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Chasing an Impostor (Open/NR)

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  • Chasing an Impostor (Open/NR)

    OOC: This is a thread which will be detailing Jack's attempt to capture a bounty, per Vaago's request. Given the nature of the contract, I imagine the target would be attempting to get political asylum. Any NR officials are invited to join

    Originally posted by Vaago the Hutt
    Bounty Contract: #B-10182 [Threat Level 1]
    Name: Shay Letann, human female
    Wanted for: Bribery, Impersonating an Imperial Officer
    Crime Level: Moderate
    Bounty Issued by: Imperial Judiciary, Bastion
    Location: Telos
    Bounty status: Active
    Wanted Dead/Alive/No Preference: Alive
    Bounty: 5,000 credits
    Jack had made his way to Telos IV upon receiving the contract from Vaago. The contract itself hadn't specified which moon of Telos it was referring to, but Jack assumed that it could only be the Republic's capital. Impersonating an Imperial officer was a crime with very steep punishments. It was no surprise that they wanted the target alive. The Empire liked to do it's own punishing.

    Jack had been allowed into Republic space with relatively little problem. Vaago's reach was vast, and once Jack had shown his bounty hunting credentials, there was little argument. He landed his gun metal gray Z-95 Headhunter on a landing pad, and made his way on to the grounds. He wasn't checked for weapons.

    Security was tight, but given that it was Republic territory, the laws that individuals were required to follow outside of government buildings was a lot less restrictive than in Imperial space. Jack kept his vibro-sword hidden in it's sheath under his long coat.

    Jack was making his way toward the embassy. He figured that if the Impostor was on Telos IV, they were trying to apply for asylum. Jack had to make sure that didn't happen. He saw a little outdoor cafe near the Embassy, and stopped in for a cup of caf. He relished the warm liquid as he drank it, and began a leisurely stroll toward the embassy.

    Jack looked down at his datapad, memorizing the woman's face. He hoped he wouldn't have to fight her. Perhaps she would come quietly when the odds proved to be against her. Or he'd have to whack her with the blunt end of his vibrosword. Either way, he planned on succeeding his first bounty hunting contract.

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    Finishing up with a stack of contracts and other forms that had to be settled for the morning, Isamaya glanced up to her secretary. "That it," she queried.

    "Yes ma'am," the elegant redhead stated, grinning. "Unless you were hoping for something else?"

    "No," she replied sarcastically. "Was about to change hands." Isamaya pushed herself up from her desk and moved to leave when a beep from her com station grabbed her attention. As her secretary left her office, the representative walked to the inset panel on the right side of her desk and pushed the button. "Representative Isamaya."

    "Yes ma'am, I have a bounty hunter on his way that's needing some assistance with someone that he's hunting."

    "Wouldn't that normally require someone in law enforcement?" Having been a bounty hunter for Vaago herself, she typically used different channels.

    "Apparently he thinks she's looking for asylum, so."

    She sighed and straightened, "Alright, send him my way then."

    "You got it."

    Thanks Esme


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      "The representative will see you now, Mr. Dirum." The lady at the front desk informed him. The Republic was being surprisingly accommodating, given his profession, but Jack wasn't going to ask any questions. If this Representative could help him, then it'd prevent things from getting ugly. Jack didn't want to run around the city waving his sword around any more than the Republic did.

      Jack was dressed in comfortable dress clothes with his long overcoat. He was ushered into the Representative's office by a rather tall bodyguard. Jack's bounty hunting credentials allowed him to carry weapons in government buildings, and the regulation was even more lax for Jack given that his only weapon was his sword.

      Nontheless, Jack removed the sheathed weapon from his side as he entered, leaning it up against the door frame.

      "Representative Isamaya. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me."


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        Noting the sword placed in the doorway, she breathed a bit easier as the young, blue eyed government employee stood and motioned to an empty chair. "How can I help you," she queried, knowing the guard would remain in the doorway to escort him back out again once their business was concluded.

        Sitting down, she leaned in forearms atop the polished desk, fingers knitted together. She only hoped that whoever he was after wasn't going to cause a huge scene, but survival kicked in with most that were on the run. If this particular mark was in the embassy or had made an appointment, perhaps this particular troublemaker could be apprehended without a firefight.

        Thanks Esme


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          Jack nodded to the representative and sat down in the chair at her desk. Jack was sitting with his back straight with good posture. It was important to Jack to present himself as a professional. All too often bounty hunters acted in a way that made them look like brutes. Jack was anything but.

          "I've been tasked by Vaago the Hutt to capture a woman named Shay Letann. Whether or not this is an assumed name, I have no idea. But what I do know is that she is wanted by a client of Vaago the Hutt for the crimes of bribery and impersonating an officer of the Empire." Jack says.

          As he speaks, he pushes towards her a datapad with his credentials as well as the original bounty contract. It was a generic bounty posting, but the digital signature would point back to Drifter's Paradise, which would prove it's legitimacy.

          "Vaago's clients are varied, and just because she is wanted for impersonating an Imperial officer does not necessarily point to the Empire as being the client. It could just as easily be a corporate officer of some sort who was duped. The bounty also is wanted for Bribery." Jack continues.

          He pauses for a few moments to allow her to peruse the datapads.

          "She was reported to be on this planet. I thought she might be looking for political asylum in order to save her hide. If you have any information on her, I'd greatly appreciate it, as would the Mighty Vaago."


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            Listening to the particulars of the bounty, she took the data pad and scanned the details as well as the holopic taken of her with a holorecorder. Though it wasn't the best image, she had an idea and moved to the console on her desk, pushing several buttons and prompting the holoimager on her desk to come to life. Within a few moments, she accessed the applications for political asylum and went through the images for each. Two looking like Shay, but she couldn't be sure.

            Enlarging both, she arranged the two that closely resembled this girl. "None by that name, but these two kind of look like her. Both visited within the past four days, but applications these days take two weeks, because of the background checks we have to do with a war going on." Blue eyes turned to the hunter. "That's the best I have." The names registered with both hovered below each profile and she slid the datapad back over to him. "If anyone else shows up I'll let you know. If she's good about impersonation, perhaps she's also good at disguise. She could be looking like some old man for all I know."

            Thanks Esme


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              Jack nodded to the representative as she spoke. Jack was pleased with how accommodating the government was being with his request. Given that it was for someone impersonating an Imperial officer, Jack half expected to be stone walled at every turn.

              "I appreciate all of your help, Madame Representative. You've given me invaluable intel on a potentially dangerous criminal." Jack says. He raises his comlink for a moment.

              "You can comm me if anything else comes up." Jack says, transferring his comlink information to her. "With any luck, I'll be able to find her quickly and be out of your hair."

              Jack stood and held out his hand to the representative as a show of good faith for her assistance.


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                She nodded at his enthusiasm, though she knew as a retired bounty hunter that most contracts were rarely that easy. Rising, she accepted his handshake and grinned. "Need anything else, don't hesitate." Though she knew that Intel would be interested in this possible mark as well, her propensity for getting in and out of places, impersonating officials in the Imperial government and military would be very valuable.

                Thanks Esme