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  • If it ain't broke... fix it! (Navy)

    Calise Novar...








    The form was straight forward and easy to fill out. Apparently they didn't need to know much. Anything else they would need she supposed they'd ask. It wasn't like they weren't going to train her. Everything she needed to know they would teach her.

    Long legs carried her to the front desk where a blonde receptionist was taking the paperwork. Calise offered a smile, and then went back to her seat. All there was to do now was wait for a recruiter to call her back for an interview.

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    Hutch didn't complain much about his assignments, but getting stuck inside all day behind a desk interviewing recruits was not how he liked to spend his valuable time. In fact it down right sucked… but Torch hadn't quite made it back to Telos yet from his milk run so the Rendili volunteered to take his slot in the rotation at the recruitment station. Now the Corellian would so owe him especially knowing the reason for his delay.

    There was no rest for the weary as the the blonde receptionist was keeping the dark-haired flyboy real busy and not in the way he liked either. Dirks had already seen nine potentials and now a tenth was on deck. He sighed and went out to call them back. Good thing after this one it was his lunch break.

    Hutch was dressed in his khaki service dress uniform as the brass wanted the recruits to get a good impression of those interviewing them. The Flight Cadet gave the receptionist a 'thank you' wink as he took the offered datapad from her, then read off the last name of the next recruit without really thinking about it.

    "Novar, you're up!" he bellowed out in his rather sexy smooth baritone voice as the room was filled with chatter of those waiting to be seen.



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      Calise sat, fidgeting with the end of her decorative scarf as she waited to be called back. It was always the waiting game that took forever. Five minutes always seemed like thirty, and ten like two hours. At least she had her thoughts, to keep her company. Suddenly Calise was snatched out of them by a voice calling her last name. There was something strikingly familiar about it. Hazel eyes looked up as she followed the sound of the voice.

      Her gaze fell on a well dressed naval officer that had a certain smirk to him. She would recognize the the face anywhere. Standing, she smoothed out her shirt and tossed her hair back over her shoulder. Eyes locked on her target as she looked him over in uniform. Letting a playful smile play at her lips, Calise cleared her throat.

      "Well, Mr. Hutchinson don't you clean up well."


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        Hutch couldn't keep the pleasant surprise off his ruggedly handsome face as his hazel eyes feasted on the brunette beauty that had responded to his beckon call. It was none other than the gorgeous female surfer he had befriended on the beach not two days ago and had a date with after helping her move into her new apartment.

        "That's Flight Cadet Hutchinson to you, and I can definitely say the same about you, Miss Novar," Dirks said flashing one of his signature smiles. "If you'll come with me now to the cubicle down the hall and to the right, we can go over your application more in depth, and answer some questions I think we both might have."

        With that said, the Rendili motioned with his hand for her to go first. Calise seemed to like him being gentlemanly, or at least it had earned him points the other day and he liked her reward for doing so.
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          "Yes, sir," she said with a click of her heels, a snap to attention, and nice crisp salute.

          Her smile after may have given away the fact she was still having fun with him, but she did like him, and until the interview was over, and she was officially accepted, she could play a bit. Her hips swayed naturally as she walked to the cubicle Hutch had had indicated. Legs crossed one over the other as she sat, licking her her dry lips before tucking a few loose strands of hair behind her ear.

          "How many of those questions did we cover the other night," she asked curiously. "I don't think I've had that much fun in a while, Hutch."

          Calise flashed him a smile. The comment, while small talk until the interview got started, was truly genuine.


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            Oh those shapely hips of hers… Dirks couldn't get enough of them as he walked behind Calise. The Rendili was definitely thinking of making his lunch her, or at least having it with her.

            The brunette beauty certainly had a way about her as she crossed over her long legs and licked those oh so kissable lips, then did that innocent thing with her hair... Down boy, down!

            "Well not enough for my taste, though I intend to know every detail in time... right down to that little tattoo of yours and your thoughts on life in general," Hutch answered with a playful wink. Yes, she'd gotten him real curious about the tattoo when mentioned over their casual dinner and drinks together after moving Calise into her new apartment. It must be somewhere the Spiran's tiny bikini covered because he hadn't seen it, and believe you me the beach bum had scoured her curvaceously toned and tanned body too.

            Just about then one of Hutch's superiors walked down the corridor between the cubicles. The Flight Cadet decided it was probably time to get down to the business at hand so they could get back to having fun on their own time. The Rendiili cleared his throat, then looked down at her application on the datapad in his hand. The usual stats were filled out, which he knew already so onto more in-depth questions.

            "So when I asked you the other night why you had come to Telos IV, you said to respond to a job posted for a mechanic. Is that the position you are applying for now with the New Republic military?" Dirks asked, then added trying to keep his hazel eyes from gazing too long over at Calise's matching ones, "If so, do you prefer Army or Navy? And, what kind of experience as a mechanic do you have already?"



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              What is it with me and mixing up this character for another...


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                OOC: Not going to interrupt, just putting myself in here to close this out when you're ready. Ignore me until then.

                Protocol mandated that when an officer was to be involved in "recruiting office duties", that they be in their every day uniform. Well, Isaacs was one that could follow protocols but he had landed moments ago from a training run of three A-wing pilots who were supposed to be gifted and naturally amazing but were scared to commit to an "A-wing slash" even in a training run. Sure, it was difficult, not to mention potentially dangerous but this is the job description of a pilot, especially ones crazy enough to fly A-wings. This took most of the day and ended an abysmal failure in his eyes, though he didn't say that and it won't go in a report, so he was forced to walk in and around in his flightsuit.

                Today's debacle aside, Ewan was one who actually preferred not to wear the bright orange flightsuit, preferring more for the A-wing and B-wing pilot's "green", it was a color choice over lack of function. Putting his pack down in an office as he saw one of the Rogue cadets walk with a woman who could have been on a date with him into a cubicle. They were professional so he didn't outwardly stalk them, but he could walk up near their position and listen in from around the corner and out of their sight.


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                  "Yeah, I meant with the military, and I want to get my hands inside the guts of an X-wing."

                  Calise noticed how Hutch got serious when a superior walked by. Made sense, and she figured she should do the same. The long legged brunette didn't want to get Hutch in trouble. Well, that wasn't true, a little trouble wouldn't hurt as he hadn't called her yet.

                  "I've been my dad's mechanic since I could hold a hydrospanner. I can fix any engine you throw at me, and I do well under pressure."

                  Calise pumped her eyebrows a bit with the last comment. There was no sense in denying shenloved the rush of adrenaline which came from the stress of a quick deadline. Besides, she wanted to see how the flyboy would take what she had said. She decided she might as well test him a bit. The outcome could mean the difference between a second date or not. Though, if she was honest, the scale was already tipped toward yes. He was likable, which helped him a lot.

                  "So when you said you were a pilot, you meant that you flew for the New Republic Navy, hmmm?"


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                    "You know when you say it like that it sounds so sexy… Yeah, I didn't elaborate on what kind of pilot. It's not exactly a good idea to go around flashing I'm a "Rogue" to strangers, even a pretty one such as yourself. Would it make a difference in saying yes to another date with said pilot?"

                    Hutch listened attentively to what Calise had to say about her past experience. Sounded like she was a natural born mechanic. Somethings just couldn't be taught, one had to have the raw instincts already a part of their DNA to do the job, especially in their demanding world of high stakes.

                    "Well I can certainly understand the appreciation for a good adrenaline rush," the Rendili replied back with a roguish smile. " ...and most of what we do here is done under pressure and needs precision so that is a good quality to have."

                    Calisa was looking good for the position she was requesting as a mechanic for the navy from looking over her filled out application and her interview so far. He did need to ask another question though…

                    "Spira is considered a neutral planet. I gotta ask why the New Republic? What makes you want to join us over the Empire. I get the X-wing thing, I truly do. TIE's just suck in my humble opinion. Well to fly at least. Gotta always respect the enemy though."



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                      "Believe me, not everyone on Spira has good things to say about the Empire. Just because we are a neutral world doesn't mean we don't have opinions. Near my whole life, the Empire has taken an anti-alien and anit-force user position. They only recently pulled away from that, and why... because the Jedi have an outpost on Corellia signialing an alliance of sorts with the New Republic and the Council? I want to see the Rogues blast TIEs out of the sky left and right, and if I can help by keeping their ships in tip top shape then I will. I've got no love for the Empire, Hutch."

                      Calise's tone was rather passionate, almost as if she had gotten on her soapbox, and in a way, she had. What she wasn't going to share in the interview was why she hated the Empire so much. It was personal. Though it happened before she was born, they had imprisoned her father, and the scars on his back were proof of the beatings he had reveived from them in those days.

                      The hazel-eyed brunette let out a sigh as she calmed herself down a bit. A finger began to twist at the ends of her hair, a nervous habit sometimes.

                      "Sorry, I'll explain later, just not here."

                      She looked at Hutch hoping he'd be okay with that.


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                        Why not? Slipping around the corner he wondered what was so interesting between them that it couldn't be brought up. Maybe it was the "Hutch" that caught his ear as while it wasn't the worst thing, he was curious. He was going to show up anyway and this was just an interesting little tidbit. Do you need a private room or something? Oh... by the way. He extended a hand for a shake. Lt. Commander Ewan Isaacs.


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                          I've got no love for the Empire, Hutch.

                          The Rendili had heard that expression one too many times to understand the undertone of the Spiran's impassioned statement. Hutch was just about to respond to her when Isaacs' walked in, always cutting to the chase rather bluntly; it was just how the man was wired. And, it was well within his prerogative to do so too.

                          "Commander, sir," Dirks said with a respectful nod, then decided it best for him to keep his mouth shut at this juncture and let the pretty lady answer his superior's question. After all, it would be Isaacs' yay or nay if Cailse was accepted into the navy as a mechanic on his watch.



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                            Calise was startled a bit by the sudden appearance of the Lt. Commander, though she didn't show it. Leave it to someone to overhear her passionate statement and pry further. It wasn't that Calise didn't want to talk about it, she just didn't like to. The brunette, whether she should or not, trusted Hutch, liked him even, and what she had to say had always remained in the family. If she wanted in though, she needed to answer.

                            "Calise Novar," she said as she stood and gave the Commander a firm handshake, "Nice to meet you, sir."

                            The lithe brunette returned to her seat, crossing her leg over the other once more. Hazel eyes turned to the superior officer as Hutch's body language indicated the officer would be taking over at this point.

                            "My father spent time in their prison system before I was born. I don't know the details, but the eveidence of what they did to him is all over his back," she said in such a way that indicated the Commander would get no more out of her on the issue no matter how hard he pressed. Calise wasn't going to get all emotional in an interview. "They like to hurt people, Commander, and I can't support that. I just can't."


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                              Obviously this subject was touching a nerve and he wasn't sure why, it was okay though as these things happen. It was obvious to him that her issue was personal and that was okay as well as it was her own prerogative. Of course the attitude if kept on in other areas wasn't going to fly but that was a conversation for another time and it would be addressed then. Relax, this isn't an interrogation just curiosity. As the beverage service walked by, Ewan curiously took a cup of tea and offered each of them whatever they wanted as he was visibly curious as to how a cart always seemed to come by when he was around.

                              For what it may be worth to you, I only recently returned. I was recorded as "deceased", thought to be K.I.A. by a high level Imperial agent. Taking a sip he let it sink in. That agent is my older brother... he tried to kill the entire family. The point is we all have our own motivations, I was just curious as to yours, don't worry.

                              Going back to his tea, he nodded back at Hutchinson. Continue your recruitment, I didn't mean to jump in like that.