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  • Throwback Evening [Open]

    Ranooki felt like her life at the barracks belonged to eons ago. She was so glad that she had purchased a beach house away from base. She loved it to pieces. Yet, she sometimes enjoyed to stop by the barracks when off duty, to mingle with colleagues and other people she knew.

    The Navy Captain had finished earlier than planned at the warehouse this day, so she had refreshed and changed and decided to come to the barracks. She had bagged some food as well as a few ales, and headed off to the recreational area of the barracks. She put the ales in the cold unit, not without grabbing one for herself.

    Opening it, she took a long swag, and grabbed some of the food as she hadn't eaten since breakfast. The place never stayed empty for long, so she knew that at some point, others would stop by.

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    Anya jogged up to the foot of the barracks, forcing herself to keep her torso straight and from bending over to catch her breath. She waited a moment outside the barracks, steadying her breathing through careful deep and slow inhales. Before she entered she stomped her boots outside to clear any unnecessary debris, then proceeded through the row of opposing bunks. Her peripheral vision caught sight of the blond women dressed in civilian clothes, and while she briefly pondered the nature of her visit, she knew better than to call anyone into question.

    She moved to the crate at the end of her bunk and sat herself atop it. Every movement following was deliberate as she unlaced, dusted off, and set aside each boot. Her eyes briefly glanced up towards Ranooki once again as she let her hair out from it’s ponytail. “Afternoon.” Even the single word dripped with her Imperial accent, often a quick marker to be looked upon suspiciously. “Is their anything I can help you with, Ms?” Before she slipped off to wash herself, she wanted to at least make proper introductions and an attempt to help her if she was indeed of something or someone.


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      When a brunette she didn't recognize showed up, Ranooki looked at her. "Afternoon." She replied with a grin. She noted an accent but didn't pick on it right away, nor would she really care. "Please call me Ranooki." She gestured around. "I thought I'd stop by after finishing shift at the warehouse. Brought supplies for people who might be around."

      She nodded towards the cold unit. "There are ale cooling down and I grabbed a bit of various snakcs at Greli's on the way. I can't find back more bowls to put some of them in, so if you know where they're currently kept, that'd be great!" She was known to yell and be hell to work with, but she had a caring and very sociable streak. She just didn't stand incompetence and slacking in her job, nor with anyone working with her.


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        "The warehouse?" She was unfamiliar with the location, or code name, of what the woman spoke of. She obviously felt comfortable and familiar with the area, enough so to suggest dropping things off for the other's who presently resided. Anya knew her own ground time was limited, before she'd be deployed once again with a Cruiser. Likely, it would be the Intrepid again, which didn't bother her one bit. She was just presently off the active rotation.

        "That's very kind of you." She remarked in that proper way she spoke. She gathered together her refresher supplies, comprise of a towel, soap, shampoo and set them aside in a neatly organized pile. "Sutherland. Anya Sutherland, Naval Corps." She introduced herself, leaving the supplies behind to offer a hand to shake. "I think..." Following their closer encounter, she gave a tap of her boot to one of the storage chests. "...Rokkid hordes one of the bowls in here, since Barracks A-72 has a tendency to borrow such things...and not return them."

        She hadn't been with the New Republic long, but she had enough of an attention to detail to gather both names and common occurrences. "Was there someone in particular you came to see? And you'll have to forgive me, I likely smell dreadful right now."


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          "I'm a mechanics. The warehouse is where the military keeps most supplies for ships and vehicles. I've been deployed with some squadrons but I'm mostly stationed on Telos." Ranooki explained, understanding that not everyone haunted the warehouse as she had done for a good few years.

          When the woman introduced herself with all affiliation, Ranooki returned the favor. "I'm with the Navy, though I don't fly but I fix the birds, small or big." She returned with a grin. "Nice meeting you, Anya."

          She was glad to be told where the bowl was kept. "Thanks!" She went to grab it, cleaned it as it wasn't so stellar and placed some of the snacks in it.

          "No one in particular. Old or new faces. I try to stay in touch with people here, even though I don't live here anymore. I don't get to see everyone stopping by where I work."

          She laughed when Anya mentioned how she smelled. "Don't worry. I've smelled much worse. If you want to refresh, I don't want to keep you from this. I know too well the call of the 'fresher! You wouldn't have wanted me anywhere near before I cleaned up an hour ago!"


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            Ranooki expressed her patience with Anya, to which the Naval Cadet was all too willing to agree to. "I'm going to take you up on that." She actually hoped the woman was still around when she exited, since it was the first personable conversation she'd had since her acceptance. She gathered her supplies, and a change of clothes, and headed in to the adjacent refresher. It would give the mechanic time to eat, and her time to take care of her own business.

            She was quick, entering the main barracks with her hair still wet and at least the lower portion of her naval uniform and a tank top for garments. "I take it you prefer what you do?" She was curious if the woman was just a natural born mechanic, or if she had been grounded for unspoken reasons. Her aim wasn't to pry, but her social skills weren't exactly top notch either. "Fighters aren't for me. I just don't have the skill for it." Call it reflexes, aim, understanding. She could do it, but not as a level that was likely to provide her a long and healthy career.

            "I actually redeply aboard the Intrepid shortly." It was a small cruier, nothing glamorous about the assignment, but she couldn't expect to be found on a Mon Cal cruiser with her background and ranking.


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              Ranooki finished to put the snacks in the plates and bowl. She had downed her first ale and eaten some by the time Anya returned. The mechanics had been really hungry since lunch had been skipped because of work. She was a walking stomach as her brothers used to tease her when she was a child, but work easily made her forgetful of other things.

              She grinned to Anya as the woman returned and inquired about her mechanical work. "Damn right, I do. I always loved tinkering with everything since I was little. My twin sister, who also serves in the Navy here, is the starfighter pilot. I prefer sticking to shuttles and freighters when I have to do some flying myself."

              At the mention of the Intrepid, she nodded. "Good and reliable ship. I've worked on her a couple times. She's been part of the latest rounds benefiting from upgrades if I recall well."


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                “Well, well... what do we have here?” Hector asked, striding casually through the recreation room of the barracks. He was just on his way back to his own room to change into some clean clothes when he stumbled upon to women in the midsts of conversation. The top half of his jumpsuit was off and hung around his waist by his belt. He wore a dark green tank top and seemed to be covered with dirt and grease. He had also picked up a sucker along the road back to the barracks from the wearhouse and had it perched in his mouth like a cigarette.

                “Captain Reese, nice seeing you’re pretty face again.” Hector grinned. He actually didn’t see the blond’s face until he spoke up and directed his feet to the two. He might have kept walking by if he had. But, Ranookie was a mechanic like himself, a good one, one he’d like to get to know better.

                “If this is a party, can anyone join? I’ve got cards in my room, we can play a friendly game of sabacc?”


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                  Anya catalogued the existence of a twin sister away for future reference, wary of insulting anyone for getting the pair confused. She did find it interesting that both had taken an interest in the Navy, with one having a particular lean towards repairing, no doubt a product of growing up together with one flying and the other fixing the problems. "Yes. I've flown once on her before, and she then went to dock. I assume that is what for."

                  Even the smaller ships needed to be maintained and invested in, often having their own important jobs. A third individual joined them, to be expected since the Barracks housed far more than were present, and Ranooki did not even bunk there. Two things struck her with surprise, though it didn't reflect on her features. One, the woman she conversed with was a Navy Captain, and the protocol by which she had been brought up with under the Imperial Navy dictated she show the proper respect.

                  She snapped to attention, saluting the woman with the attention to detail that should have been given earlier. "Captain." She didn't used her ignorance of rank as an excuse, only accepted her present circumstances. The other point of surprise, was Hector's way of greeting her. He was very familiar, obviously. Everything she had learned of Reese would dictate the woman wouldn't care how formal Anya was, but old habits died hard.


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                    "She should be good to go soon. We had some great new equipment, especially for navigation system upgrades." Ranooki added about the ship Anya was to serve on again. "We also have a bunch of new Mon Cal freighters to be delivered shortly. I've inspected them on construction site a few weeks ago." She loved going off world to do this type of works. It was a nice change of pace in between being based on Telos for the most part.

                    When Hector joined them, she grinned to him. "Hey there, Cadet. Good to see you around. You're welcome to join us..." She stopped on her tracks as Anya saluted and used her rank. It took her years to get used to people addressing her like this. Frell, she hadn't even expected to climb up in the ranks when joining. "At ease." She replied with a smile. "Protocol and I are.... Not always so well acquainted. Got me in trouble a few times in my days." She chuckled and looked at Hector again.

                    "Cards could be nice, though I was thinking pool as starters."
                    She grinned mischievously. "Does it bother anyone if I smoke?" It didn't hurt to ask and she could always go outside for smoke breaks if need be. She always forgot whether it was allowed to smoke inside or not.