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Expanding the Game [Aien, Open]

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  • Expanding the Game [Aien, Open]

    Morgana's mind was still boggling over the fact she had really followed through with Aien's suggestion to show up for possible new professional ventures with New Republic Intelligence. The mathematician and light sculptor had been known to do crazy things for most, if not all, of her life. She loved challenges and she was the kind to head first into something new if it looked promising. And once she started something, she normally stuck with it until the end, whether it lasted one day or one lifetime.

    "Swoop tracks? We already established you always beat me on ground and I you in space." She chuckled after whispering that to her childhood friend as they entered the place where recruitment should happen, if it was to be how things unfolded.

    She didn't feel nervous, but she damn sure felt excited and curious to see who she might meet. Of course, she had made sure to have a portfolio of her various accomplishments with her, but if there was one thing she had learned from both sides of her bloodline, it was that fancy documents only took one so far.

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    He remembered the place well, as the last time he was here, he was in the position that Morgana was about to be in. It was intimidating once it all came together, even for someone who had the life experiences that the both of them had. Aien didn't doubt that Morgana would be a valuable asset to the NRIS, of course he wouldn't be himself if he didn't pick on her. You can paint these on cans, right?

    The smirk on his face toughened his arm for when she would slug him. He waved for her to come over to an empty spot, the same place that the director picked him up.


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      Morgana wasn't the kind to be nervous but she was on full alert and had made sure she was on top of her game. It felt like one of her mathematics conferences when she talked side by side with huge names. It was exhilarating, and a bit daunting.

      "I should have bought some to throw at you!" She growled and gave his arm a swat, before she regained her composure. She followed him to the spot he led them to and took a seat. "I badly want a caf with some whiskey in it right now." She admitted in a whisper as she waited, not knowing when someone else would join them.


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        Will you relax? He chuckled, not just at her swat but at her comment about needing alcohol. As he waived over a server, Aien himself started to look for recruiters, giving them a look like "I'm not doing the interview... I brought this person". Someone will be here soon, I promise. They're testing your resolve.


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          "I might." Morgana chuckled, making a bit of a face. When he mentioned people testing her resolve, her expression turned more serious for a moment. "Good thing I have a strong one then." Life had ensured that her resolve was of steel.

          "Still finding the place weird. I'd mostly see some of my maternal family coming up with such an idea."


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            Well, what did you expect? A boutique with a big sign that says "Intelligence"? He whispered, nudging her. I mean I have no secrets from you, but if I went around saying exactly what I do, I won't be able to really do it.


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              "I expected a shady cantina or some bleak warehouse." Morgana admitted with a smirk. "The whole swoop tracks surprises me. I could see how it works though." Of course, she knew that some discreet business benefited from crowded and not too horrible places. Some of her maternal family had upscale restaurants that were mostly for the mafia to pull their strings and organize agreements.

              "The boutique idea could be fun though. I mean you had this as a cover and actually have the real thing without any signs on the other side of the street." She smirked. "Don't tell my aunt I'm getting commercial ideas. He'll try to wrap me up into some stuff or my father will suddenly think I'm ready to move into banking!"


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                He shrugged. Could be a good cover. I mean you know banking, and have an in, you're creative... Then he stopped and arched an eyebrow. You are, right? Waving over one of the servers who brought a very large caf mug. Try it, it's called Telosian Caf. He knew that the mixture of brown Raltiiran sugar, the caf, the whipped cream and Corellian Whiskey was exactly what she would love but why not make her sweat a little.

                Hey... she's a pain in the neck but she'd do it for me.


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                  Morgana poked Aien in the ribs. "Yeah, remember, the amazing soup can maker!" She smirked. "I'm sure that introducing myself saying I have a new business plan for intel recruitment will be clever." She was joking for the most part, but now she couldn't help musing over it.

                  She stared at the mug. "Telosian caf?" She quirked a brow but drooled at once when she saw the whipped cream and smelled the caf and this lovely hint of whiskey. "Oh yes!"

                  She gave a funny look at her friend. "You ain't trying to get me drunk, right?" She chuckled and took a careful sip. "Or you're just trying to get me to have whipped cream on my nose right when someone arrives. That'd be classic!"


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                    Standing up and making a scene when she nudged him. You admit it! As he made a scene he slowly sat back down smiling. You DO paint soupcans! I was just funnin' you... but you admit! Showing mock insult at her suspicions his jaw dropped out of nowhere. Really? A nice gesture on my part and you really think I would have to try to get you drunk? He quirked an eyebrow. I mean come on, that weekend on Dandoran, I drank you under the table with 2 hurricanes and a shot. Actually it was a lot more than that and it was the other way around but they were both blackout at one point.

                    As for the whipcream on the nose... he shrugged... Daddy can pay to have that fixed. Yeah he was going to get smacked.


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                      Morgana barked in laughter as Aien made a scene. "Well yes, I DO paint soup cans! Remember that exquisite piece I made for you less than two weeks ago!" She stuck her tongue out at him, still laughing.

                      "Oh as if you could drink me under the table! As if!!" She smirked. "It was four hurricanes and yes that's the one time you can say we slept together." They had ended snoring next to each other for a very long time, and the hangover had been one for history! Of course, everybody else thought something else had happened.

                      She smacked him when he begged for it. Of course, it didn't help that she indeed had whipped cream on her nose because of how good the caf was. And as always she didn't realize it!


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                        The stuck out tongue was an "every conversation" thing between them. The comparisons were an "every conversation" thing between them, but when she brought up how they technically did sleep together, he had the image in his head and it threw him for a loop. Eyes slammed shut he rubbed them again. AUGH! You just had to go there?! Most would look at this display and think that he was flatly rejecting her by the way of looks, or that he might be gay. The fact is neither, as they were so close it was annoying, they weren't blood but they were brother and sister.


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                          Oh, that worked every single time. Morgana grinned at Aien's reaction. They knew where to poke and how to pester the other so well. It was hilarious. "Of course, I had to." She flashed him an innocent smile, at least what she could do that looked like one!

                          "It shouldn't be so difficult to bleach your brain. I mean you're a guy, so less neurons to deal with." She giggled before taking another sip of the caf, which proved to be just damn good.


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                            You're right. He agreed with her about the whole "less neurons" thing. Wait what? He agreed? This is a first, but when it came to Aien agreeing with her, or using something rather easy in the conversation department he usually had something else to joke about. You're absolutely right. We do have less neurons to deal with, I mean I freely admit you're smarter than me.

                            Or not.

                            Sitting back and smiling, with the flash of the devil in his eyes, he simply said... Less neurons... less crazy. Did he just call her "crazy"?


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                              "What? Wow." Morgana blinked at Aien, before her gaze turned overtly suspicious. Her friend agreeing with her and going on about how she was smarter than him made her wait for the payback.

                              "Did you just call me crazy?" She growled at him, leaning closer. "Crazy? Me? I mean I need to take some strolls out of my brilliant mind sometimes. It doesn't necessarily means crazy!"

                              She shook her fist at him. She gladly owned her craziness, but she wasn't going to let him get away with this!