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    The rebel recruitment office was everything Viesi had expected it to be. There was propaganda everywhere, showing multiple species and genders holding different weapons, obviously placed to counter the old Imperial propaganda that held up humans as superior. That wasn't the Imperial position any more, of course, but that type of propaganda was effective for species who were opposed to the Empire.

    Viesi was wearing slacks and a shirt. It was a far cry from the suit he wore during his days as an assassin, but traveling all over the galaxy for the entirety of his adult life had exposed him to all sorts of people. Normal people who just wanted to work hard and take care of their families without being exploited.

    Viesi had grown weary of contract killing. He had grown tired of murdering people so that some rich crime lord could continue to operate without impediment. Viesi wanted a direction that he could push his skills so that they would actually help the common man attain a better life.

    That option didn't exist, so the Republic Army was his next best bet. They didn't have a record of oppressing their people, as of yet. Viesi hoped that he could find a place among them. The pay wasn't as good as what he had been doing before, but at least he might sleep a little better at night.

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    Anne had been on recruitment office duty this day, which she didn't mind at all. She was still surprised every once in a while, that the New Republic Army had accepted her despite her past. So if she could help with interviewing other hopeful recruits, she wasn't going to decline or even think about questioning the order.

    Dressed in her uniform, the blue eyed brunette had just left a successful interview, letting a higher up finalize things. She headed to the lobby and checked at the information desk. She was given another name to speak to.

    Walking up to the waiting area, she called. "Viesi Dirum." Waiting for the person to arrive, she extended her hand. "Greetings, I'm Lieutenant Brocar'do. Please follow me." She led him to a small interview room and invited him to take a seat. She took one as well.

    "I will proceed to your interview but am not the one who will form the final decision of accepting you. So let's begin. What is your background?"


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      Viesi stood when called. He made his way towards the woman who called him, and followed her into what he assumed was an interview room. It was of spartan decor. Viesi sat down at the table as the interview began.

      "My background?" Viesi asks rhetorically. "I was born on Alderaan. It was blown up when I was a kid. My family was killed, except my brother who made it off-world. He probably doesn't know I made it. I only know he's alive due to some of the publicity he gets. I was already off-world when it happened, visiting some family on Corellia. I ended up staying with them until I got old enough to leave. I was with CorSec for a time, decided it didn't pay well enough, shaved my head and started killing for money."

      "For the past...decade or so, I've been a hired gun for whomever happened to fork over some creds toward me. There's really not much to it than that." Viesi finished.

      He would answer the questions as they were asked. If they wanted to know why he wants to join the Army, he'd tell them, but only if they asked.


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        Anne listened to what the man explained of his background, her expression remaining neutral. She had been in the underworld herself in between deserting the Empire and moving to Telos.

        "Hired gun is vague. What are your strengths? What can you bring to our Army?" She knew that the military had room for different kinds of specialty, including within the Army. It was important to know more about this applicant's qualities and skills.


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          Viesi nodded.

          "I know how to blend in with civilian populations and the environment. It was always easier for me to get to my targets if I knew the people in the community, knew the surrounding area, and knew how to use them to my advantage. I suppose you could say I am better at using Guerilla tactics than others. I can live in the wilderness for days on end. It's not so hard when you get used to it." Viesi continues.


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            Anne quirked a brow for a mere moment as Dirum answered her question. "The skills you describe could make you Intelligence material." She had always been a soldier but had interacted enough with spies and special agents to know of the skill sets it required.

            "Your qualities can also be of use in the army, but why the military over the secret services?"
            After all, the New Republic possessed both branches and she believed that the NRIS was as eager to recruit qualified people as the Army was.


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              Viesi tilted his head to the side as she spoke.

              "To be honest, I hadn't really thought about it. My rationale for wanting to join the army is that I want to proactively make the galaxy a better place for the common man, freeing them from exploitative influences. I figured the best way to do that is by joining the army. My fear with joining the intelligence service is that I'll spend more time behind a desk than I would in the field with a rifle in my hands." Viesi continues.


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                "We sometimes spend time behind a desk, even in the Army, but that's not a common occurence." Anne replied with a nod. She had preferred asking the man about his choice of Army, given his skill set.

                "So, why the Republic? It isn't as if we were the only faction with an Army."
                Rare were those showing up after flipping a coin between going imperial or Republic, but it still was a question that needed to be answered by applicants.


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                  "I could've joined up with any number of mercenary bands or crime syndicates, but I'm not trying to find an excuse to go out and kill someone. The Empire has an army, that's true, but they choose to control their civilian population through fear and oppression. Their citizens are resources to their government, not people. The Republic has a vision to remove that sort of injustice." Viesi said to her.

                  He chose not to mention that the same sort of exploitation and oppression happens in the Republic, using economic means instead of force. But he believed that the Republic could oust the corporate interests if they wanted to. And the Chief of State seemed to be an OK guy.


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                    Anne knew first hand that there were good people everywhere, even in the Empire. Yet, she had tested first hand how they couldn't stand when you didn't fit a mold. She still remembered how she had had to fight for her life and had deserted in a bloodbath to avoid execution based on false accusations.

                    "The Republic life definitely changes from being a hired gun. It is a change from many things." She answered with a pensive look on her face. She pinged for a higher rank to join them. "I've called for someone else to join us so final decision may be made."


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                      "Thank you." Viesi says calmly, with a soft smile and a slight nod of his head.

                      He allowed silence to fill the void between them. Viesi wasn't much of a talker when it came to people he had just met. Viesi was sure he was wanted in some systems for one death or another, and so had gotten in to the habit of not saying much.


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                        EDIT: I think I'll be taking this character in a different direction. Sorry for wasting your time.