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    ...and at one point in the galaxy's history those words nearly rung true. Back when the ideal of peace and prosperity was held higher than the ambitions and greed of sentients. Those days had long been gone however, and the anthem that once exemplified the Republic who adopted it was an after thought. Coruscant, the heart of the Republic, beat independently from her now and her soul, the light that was Alderaan, had long been erased from the stars. The Republics heart & soul gone, all she had to fuel her now was hope. With every Imperial attack that hope was beaten out bit by bit turning it into desperation.

    It seemed to Atara Themis, that the Republic was grasping for straws now. Anything to gain an advantage over the Imperial regime. Falling back on old policies that had proven faulty before and in her mind would do so again. Jedi. The last thing anyone needed was a bunch of mystics and the baggage they carried. The Republic needed her founding members back, the foundation it had stood upon for ages. She needed Coruscant, she needed Alderaan. Atara couldn't give it Coruscant, but she could bestow upon it a piece of Alderaan. Herself.

    Just a toddler when her home had been destroyed, Atara Eirene Themis had been one of many political refugees to settle New Alderaan. Three times the Empire had tried to wipe their culture from the galaxy and three times they had failed. Her people lived on and in them a strength was adopted. Perseverance had become them. Survivors all of them, unwilling to go quietly. These traits had been instilled in her and she had in her mind to bestow them upon a government seemingly willing to just lay down in front of there enemies. Twice Telos had bombarded, and theculprit had been in there hands. How could a populace have faith in a government full of scandal and clearly unable to defend itself. Not on her watch.

    The reception room was soon filled with the click and clack of her heels, her walk more a strut resembling a runway models. Tall and lithe, her frame was covered in the traditional whites of her homeworld. Brown hair had been brushed to one side and her lips, already a defining feature, had been accentuated with red lipstick. In one hand was the datapad which held her resume detailing her time as a public opinion analyst for the Alderaani Council as well her educational background. A master's in political science from the University of Theed was nothing to scoff at and with it was B.A. in Republic History. She felt her credentials where good enough and exuded with the confidence she carried of herself.

    Blues eyes found the greens of the receptionist and with a smile she introduced herself, "Atara Themis. I have an appointment," she put matter of factly.

    A brief pause was had as the clerk ran the name through the system. With an affirming smile of her own, the receptionist nodded and gestured with a hand to the waiting area.

    "So glad you could make it Miss Themis, a representative will be with you shortly."

    No more was said as the brunette made her way to the gestured seating area and began her wait.
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    Freedom, it was a good thing. Some time had passed since the events of his kidnapping at the hands of a terrorist group bent on seeing the crumble of both the Empire and New Republic. James Brend had made a full recovery and now served Alexandra Darksun directly as an intern. There were hopes of a future in the senate, but until then the sandy blonde/brown haired Corellian would do what did he did best, work behind the scenes. This all while raising a daughter, and planning a wedding to the most wonderful woman he could ever possibly know. Not every woman would have stayed through everything which had been the mess of James Brend, but Kaiya had. James loved her even more so for it.

    The comm in his small office rang. It was the receptionist. His appointment had arrived, an individual from New Alderaan interested in serving the New Republic. This was going to be interesting. Corellians and Alderaanians weren't always the best of friends despite being long time allies and founding members of the Galactic Senate and Republic. Good thing James was nice and not most Corellians. Hopefully the same could be said about the candidate.

    James was dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, and plaid tie. His style was very "in" as many would say it. He was determined to look the best he could as a professional, and for his future wife, whom he already considered to be his wife. His shoes echoed in the hall as they made their own clickling sound, just not to the degree of a ladies pair of high heeled shoes. The door to the reception area opened, and James approached the brunette after the receptionist pointed her out to him.

    "Miss Themis, my name is James Brend. I apologize Councilor Darksun is unable to conduct the interview personally, but she has instructed me to be sure it happens Regardles. Just a minor hiccup, but nothing that will delay your potential entry into the workings of New Republic Politics."

    James politely offered his hand to help her up as it was the gentlemanly thing to do.

    "If you would come with me please, we will meet in a small conference room."


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      Looking up, Atara did little to hide a small degree of disappointment. In her mind it was best to have spoken with the Councilor directly. If an impression was to be made, she had rather it not be based of the opinion of another. A small matter really, but it irked her still. Rolling her eyes a bit, the brunette placed the datapad into James hand and stood on her own.

      "Well I'm sure it's something important keeping her," she said unable to cover the agitation in her voice. "Will the interview be recorded atleast," she inquired hopefully while following behind the intern.

      "No offense to you Mr. Brend, but a lot of effort was put into my preparation for this interview. Effort directed towards being interviewed by the Councilor and I would think she had put the same effort in preparation of interviewing me. Details sometimes get lost in the transfer of information..." She explained with a thick Alderaani accent.
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        James nodded as he took the data pad. This one was independent, an observation he made and noted for future reference.

        "I understand your frustration, Miss Themis, but we are at war, and the Councilor is very involved with the efforts which are being made by this new governenment. The session will be recorded, I promise, and if she is free, she will be by. I can assure she does not shift appointments lightly."

        James held the door open for the woman as he passed trough the door and motioned toward the second door on the left.

        "I can assure you that the same effort you put into the interview will be matched by my own, and if it helps you to feel less frustrated about the matter, then know I have shifted my own schedule to ensure the interview happened for you when it was scheduled to."

        What James was not going to tell her, was that he was supposed to have been on a transport back to Corellia for the long weekend to see his family. Atara would learn sooner or later that sacrifices were made by everyone to see the New Republic survived, and she would be required to make sacrifices as well.

        "Please have a seat," James said as they entered the conference room. "Before we begin can I get you something to drink, water, tea, caf?"


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          Still following behind, Atara bore a hole in the back of James head with her stare. She was a bit insulted because while the war was a hot topic and indeed an important issue, she knew it was the political scapegoat to dissuade attentions from ongoing scandals. While new to the Republic, she wasn't knew to the political arena. Alderaanian's lived politics.

          Rolling her eyes away before he turned to let her by, she offered a feint smile. "I'm sure the questions are the same regardless who ask, it's the answer that matters," she replied taking the offered seat.

          "I'm fine thank you," she answered promptly after her statement. She wanted no more delays, even if it was something as quick as pouring tea.
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            "Very well then," James said as he took a seat.

            It was clear Atara did not care about the hospitality the Corellian was attempting to offer on behalf of the Councilor's office. This one was going to be a piece of work, he could tell already. Like most Alderaanian's he knew, she seemed to have a stick stuck in a rather uncomfortable place. The Corellian in him grated against the up tight attitude, but the part of him which had been fashioned by the Empire before his defection knew exacly how to behave, and so he did.

            "Alright Miss Themis, let's begin with the obvious question. Why are you here? Why do you wish to serve the New Republic Governement?"

            James remianed seated, hands folded together and resting on the table between the two. His posture was perfect. The politician was professional in every way.


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              Her own posture was perfectly prim, one leg crossed over the other and her hands resting her lap. Long Brown tresses still hung to one side as Atara looked to the professional across from her and finally managed a genuine smile. To the point was how the Alderaani liked to conduct business. The less loops to jump through the better. She like it timely and efficient. Striking blue eyes seemed to develop a glint as her chin rose and she prepared to speak.

              "Well, obviously, I am here to offer my services to the Republic's government branch. I believe I can be of help and I believe you could use the help. This war seems to have stretched your resources thin and a continuous rotation of scandal has driven public opinion down to all time lows..." pausing the young brunette reached over and retrieved her datapad from James.

              The tick tack sound of her manicured nails across the keypad filled the air between them but only momentarily. Handing the datapad back, she pointed to the graphs on screen.

              "Not only that, but the smallest of things are being neglected and this administration is suffering for it. These are the ratings from one of the Chief of States public addresses and the correlating demographic," she informed James while a single slender finger darted here are there.

              "You'll notice that each time he says the word people, the ratings dropped. It should be no suprise that the ones turning the channel where the alien races. People implies human Mr. Brend, I'm sure you can figure out the rest."

              Sitting back in her seat, Atara paused briefly to let the information set in before continuing. "I've been a public opinion analyst for the Alderaanian Council for several.years now, putting together data and reports much like this. We're public servants Mr. Brend, you can not serve them if you ignore how they feel. I've done as much as I can on a local level and I'm ready help on a larger scale," she admitted proudly.

              "I'm Alderaanian, the Republic is in my blood. For me there was no other choice."
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                "Hmmm, yes," was all James could say at first about the polling numbers that were coming from the research Miss Themis had called up on her datapad. "Unfortunately I am not on his staff. Your point is very accurate, but you'll find there is a lot of red tape around here. There is in any political entity. There are also two types of people. The ones who are actually trying to manage this war, likeCouncilor Darksun, and those exploiting it."

                James motiined to the datapad.

                "His office has those numbers, so it begs the question, Miss Themis, what makes you think you can make a difference here? I don't mean to sound presumptuous, but when his office ignores what they know, your options are limited."


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                  "My options?" Atara scoffed tucking her chin and looking at James down the bridge of her nose. "My options won't be nearly as limited as his come election time if that's the case," she added with further derision.

                  Retaking the prim and statuesque posture that came natural to her, Atara offered a self assured smile. Glossy crimson parting to bear the slightest hint of the white beneath. "I share in the same ideals that no doubt all the Rebublic officials champion or atleast pretend to champion," she started. "However, I'm not going to pretend all I want is to lend a helping hand and take whatever gratitude comes my way. My sense of duty goes farther than that, you can be assured of it," Atara continued matter of factly.

                  "To make a difference, to truely bring about change, one must have some degree of authority over other's. The Senate has that authority, the Chief of State has that authority. That's where I plan to make my difference. I know it will take a great deal of hard work and self sacrifice. I also know it will sometimes mean sacrificing others for the greater good. I'm not afraid to step on toes, not afraid to admit my aim to one day be called Chief of State..I will not be ignored. And neither will the citizens I intend to serve."
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                    The session was being recorded. What she was saying would be heard by anyone with the desire to listen to it. That was the problem though. It seemed there were not many who shared the passion Atara had just displayed concerning her desire to serve the New Republic. James shared it, as did Councilor Darksun. That's why James smirked, a Corellian trait.

                    "Well then Miss Themis, it will be a pleasure to serve alongside you some day, should your acceptance be granted today of course. That isn't my decision to make, but I have no doubt someone will come along who wishes to take you on as an intern."

                    James shifted his weight a bit in his seat before continuing.

                    "I have no doubt you will find yourself at the top one day Miss Themis, with an attitude like that. Be assured you aren't the only one here that is trying to position themselves to see change happen. This internship is just a stopping point for myself, and it is no secret I have an expoloritory committee currently looking into my chances to be the next representative from Corellia."

                    James cleared his throat. The next question was about to illicit a response the hopeful had been hinting at thus far.

                    "Your opinion on the war, what is it? You've shared a bit already, but I have to ask officially."


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                      War. What was it good for? Absolutely nothing. So where Corellians for all it mattered to Atara, but she wasn't about to say as much here and now. She had a history with both and had found no reason to be fond of either. Running her tongue across teeth behind closed lips, Atara paid little mind to the compliments made and tried to hide an unfair and sudden resent for Mr. Brend. It wasn't his fault, but she didn't like Corellians. She shifted focus to the war.

                      "It matters little what I think about it. The Republic didn't ask to be attacked. Didn't provoke these atrocities committed by the empire. When a sentient is pushed they are in their right to defend themselves. However I do Think the current administration is not fully committed to the defence of the Republic. How do you explain two attacks on the Capital? After the first I would think you would have learned but...." She paused with a shrug.

                      "Perhaps it's Kote's inexperience, or just bad leadership overall. I don't know, mines not a military mind. All in all, it's time to stop playing the martyr. We have enough of those already. The Empire will not play to our rules. There's is a might is right policy and like all cowards, Tatiana Renkl will not come out from behind her armies to negotiate. So I say we punch her in the mouth and give her a taste of her own medicine," Atara finished abruptly crossing her arms and looking off to nothing, a sadness in her eyes. Her opinion was formed largely of anger and want for vengeance. She abhorred war, but life had taught her it was an unfortunate necessity. All Alderaani had been taught this lesson.
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                        Atara's body language made James think admitting his Corellian heritage was a bad idea. Though it was quickly washed away with her answer in regards to the war. Spoken like a true passionate Corellian, but he wasn't about to say that. Her words suggested a lesson a people could only know from having a world destroyed. James hoped such an act of violence never happened again, but the Empire was unpredictable. The Corellian intern knew that all to well, first hand. Several years of his life had been stolen because of them, and his own stupid, rash decision to leave his family after a fight with his father. All that was in the past now, James was where he belonged once again.

                        "I actually agree with your position, but that is neither here nor there. Two attacks on the Capitol do speak to issues which need to be resolved, and security threats that need to be dealt with. That's partly what Councilor Darksun's office helps to oversee, at least to fight for the funding and freedom needed. Like with all things though, red tape."

                        James looked down to the list of questions he was supposed to ask. The intern rubbed his temples, a sign of fatigue, not because he was bored, but because he was genuinely tired. There were still some lingering side effects of his torture and imprisonment which popped up from time to time. James stood and popped his head out the door and asked one of the secretaries to bring him a cup of caf. He still had a full afternoon ahead of him.

                        "Okay, fiscal policies. The war costs a lot to finance. How do you suppose the New Republic gain the funds they need for the war effort?"


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                          Atara was no force sensitive and lacked the ability to read minds. All she could do was read, or inthis case attempt to read body language. Her Corellian host seemed to be tiring of her she felt the post with Republic slowly slipping away. Feeling a panic attack slowly beginning to surface her mind worked full speed to find an answer for James. Fiscal policy wasn't exactly her forte, or atleast in the way of finding money. She was no idiot however and knew where it was, she had certainly spent a lot of her own in those worlds. The Core.

                          "Ending the war I feel is a better solution though a harder one to find. The military aren't the only one's in need of credits. The economy fuels everything be it war or social programs to help the unfortunate. The Empire has the luxury of the backing of the banks Muunilist I believe, so unless or armed forces are keen on taking that world our only option is an aggressive political campaign inside the core," she offered unsure of her answer.

                          "It was the base of the Old Republic, an economic alliance at the beginning. The majority of the Galaxy's wealth still rest in that region."
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                            A message came through on James Brand's data pad. The message was from the head of personal for the Chief of State's office. All of the security checks and other background stuff had been checked out, and everything was in the green.

                            The message ended by giving James the approval to accept the applicant into the internship program.

                            Thanks Ala!


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                              "Hmmm," James said looking at his datapad. "What could he want."

                              James read the message and smirked. He looked at Atara.

                              "Seems the Chief of State would like me to personally inform you of your acceptance into the internship program. Welcome to New Republic Government."