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    "Zee, are you sure?"

    Her lower lip caught between her teeth, the young woman sighed softly, attentive to the voice coming over the comlink curling over her ear. Fingers neatly adjusted her blouse, ensuring it was properly tucked into her skirt. Dark brown eyes were cast toward her reflection as a slow smile curled her lips.

    "Positive, Ana. There would only be an issue if you were coming to Intel, and even then it wouldn't be a huge deal.'ve had your heart set on the government for nearly fifty years. Just go, little sister."

    "Okay, okay...I'm going. Sheesh. I'll talk to you after, Zee. Maybe lunch at Mirror's Edge after?"

    "Sounds like a plan. I'm in my office, so just comm when you're done and I'll come meet you."

    "Will do. Wish me luck!"

    "You don't need it, you're my sister!"

    "I know. That's the problem."


    She laughed softly at Zaia's feigned indignance as she hung up on her older sister. It was a game they often played with one another, getting the other to splutter with amusement at the end of a conversation. She lifted a hand to touch the comlink in her ear, turning the device off, before concentrating and allowing it to disappear beneath the surface of her skin.

    Chestnut curls hung loose over her shoulders, parted neatly in the middle for a casual business look. With her leather folio in hand, she strode out of the refresher, heels clicking merrily along the floor as she made her way to the reception area. A Chiss woman was behind the desk, to whom Liana offered a smile as she handed over her temporary ID card.

    "Liana Kylir, I have an appointment."

    "That you do...welcome, Miss Kylir. Everything seems to be in order. I'll make the notification of your arrival. Please take a seat."

    Thanking the woman, she chose a seat near a bank of windows, delighting in the warmth of the sun that shone outside. Legs crossed and hands folded atop her folio, her gaze cascaded across the scenery outside and inside alike.

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    Watching the daily news in the break room, Isamaya sipped the last of her stimcaf and shook her head at the latest atrocities caused by the Imperial navy. A star destroyer hit a wealthy, non-aligned world that had supported the New Republic, making them pay for that kindness and then the Imperial ship disappeared. But, not before one of their own ships got it all recorded. Not that it would mean much, there was a war going on after all.

    "Hey, Is," one of the runners called out as blue eyes glanced to him. "Got a new recruit in the lobby waiting on you."

    "Thanks." Tossing back the last of the caf, she moved toward the door and tossed the flimsiplast cup into the trash reclamator as she continued out into the main hallway. Heels softly padded on the thinly piled carpet as she passed several other senators on their way to an important meeting, ignoring the Representative for the most part. Finally reaching the polished tile floor of the lobby, Isamaya glanced to the secretary who motioned to the brunette seated quietly near the windows.

    Moving toward her, the ex-bounty hunter noted a lot about the woman already and grinned as their eyes met. "Hope I haven't kept you waiting too long. Isamaya," she extended her hand.

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      The chair was comfortable, and sun's warmth welcome as she sat there, chestnut eyes cascading across the various sentients that moved through the lobby. It was a habit she'd picked up long ago, watching how different species moved, their body language, their cadence when they spoke, and other tiny details that most other people glossed over in normal day-to-day interactions. When one belonged to a shape-shifting species, it was a worthwhile pursuit.

      Liana rose in a smooth, graceful motion as the woman approached and introduced herself. She smiled in response, taking the proffered hand in a proper, firm grasp. "Not long at all. It's a pleasure to meet you, Isamaya...I'm Liana."

      Settling her folio into the crook of her arm, she grinned. "I take it you're on new person wrangling duty today?"


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        Turning to walk with the tall brunette, Isamaya laughed at the colorful description. "Can't say I've heard it called that before," she chuckled. "Interesting." She thought about it as they walked from the seating area towards the main desk. "Though, I guess it could be seen that way, huh?"

        Passing several interns with that familiar look on their face of being late for some meeting and knew they had forgot something. "So, tell me a little bit about yourself."

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          Liana smiled warmly as they walked, nodding her head in agreement. "That's what my sister calls it when she has it. She's over in Intel."

          She watched the interns rush past, chattering amiably with one another, though some few of them looked panicked and others still, nervous. Normal, all in all, she mused, for sentients that were relatively young as well as inexperienced in the ways of other cultures and beings. They would learn, though, and soon enough, Liana mused, she'd be among them.

          "Born and raised on Dubrillion. I'm the youngest of fourteen, believe it or not, and my sister Zaia, the one over in Intel, is the oldest of us. Also, though it's in my file, I should mention that I'm Shi'ido. We're a shapeshifting species. Blessedly useful abilities." Liana said, her expression bright as she glanced over to Isamaya, curious to see her reaction, even as she continued.

          "I also hold two degrees in xenoculture and linguistics, speak eleven languages fluently, and understand the basics of several more. Shi'ido live a very long time, and I've had my nose buried in datacards and flimsis for the last fifty years." Smiling a touch sheepishly, the woman breathed deeply and adjusted the folio in the crook of her arm. Sometimes, she mused, she was a little -too- enthusiastic about her studies.


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            Listening to the details of the woman's life, Isamaya was amazed to hear that she wasn't what she appeared to be, though in the service of the New Republic the native of Adumar had witnessed a lot in just a very short time.

            Eyes widened a bit at the last part as they moved toward the door to the personnel office where she had been sent for today's interview. Motioning into the lobby, Isamaya then led the woman to the small office. "Well, you certainly look great for your age," she stated, though being only twenty herself, Isamaya now felt like the kid. Letting the others outside the office continue about their duties, the ex-bounty hunter moved around to the other empty chair and sat down. Hands clasped atop the desk, she continued, "I might suggest keeping what your sister does private, especially once you begin working with others here," she motioned outside the office. "This can be a rough place sometimes, others looking for an advantage to move their own careers along faster than everyone else. I'd just suggest being careful."

            Thinking more on the interests that Liana had, she pondered possible careers here in the senate building. "With your passions, there're going to be a lot of things that you could do. Translator comes to mind, especially in the council chambers. Large meetings require those that can back up the protocol droids sometimes, mostly to ensure that the droids aren't working for someone that's using them for nefarious means. It would probably only be part of your duties, if you chose. No doubt any position would be benefited by having a lot of languages at hand. Reports sometimes go to the director of NRIS from council meetings that help in their investigations also." But, she was getting ahead of herself. "Did you have anything in particular in mind?"

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              "Thank you for the compliment." Liana smiled brightly, taking the proffered seat in front of the desk. She set her folio down on the desk between them, fingers free to smooth out the silken fabric of her skirt.

              "I don't doubt that it can be thank you for the advice. I'll certainly be mindful."

              Crossing her legs, she sat back in her seat and gave Isamaya's next question a bit more thought. Hands folded together in her lap, head canted to the side while her chestnut gaze regarded the other woman. "I didn't have a particular position in mind. With my linguistic fluency and cultural knowledge I presumed I'd be translating, or even acting as a cultural attaché should any of the senators or diplomats need one. Really, I'd be happy wherever I can be most useful given any particular situation."


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                Nodding, Isamaya knew that if Liana had been interviewed by one of the male reps here, she would've had to endure all manner of lengthy questions about herself and eventually be asked out. She was glad that at least those that she had interviewed didn't have to put up with that as most of those at her level had college degrees and the attitude to go with it.

                "I haven't had the chance to glance over your resume', sorry. I prefer to get to know people firsthand and I'm guessing you don't have any previous experience then?"

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                  "That's not a problem." Zaia smiled, not at all distressed that the woman hadn't had a spare moment to look at her credentials. In fact, she had likely been informed of her appointment only moments before, and she could certainly appreciate someone who wanted to take the time to get to know a person instead of simply reading about them. A fine thing, in her estimation.

                  "I do not. Everything up until now, listed on my resume, has been scholastic in nature. My degrees, my linguistics work, all of it. I've been in academic mode for a very long time." Liana added after a moment's thought, taking the time to pause and gather herself before continuing. "I have no problem beginning at the bottom of the proverbial ladder, as the saying goes. I'm looking forward to it, in fact. I have a lot to learn about the intricacies of government...things that you can't learn in books and datapads. Things you have to experience to properly understand."


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                    Appreciating someone that dedicated so much time to going to school and doing this the right way, Isamaya was suddenly concerned that Liana may have better chances in the future than she did, herself. Fortunately for them both, with a war going on, the government needed a lot of spots filled and the ex-bounty hunter already had some experience in this field.

                    "Well, I think you'll fit in nicely," she smiled. "We've been working on relations with the Jedi now as well as other worlds that have been friendly and with a war going on, it's great timing." Tapping on her com device inset into her desk, she typed in a request and then crossed her arms once more atop her desk. "I'll have someone join us that can formally accept you. Did you have any questions?"

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                      Within a few minutes of the request for someone to join the two in the room was sent off. A message arrived back on Isamaya's terminal. The message gave her approval to accept the candidate into the program, after all the security checks and background checks came back all clean and above board.

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                        "That's lovely of you to say, thank you." Liana smiled as she inclined her head in a polite gesture of respect. She quite liked this woman so far, and wondered carefully to herself if perhaps she'd found a friend. It would, of course, remain to be seen, as this was a more formal interview and not a social meeting.

                        "Questions? Only one about where I begin...but I'm sure an assignment will come my way soon."


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                          Nodding in return, Isamaya listened to the added thoughts and then glanced to the returning message from the Chief of Staff himself. An approval that didn't surprise her. "Well, it seems you'll get to find out here right away," she rose and extended her hand. "Congratulations and welcome to the service of the New Republic."

                          Walking around her desk, blue eyes remained on the new recruit, "Your supervisor will get you up to speed on everything and I'm sure I'll be seeing you around."

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