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  • Stood Up, You!? (Carré)

    1900 hours, time for a run. Autumn was setting in which meant daylight was becomming a scarce commodity. With an hour before sunset, Torch wanted to be sure his run was complete by the time it was dark outside. He would take a quick shower, and hit one of the many clubs the beach had to offer. The night life was great, and Torch loved it. For now though a run on the beach was what he needed.

    Why the beach? First, he lived on it. Secondly, where there was sun, there were babes in bikinis. With the sun still out there was a view to be enjoyed, one which Torch enjoyed very much. One could say he was objectifying women, but they were doing the same to him. He did not miss the hungry looks some gave him as he ran past them in his white t-shirt and black track pants on his way to this turning point.

    The little shack of a bar two miles from the beach house he called home was where Torch always grabbed a bottle of water. He would get the water, hydrate, and run back. He did his best to drink before he was thirsty, as waiting until he was meant it was too late. Usually he would keep running, but tonight he noticed something a bit peculiar. A very pretty, and very familiar, brunette was sitting alone with a bottle of Whyrens and glasses for two. The problem was only one glass had something in it, and the chair across from her was empty.

    Had she been stood up? The brunette was seriously too gorgeous for that. Seriously who would do such a thing. It was a shame. Why Torch would just hop right on over and be a gentleman. The kind that consoled pretty women who had just been had a by a jerk.

    "This seat taken," he asked as he proceeded to sit down anyway. "Seriously, a no show?"
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    Fingers stroked through chestnut curls, toying with the ends as she glanced up at the chrono on the wall one more time. She'd known after the first fifteen minutes that her date for the evening wasn't going to show up, but had been unwilling to admit it. It also stung more than she was willing ponder for very long. Shifting in her seat, instead, she adjusted her top and shorts and debated leaving.

    But she didn't.

    She sighed, stroking a fingertip around the rim of her glass of Whyren's, freshly poured from the bottle she'd told the bartender to leave behind. Glancing up at the sound of a familiar voice, Carré managed to hide the wince that would have marred her features had she let it.

    "Yeah...complete no show." she took a sip from her glass, and shrugged her shoulders. "Take my advice, Torch, avoid ground-pounders. They're not worth the trouble."

    The young woman topped off her glass and poured a measure for him. Emerald eyes cascaded over him slowly, taking in the sight of the sweat-dampened t-shirt and track pants.

    He'd been running.



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      "Advice taken," he said nodding to the brunette.

      Eyes dipped as she poured some of the contents of the mostly full bottle into the glass in front of him. She was wearing an orange bikini top under the shirt, which was somewhat sheer. Damn, he had good timing. A small smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth as he clicked his glass to hers.

      "Here's to forgetting grounpunders and an impromptu date with some one unexpected."

      Yes he just called it an impromptu date, and why not. It wasn't like these two didn't enjoy each other's company. Between the two of them they'd been on enough dates to have plenty of stories to tell. For whatever reason though, Torch could care less right now. A friend got stood up, but since she made the effort, she might as well get her date.

      "So, Carré what would you like to do on this impromptu evening together? We can stay here, or I may know someplace not too far from here that is completely private. If we leave now, they'll all think you were waiting on me. You could save some face."

      Sure a private alcove off the ocean, because that was a purely unselfish suggestion.


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        She'd have been hard-pressed not to smile at his 'toast', downing the contents of her own glass in quick order. He was, the woman had to admit, being a charming, and rather chivalrous friend. Of course, they already knew they enjoyed one another's company in more ways most friends did.

        "Hmm...what to do...actually, that sounds like a fantastic idea." Carré replied, her emerald gaze brightening at the prospect of a little stretch of beach that was out of the way and private.

        A much better way to spend the evening, she thought, sealing up the bottle of Whyren's and tucking it into her bag. Fingers dropped a cred chit on the table as she winked over at the bartender who looked slightly disappointed.

        "Lead the way, honey." she added, a teasing smile beginning to curl her lips.


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          Torch grinned wide like a Cheshire Cat when Carré agreed to his proposal. A nod to the bar tender with an "I'm sorry" look on his face made the man a little less disappointed. The private alcove was a mile further from the little shack, and with a little less than an hour of sunlight left in the day, the pair needed to move quickly, yet Torch didn't. He took his time with Carré enjoying friendly banter and gossip about the supposed grounpounder which had stood her up. The man was a fool for doing so, but Torch was pretty sure he'd be thanking the man later.

          The alcove was tucked away down a fifteen foot drop. The rocks which kept it private also held the way down. Torch had discovered the path when he had some time to explore, and had been glad he did. Zig zagging down the rock path, the pair was soon greeted by the private little oasis, and the sound of waves hitting the rocks thirty feet out into the ocean. Those rocks provided a still, calm swimming hole of sorts, something Torch would use often.

          "Welcome to my sanctuary of sorts," he said with a smile. It seems we are just in time for the sunset too. Why don't you pass over that bottle and we can toast the sun as it goes down?

          Torch reached out with an open hand for the bottle as he looked at the pink and orange of an amazing sunset begin to spread across the clouds just above them.

          "I think I just threw my plans for the night out the window," Torch smiled turning over Carré. "Let's make a night of it huh?"


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            Wedge sandals dangling in her fingers, she picked her way down the path behind Torch with careful steps. The alcove was amazing...prettier even than the vacation spots her family owned on Gala and Spira. Though it rivaled the place in the Lake Country on Naboo for sheer beauty.

            "Wow." Carré breathed softly, feet sinking happily into the sun-warmed sand. She took a moment to savor the view...natural and human alike. Her smile warmed her features as she handed him the bottle and dropped her shoes and her bag. Luckily, she'd planned for something similar before being stood up so there was a soft blanket soon spread out on the sand.

            "I think..." she said after a sip of the Whyren's "...that's the best idea you've had yet. Conveniently, I packed for such an occasion..." She smiled and patted the blanket beside her, motioning for him to sit.


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              Whyrens, a blanket, a sunset, private beach, and a very attractive, gorgeous Carré. Kyle felt like he was on some romantic date or something. Whoever the grounpounder was that had ditched Carré, Torch needed to thank him later. Sure he was doing this because Carré was a friend, a very good friend, but Torch was also doing this because he geuinely liked Carré. The soldier was a no show, and Torch was getting a date out of the deal. Hands brushed against each other, as Torch sat down where Carré had indicated and took the bottle of Whyrens once more for another sip.

              "Oh my," he said as his eyes locked onto her lips, "You seem to have liquid on you lips. Here, let me get that for you," Kyle said as he leaned in and kissed the the drop off her lips before Carré could object to it.

              Leaning away, he took another sip of Whyrens before passing the bottle back to Carré. There was a miscevious look on his face as the sun was beginning to descend below the horizon.

              "You can't tell anyone about this place. I'm sure others know about it, but I still see this as my private little oasis, which I am simply sharing with you at the moment. What do you think of it by the way. Perfect place for dat huh?"

              Yes, Kyle just called what they were doing a date. Why not? Just because they were friends did not mean they couldn't have friendly dates. Torch was never one to abide by rules anyway. Friends could date, they could even do more. Rules be dammned.


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                Fingertips lifted to touch her lips after he'd kissed her, the smile curling them quite warm. A soft laugh escaped a moment later, while she tilted her head and let her emerald gaze. "Thank you...that was very chivalrous of you." Carré said softly, taking the bottle from him and helping herself to another sip.

                There was a pleasant warmth settled in her senses, which chased away the lingering sensation of disappointment from the back of her mind. Well. That and the distraction of his kiss which was delectable enough to distract the rest of her thoughts as well.

                She tilted away from him slightly, capping the bottle of Whyren's and setting it upright in the sand. Fingers toyed with the hem of her mostly sheer shirt as several savory scenarios chased themselves through her mind, even as she turned back and shifted a little bit closer.

                "Not a word to anyone, I promise...this place is too amazing to share. And you're right. It's absolutely perfect for a date..." her voice trailed off as she leaned over to kiss him this time, one hand reaching up to rest fingertips alongside his cheek as she let her lips linger on his.

                Carré withdrew after a few...moments, kissing the corner of his mouth before pulling back enough to be able to get to her feet. Slender fingers tugged off her delicate top, before unfastening her shorts and setting both aside on her bag. It left her in a pale yellow bikini, the gold chain and thread accents glittering in the the fading light.

                "Come for a swim with me?" she asked, holding out her hand.


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                  Chivalrous was a word few use to describe Torch. Usually when he treated a girl the way in a gentlemanly way, there was an ulterior motive. The Corellian flyboy rarely behaved without expecting a sweet reward for good behavior. With Carré, he could be himself, which was rare. Desiree had been another too, but that had been strictly casual. She had been way too much like him for anything to be serious. Carré was similar, but also had something else to her.

                  "Don't go down that thought process Torchwood. Hutch is already a goner, and you'll be next."

                  He didn't cate right now. A brunette was stripping to a bikini in front of him after one kiss had led to a few more. He already knew where this was going if he had anything to say about it.

                  Without hesitation, Torch took the offered hand. Standing to his feet, he smirked as he looked at his outfit. Blue eyes darted from her bikini to his track suit again before his index finger motioned back and forth between them a few times as he spoke.

                  "You know I didn't come dressed to swim. If you're wearing that in there, things might be a little inequitable since I'm gonna have to swim in my birthday suit."

                  Torch pulled the t-shirt over his head and slipped his shoes off, before bending to take his socks off and stuff them into his shoes. Once that was done he dropped the track pants and stepped out of them, standing in just his boxer shorts.

                  "If I'm going in that way, you are too."


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                    There was a haze of warmth from the Whyren's and the taste of his kiss lingering on her lips that prevented her mind from doing much in the way of productive thinking. There was a distant corner of her mind that wanted her to slow down and think instead of leaping as she always did in moments like this. But it was Torch...and he was...well, mostly naked...which was a plus...a definite plus...but there was something more there she couldn't - wouldn't - acknowledge.

                    Why ruin a good thing, she thought distantly, raising a hand to trail fingertips down the center of his chest. It was marvel enough to find someone she could let her guard down around and be comfortable with.

                    There was more than a touch of heat in her emerald gaze as she tilted her head back and looked up at him, fingers leaving the warm of his skin in favor of both hands reaching up behind her neck. "Well, if you insist...who am I to argue?" she breathed softly, undoing the clasp and letting the fabric and chain slide across her shoulders. Shifting slightly and backing up a step, hands reached behind her back to undo the clasp there, letting the bikini top fall to the sand as she turned her back to him.

                    Carré glanced back at Torch over her shoulder, fingers unfastening the clasp over each hip, stepping out of the bikini bottom as it fell to the sand. Another few steps took her into the water, and another lingering glance was cast over her shoulder before she dove in.


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                      "This is just another casual hook up, Torchman," he told himself as he stood there, jaw on the sand, watching as Carré acctually dropped what little fabric she had covering her body. Okay so they were collegues, friends, but damn this was really pushing it. Sure there had been the after party at the beach house he shared with Hutch after the night they all met up for drinks and karaoke, but that was just some casual, tipsy, fun. So why was he delaying... that's all this was right?

                      For once Torch was using his brain. He knew there was something more going on than just a friend consoling another friend about getting stood up. It started out that way. Everything was even going according to plan. Commiserate with her, add a littel Whyrens, her idea, the awesome sunset on a private part of the beach not too far from where they were, and boom it was the perfect recipe for nice encounter on the beach. So why did it feel like way more than that? Was the Torchman actually feeling something. The apoclypse wasn't happening so.....

                      "Don't leave the girl waiting!"

                      Right, Torch got to business and pushed all those thoughts out of his mind. He finished getting ready to join Carré in the water. If there was something genuinely between them there was really only one way of finding out anyhow. He had to turn the brain off and just let things happen. That was a scary thought. If he let things just happen other things might have to change, and he knew that would be a challenge in itself. It's not like Torch could his lifestyle up. It was his drug of choice, so to speak. Okay, so now he was running into the water, diving in when it was deep enough, and swimming after the brunette bombshell. IF he was going to have to give things up, then what he knew of Carré would make her worth the effort at least. What was he thinking?


                      That it had been a pretty good idea. The two were now on the beach, laying wrapped up in the blanket she had brought. Breathless from the swim, and from enjoying each other in a way only they could. Whatever part of the sun had been remaining for their swim had been completely set by now. Torch had his left arm propped under his head to use as a makeshift pillow while his right arm held Carré close to him, enjoying the after effects of what had just taken place.

                      All those thoughts came rushing back to his mind. He wasn't going to say a word. The minute they talked about it, things changed. It wasn't that Torch didn't want to, or that he wasn't ready for a change, the flyboy was just afraid of it. He liked her, he really did, but his habits, his habits would end up hurting her, and he didn't want to hurt his friend. So instead of talking, he just lay there stroking her long, wet, tresses, as he head lay against his chest.


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                        A soft, contented sigh passed her lips, her mind in a delightfully hazy state...a little from the Whyren's, and a lot because of the one who's side she was quite comfortably curled into. Head resting on his chest, his fingers stroking through her hair, her emerald eyes were little more than half-open, unwilling to make the effort of opening completely lest that little action alone ruin the moment. Though, in her estimation, there was little that actually could.

                        It had been...well. There were too many adjectives and not enough functioning brain cells to put them in proper order. Lips curled into a warm smile as her hand splayed out flat against his chest, eyes falling completely closed as she stopped trying to think and quite accidentally allowed herself to feel instead.

                        It had been three years since her ill-advised marriage and swift, subsequent divorce. Three years since she'd locked up every last shred of emotion and the remains of her heart vowing that she'd keep everyone else at arm's length for the rest of her life. It was so much easier than living with that level of pain.

                        Sure...she had her fun...enjoyed flitting from man to man without staying to long with any one. She still had needs, after all. But even her friends were little more than acquaintances, if she was going to be honest with herself. Carré just didn't let anyone in that close. She didn't want to make the same mistakes she made on Coruscant.

                        So why now? Why Torch of all people? He was...maddening. In every blasted way possible. Even the good ways. So much so that it terrified her.

                        As gently and slowly as she could, she sat up, gazing down at him silently for several moments before turning to stare out at the water. Fingers reached for the sketchbook and pencils buried in her bag, finding a fresh page before she began to sketch, the moonlight just enough to see with.


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                          Torch rested his head on the blanket looking up at the moon which was peeking out from above a line of clouds passing in front of it. He knew Carré had sat up, and his fingers gently carressed the soft, pristine, bare flesh of her back. Kyle was alone with his thoughts as Carré likely was with her sketch book. He wondered if they were thinking the same things. The silence was awkwardly deafening, but they both seemed reluctant to say anything.

                          What had just happened? Kyle was still trying to figure it out. He had been with women before, and never felt, or questioned, anything like he was now. It was at the tip of his tongue to ask, but there was something so very special about this moment that he didn't want to. Usually by now, the Torchman would be coming up with some excuse to run off and get away from the woman, but there was no desire to do that now.

                          He found his gaze was shifting from the moon to the exposed silohuette of the burnette's torso. Gods she was absolutely beautiful. Just as she sat there and sketched the scene which displayed itself over the ocean, Torch gazed upon the beauty next to him, and admired her. A smile pulled at his lips for no apparent reason.

                          Torch slowly sat up and turned her head, placing his hand gently agianst her jawline. Looking into her emerald eyes for a few moments, just the look in the sapphires set in his own saying what was on his mind. The Corellian finally broke the distance between them and pressed a gentle kiss to her lips, smiling again as he pulled back.

                          "So tell me, was that just sex, or did we actually just make love," the question finally came.

                          He knew if they talked things were going to change between them, but at the same time they couldn't ignore what had just happened. They owed it to their... whatever it was they now had, to talk about it. The usually confident Corellian was now very nervous.


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                            Her pencil scraped softly across the page, the moonlit ocean and star-drenched sky slowly coming in to view in graphite. In the midst of it, floating amidst the waves with arms entwined around one another and lips locked in a searing kiss were two figures. To anyone who knew them, it would be obvious who the broad-shouldered, muscular man and the petite, curvaceous woman were. Fine details would be added later, she mused, lost in her art for a moment as her mind wandered.

                            You still have a heart, you know.

                            I. Do. Not.

                            Yes...yes you do. It's right there...that thing that's beating just a little bit faster than usual and has been since he walked into the bar.

                            No. It's can't. Not now.

                            Sorry...too late!


                            Carré couldn't even win an argument with herself. Though later on, when asked, she quietly confess that her inner voice sounded an awful lot like her sister Sahra. She mentally stumbled out of her reverie and back into the awkward silence that still hung between them. Taking a deep, ragged breath, she set the pencil aside but held onto the sketchbook, emerald eyes blinking as her turned her head with a gentle touch of his hand to her jaw.

                            Her smile was soft, warm, and even a little tentative, emerald eyes lost in those of sapphire blue. They...were something else. Why hadn't she noticed the way his glance warmed her clear through? Just how-

                            -there was a whole lot of emotion attendant in that kiss, as there had been earlier. It was still there, still vibrant, still bright and viable. And that heart of hers was still racing. It was a hell of a kiss. Carré blinked as he pulled back, lifting a hand to trace his smile with her fingertips. " was more than just much more..." her voice trailed off and she swallowed hard as her throat tried to close around the words.

                            "Kyle...I..." her eloquence was astounding. She could fly a thrice-damned X-wing in combat, but this, this she had trouble with. The voice in her head that sounded suspiciously like her sister snickered. "...frak. I'm no good at this..."

                            Lips parted as if she were going to say something further, shivering as she searched his gaze for what she couldn't say. "I'm afraid." she whispered as the silence grew painful, one hand flying up to cover her mouth as she turned away, features flushed brightly with warmth.


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                              Right, that was the answer he thought, and was terrified to hear. Now what? He hadn't admitted anything yet. As far as Carré knew Torch was just thinking it was just another casual hook up. Who was he kidding!? The Corellian had given everything away, from they way he kissed her, asked her about what just happened. Hell, even the way he made love to her on the beach said everything. This was not supposed to happen to Torch. The playboy had sworn that he would never get involved with someone. And did she just use his first name.... Kyle.... only his mother called him that. It was always Torch, and yet, hearing Carré use that name sounded.............. right.

                              She was afraid, he was afraid. They were both afraid. Seemed like a good place to start. Pulling at the blanket, Torch quietly just nodded and wrapped the soft, but warm, fabric around them. The night air was cool coming off the ocean, and the pair did need to stay warm, especially if they were going to stay up for a while and "talk." Gods why did they have to talk...

                              It was quiet again for a while, but Torch had to answer.

                              "Me too," he said quietly.

                              So who was going to explain first? Carré already knew who Torch was, and the word womanizer didn't even begin to describe him. Now that he found he actually cared for someone, he was afraid all he would be capable of doing was breaking her heart. Fidelity was not Torch's best quality.

                              He had to go first.

                              "I'm afraid I might just end up hurting you, and I really have no desire to do that to you. I'm not exactly good at the whole being a one woman man thing, but you kinda already know that I think."

                              Torch sighed and looked up to the moon again. He really just put the ball in Carre's court. What would she do?