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    "I can't believe we're looking into renting an appartment." Haranea was still bewildered at this. It was so "normal". Marc and her had been on the run for so long and afterwards their stay at the Jedi temple had also been different from what they were hoping to find on Telos.

    They had recently arrived and were staying at a small hotel, and they had agreed on getting a feel of the city of Thani before making any official move towards enlisting with the Republic.

    "I'm not even sure I know where to start here." She smirked. "I didn't expect Thani to be so big." Sure, it was tiny compared to places like Coruscant, but she was still surprised.

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    "Well, what did you expect?" Marc said, pouring over the listings on his 'pad. "This is the capitol of the New Republic. Course, it's going to be huge..."

    Tapping up a few listings for his wife to look over, he tossed the 'pad to her. "Since we're just starting out here, found some decent one bedrooms." They would be on the outskirts of Thani, right where the border but the area wasn't bad at all.


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      "Well, that's better than some hell hole. Been there, done that." Haranea replied with a smirk. "I think that we might fit better here than trying that moisture farm stuff. Granted, I can still burn dinner."

      She chuckled as she fetched the datapad her husband tossed her way. "Sounds like a plan. Are they closer to the mountain or the coast?"


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        He laughed, the conversation they had on what they could do to become domesticate fugitives before finally heading to the Jedi for sanctuary. The biggest joke was making Haranea a housewife on a Tatooine moisture farm. It really was the most ridiculous scenario that they had come up with - more so since Haranea's diet was particular, as most of her internal organs require a specific nutrient complex.

        "Mountains. Could look at other places by the coast if you want?" He really didn't care where they ended up, long as they were together.


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          Haranea had learned how to be "domestic" when they had first met. She hadn't lived a normal life before, save for a few moments. And she still laughed so much at the joke of her turning into a house wife in a moisture farm. It had managed to make her smile in dark days.

          "Mountains are good." She gave a look at Marc. "I don't care where it is. You're with me, so I'm easy to please from there."

          She looked around them for a moment, before resting her chin on his shoulder. "I hope that this time is the right one."


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            "Mountains it is," he said, reaching over and ruffling long red tresses through his fingers. "I hope so too. I'm really tired, Red."

            He felt soul crushingly tired. Marc kept it to himself just how weary he was but Haranea could take one look into his eyes and could tell how life had drained the former Imperial.


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              Haranea knew that Marc kept much to himself about how worn out he felt, but it wasn't lost on her. They knew each other very well and having had to stick together against the rest of the galaxy during the insane run away from the imperials had made them get even closer.

              She pulled her husband into a tight hug. "I know." Then, as often, she released her grip a bit. "Sorry." She sometimes got carried away, forgetting about her inhuman force. She rested her forehead against his. "You know we can take a small break while we settled in."

              They didn't need to jump straight into new professions, though she was willing to adjust to what Marc preferred. The old bits of training as an imperial weapon still kicked in about how the mission came first, except that now the mission was her marriage and that to her it wasn't something she did because she was told to, but because she had chosen Marc and their life together.


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                He didn't have to grunt out a 'Red!' this time since Haranea realized she was being a bit too strong with the cybernetic grip she had going on. He smiled, reflected on what she suggested and nodded immediately.

                "I think that's what we need. A break. Much as it would be so ... different. Foreign to me to do that, I think we have to. We've been moving around, trying to survive, and we haven't lived at all since we met. I'm not sorry for all the time we had together," he kissed her softly and pulled away. "It's just even back then, you knew you were going to kill me. Then everyone was trying to kill us. If that wasn't happening, I was training to protect us. We've never been just us."

                He sighed. "I'm not even sure what we are ... We never had time to figure that out..."


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                  Haranaea nodded to what Marc said about them figuring out who, what they were. "True. And the scary thing is that everything we've been through together, well, that's the actual "real" life I ever got. So I'm not even sure of what I like to do in my free time or stuff like that." She felt silly to admit that, but knew that given her background he'd understand.

                  "Of course, I'm always up for some unarmed sparring and assorted activities, but I'd be happy to broaden horizons!"