It was weird.

                  "Still kinda stiff, but it feels more normal to use a blaster."


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                    As she took her shots, Ewan recalled some of his required school reading about Jedi and wondered why she was using a blaster. Sure, she considered herself to be more comfortable with them but did the Jedi not consider blasters "uncivilized"? He really didn't care either way, it was just food for thought and surprise that she was such a good shot for someone who didn't have the practice.

                    I don't think that I will ever get used to hearing a Jedi say that.


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                      Lorenza glanced at Isaacs after she had fired a few more rounds. "I don't think many other Jedi get used to hearing me say that either. I wasn't even sure that it was much of an option."

                      She kept working on adjusting her aim and posture. "I picked weapons I was familiar with, but if you have suggestions of other models that might be good fit at some point, I'm all ears."


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                        Naw, you're doing fine. You should be comfortable right? Then, as if on an ironic cue, he pulled out one of his Westar 35s. Older models but incredibly accurate and elegant weapons when you consider blasters. Of course you could try one of these. Then he pulled out a Westar 34.


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                          Lorenza chuckled when Isaacs pulled out another type of blaster. She took it and placed the one she had been using on the counter on the side, after checking the security was back on. Not only had she been taught to do it years ago, but she was also a mother who had kept weapons of different kinds at home. "Stretching one's skills is good too."

                          Looking at both models, she thought for a moment. "These are Westars, right? I couldn't tell you the model but I think that's what they are."

                          In the next while she tried them both, the 35 not working so well for her, but the 34 proved a good surprise. "I admit I was one of those people who thought these were just for show."


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                            One of the 35's in hand he emptied a quick powercell into the targets before putting it down and taking the 34 in hand. Yeah, they're made popular by a bounty hunter, but they're surprisingly punchy for an elegant weapon. Then he watched her shoot. Not to mention really accurate.


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                              "They are really accurate. I'm surprised." Lorenza grinned, thinking that they might be a good switch from one of the other models she was used to, back in the day.

                              She continued to try the other weapons and took into account Isaacs' input when he gave it. "I'll have to find a shooting range in Coronet to keep practicing." She realized that blasters were definitely her favored weapon, despite being okay with a lightsaber.