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When Stumbling Into A Nightclub Leads To All Kinds Of Fun! (Lorna)

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  • When Stumbling Into A Nightclub Leads To All Kinds Of Fun! (Lorna)

    Telos. There hadn't been many times when Suri had visited the planet for anything other than official business. For the most part, whenever Suri had come to the Planet, it was mainly as an observer and to basically remain in the background to protect the delegates. Luckily, nothing ever happened during the meetings, but she did gain valuable insight into Politics. As boring and infuriating they could be, nothing could really get done without it....even if she often felt like some of them needed to learn common sense.

    But now that she was off-duty, Suri decided to take some time to herself and explore Thani. Dressed in casual clothes, with her top loose enough to hide her lightsaber in case she had to defend herself, in addition to a long jacket over the top to keep it concealed if her top moved away from the saber and styling her dark hair with soft curls, Suri completed her look with some subtle make up and put her credstick into the inner pocket of her jacket before leaving her hotel room. Night had already fallen and the nearly 19 year old decided to take the opportunity to find out what Telos was like at night, even though the Jedi Apprentice suffered from nightblindness. As troublesome as it were, Suri could still 'see' through the Force and her constant practice of Force Sight alone had made her an expert in navigating the streets without making a complete fool of herself in the process.

    As she opened herself to the Force, it showed her the world around her with almost the same depth as sight itself. Taking confident steps, Suri gazed around her and smiled as life went by her. It wasn't long, however, when Suri heard music nearby that piqued her curiosity. Deciding to investigate further, she was allowed in by the bouncers and was amazed by what she was seeing through the Force. There were so many people dancing that their auras lit up like candles. Heading to the bar, Suri ordered herself a non-alcoholic drink and sat on the upper level of the nightclub, doing what she did best...observing.

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    "What? Sorry, baby, I can't hear you. One sec..." Lorna moved to a quieter area in the night club. She had agreed to spend the evening there with her wife, but it seemed her love had a last minute trouble. "They're keeping you for at least another hour? Of course, I'll wait for you, chérie! I can't wait to see you. Love you." She ended the communication and sighed as she returned her comlink to her purse.

    The blonde turned on her heels and looked at the nearby bar. She went and ordered herself a glass of white wine. She was glad that things with the NRIS went well for Sharla, but she was really looking forward to this evening with her, as life kept them so busy!

    Sipping on her drink, she absent mindedly walked up to an empty seat, deciding to stay at the upper level, which was a tad quieter.


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      Suri smiled as she watched and listened to the goings on below. She didn't know why, but Drunkards were usually so amusing to her. Watching their uncoordinated bodies end up collapsing in a heap was always a giggle and already, she saw one try to get out of the club, only to fall to the floor. Chuckling and shaking her head, Suri soon sensed another nearby. As she sat at the table with her, lost in her own little world, the Jedi Apprentice left her for a moment beforefinally deciding to break the ice.

      "Its a nice view from up here huh?"

      Of course, that was elementary. It depended on how one saw the world and right now, everything and everyone were shades of blue. Even in daylight, she probably couldn't see the decor in its full glory as there were no windows in here.


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        Lorna had been lost in her little world but suddenly heard someone speak to her. She looked at the girl who was at the same table. She smiled to her. "It is, though I wasn't paying much attention." She chuckled a little, knowing that when here with her wife, she was mostly focused on Sharla rather than the surroundings.

        She peered downward. "At least, nobody's getting a medical emergency so far. Happened once or twice before when I was here."

        She wondered whether the brunette was of legal age to be at the establishment, but she kept this to herself. She extended her hand. "I'm Lorna."


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          Suri smiled as the woman snapped from her little world and chuckled as the woman peered downward, commenting on no one getting a medical emergency thus far. "Well, as one would say 'The night is still young!' so anything can happen really." she said before looking down herself. "I always find it fun being the fly on the wall. The one in the background that sees all but isn't seen at all... Though right now, I don't see much at all without assistance..."

          Suri then smiled as she took the woman, Lorna's hand into her own. For a girl nightblind, Suri certainly knew where Lorna's hand was positioned. Thank the Gods for the Force giving her sight at night! "I'm Suri. Good to meet you." she said before gazing around her. "So what's the rep of this place? Good for the nightlife?" she asked before adding, "Sorry, I don't come to Telos often. Mostly for business so don't know much about the nightlife."


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            "Well, I hope the night will be quiet, I mean for a nightclub!" Lorna chuckled a little. "I don't know when my wife will be able to join me, so once we can spend time together, I hope no emergency will happen!" Being a doctor, the blonde had assisted when need be.

            She arched a brow to the brunette's observation about seeing. "Hapan? Dathomiri?" She realized that it might come across as rude. "Sorry, professional side kicking in!" She wasn't fully human either though half Lorrdian.

            She remarked how the girl knew where her hand was. She'd wagger she was a Jedi as well, for her expanded perceptions, but didn't bring it up. "Nice meeting you, Suri!"

            She grinned and waved the girl's apologies away. "All good. I've only been a local for a few months. The place is good. Solid reputation, nice drinks, entertaining music and the patrons are decent, unless they're a bit drunk, but security is good."


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              Suri grinned when Lorna picked up on the fact that she was nightblind and asked if she were Hapan or Dathomiri. "In my case, both are correct." she replied. "I inherited my nightblindness from my Dad but I've learned ways of finding my way around at night without looking like a drunkard and crashing into every pillar and post in sight." she smiled knowingly at Lorna before leaning back to relax on her chair, sipping her non-alcoholic cocktail. Suri guessed that Lorna probably knew of what she was talking about, though was thankful that it was kept quiet. Even in the Republic, people got worried if they heard a Jedi was in the building, despite having more freedom of movement. This young Jedi was only here to enjoy herself, not take part in a fight.

              As the music blared on and everyone danced, Suri could feel the sheer vibrancy of the Force energy they provided and even she began tapping her toes to the beat. In truth, it was the first time she was exposed to something like this and she was taking it all in like a small child discovering something wonderful, though her features, other than her eyes didn't betray so much. "In whatever sight, however, the vibrancy of the place is amazing."


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                "I see what you mean." Lorna replied with a grin, having worked with Jedi before. She wouldn't be the one publicaly saying what the brunette was. It was up to her to do as such. The Alderaan noble rarely brought up this part of her lineage, so she knew about keeping certain things quiet.

                She smiled to what Suri said about the place. "I like it a lot. My wife and I mostly come to this nightclub when we want to go to one. Thani has a lot of places to check out. It is good since people have different tastes."


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                  Suri smiled as she leaned forward to 'look' over the balcony as she listened to Lorna commenting about her wife and about Thani. Suri was glad Lorna had such a companion to share her life with. It definitely wasn't something Suri was ready for, but she hoped so one day. In the meantime, she was happy to have her Jedi family. As for Thani, however, Suri had to admit, she didn't know much about it other than where the Senate halls were.

                  "It sounds terrible for me to say but... I know very little about Thani." she said, a somewhat sheepish look appearing. "I know where the Senate Halls are and perhaps a restaurant or two nearby, but that's about as much as my knowledge goes." She looked over to Lorna. For now, since she was using Force Sight, Lorna appeared to her in a pale blue aura rather than what Suri could assume was blonde locks and pale skin. "Recommend any good places to go?"


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                    "Why does it sound terrible?" Lorna was surprised by the way Suri put this admission. "I have lived here for a few months and I am far from knowing everything here. So as a tourist, why would people expect you to know a lot about the place?"

                    To the brunette's question, she smiled. "I might be able to recommend a good place or two, but what kind of places would you like to visit?"


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                      Suri smiled as Lorna asked her why it sounded so terrible that she didn't know much about Thani. "Well, I'm not exactly a seasoned traveler despite my occupation and...well..." Suri shrugged. "I don't really know what's here. I'm keen to explore, however, so where I go and what I'd like to visit isn't important to me because I do not know what's here... if that makes any sense."


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                        "I did extensive traveling for a few years while serving on a humanitarian medical frigate in the Outer Rim. I've enjoyed traveling since I was a child though. It actually saved my life." Lorna admitted, her thoughts briefly brought back to her lost home world, Alderaan.

                        "There are lovely outdoors away from Thani. As for the city itself, you have tons of shops, a few museums, and also a fabulous zoo."


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                          Suri smiled at the thought of travel. Nowadays she tried to travel as much as possible, but the girl often found herself with little time between training and taking care of her sister and Rya so there was little time for such trivial pursuits. She was going to make the most of what little time she had before returning to her duties as a Jedi.

                          As Lorna spoke about shops, museums and zoos, Suri's eyes lit up at the thought. She knew zoos were places where endangered species of animal were kept but never gave it much thought to go to a zoo herself. As a Dathomiri Witch, Suri had long held beliefs that animals should be allowed to roam free in the wild, but her years as a slave and a Jedi had given her mixed views on such places. Satkia had taught her that zoos were there to ensure endangered animals didn't go extinct so Suri had accepted that they had a purpose, but she couldn't help but feel that if the people on their receptive worlds worked with the animals, places like zoos wouldn't need to exist.

                          "I've never been to a zoo. Having come from Dathomir, I learned to work with nature and only take what was needed, rather than overkill so such places were never needed." Suri said, though she did smile a little. "I suppose visiting one would be fun, and would prepare me for any time I encounter such animals in the wild." As for the museums? That got Suri very interested. She loved to learn about the history of a planet and a museum was definitely full of history. "What kind of museums do you have here?"


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                            "I prefer seeing animals in their natural environment but when zoos make good work to preserve endangered species and also repopulate certain areas as well, I am all for it." Lorna explained in between sipping her drink. She looked pensive for a moment. "They even had some speciment from Alderaan species here and they are working on giving them a new natural place to be on the southern continent of Telos. It's the project at least."

                            When asked about the museums in Thani, she gave it some thought. "Well, a lot." She laughed, knowing it wasn't very helpful. "From art to science and also a lot of history. There is a bit of everything."


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                              Suri noted the pensive look as Lorna spoke of Alderaan's animals being at the zoo, though the Dathomiri Witch did seem somewhat amazed that any Alderaan animals survived at all. "Wow... that would be good." Suri said. "I'd heard what those Imperial cronies did to the planet. I remember mother and the other clanmothers talk about it during the last gathering of the clans on Dathomir I went to as a child. Doesn't matter what side the world was on, destroying an entire planet to bring fear to all went too far." Suri then canted her head, a sad smile pulling on her face as she said, "I'm sorry if my words are bringing back bad memories..." a quiet confirmation that Suri suspected that the planet had once been Lorna's home.

                              As for museums. Sure, Dathomir itself didn't have any but, like the Jedi archives, Museums were full of knowledge and history, which the Dathomiri Witch found interesting. "I must admit, I've always been fascinated with history. Before mercs... well..." Suri didn't like admitting to the fact that she had once been a slave, "Before a group of mercs ripped me from my clan, I'd been chosen to keep my clan's lore so I did learn a bit of my people's history. Its nice to learn more of other cultures, however and to share what I know of mine with others also."
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