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  • Flying tubs (Jaime, Ganner)

    As the mid-day sun rose over the Telos Hangars, Ewan was busy tighening up the sensors of his fighter to his liking. The X-wing was an older model, completely gutted and rebuilt with state of the art gear. No, it wasn't better than other X-wings but it was his, what stood out though was the Aak-Dog teeth on the nose. It was his personality, the way he flew. He had serious issues when it came to the fighter itself though. Where his flying was loose and often "insane" his fighter was exact and that how he liked it.

    He was about to go out on a run, a training mission actually with a couple of pilots. Ewan didn't know who they were, and didn't really ask, sure that may not be the most pro-active approach to leadership but sometimes you have to be able to improvise, especially in combat. That's why he was out here, and hopefully they would be too. Standard training procedures meant running in the simulators, but they left a lot to be desired, too controlled. It was better to be out in the air, or in space where one could see how others act when it counts.

    Now it was just a matter of them getting here.

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    Dressed in orange and white flight gear, her own X-wing behind her in the hangar, Jamie approached the modified X-wing, raising a brow at the interesting addition of teeth on the nose. Every pilot had their quirks.

    She'd been called for a training mission and had already been vaguely briefed on the details. Tadel was her wingman, but today she flew with two pilots she'd yet to even meet - one of which, was her superior officer.

    Still, it was always slightly unnerving to go into flight without previous knowledge of the skillset that the one beside you possessed, but the same could be said in reverse about Jamie in this instance. She supposed if anything that it would keep their senses sharp.

    Following behind Jamie was her wiley astromech droid, Rusty. The bot had obviously developed it's own personality as it beep and booped along, but Jamie liked it that way, liked the way the two of them worked together, and considered his quirks to be useful during battles.

    Skidding to a stop a few feet away from the X-wing, Jamie cleared her throat to grab the attention of Ewan. "Sir Isaacs."


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      He had once flown against Imperial Forces over Corellia.
      Yet now here he was doing what every pilot finds themselves doing; mock runs.

      Every day he put on his orange jumpsuit, each day he walked across the main military port of Telos and every day he didn’t get into his X-wing. It was the same for many of the other Rogues as well though, the entire unit seemingly kept out of the Core War that had ceased to be a full fledged war and more of another cold war as the Imperial’s ceased their main offenses and seemingly had taken a backseat to the war.

      Running his hand across the nose of his X-wing he stopped for a moment on the area where once Rouge Five had been printed across the creamy grey of the chassis, his number was unknown to him now, awaiting the moment when the klaxons called and the Rouges officially became an active unit again.

      “Howdy.” Was his greeting to the others, his farm boy reputation only amplified by his words much to his self-annoyance.


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        Tightening the last of the two systems he was working on, Ewan got up to acknowledge the first one, a Rogue. She looked like she wasn't really wanting to be there, like something was missing. That was actually a good thing that he admired, it was important for a fighter pilot to want intel going into a mission. Then it meant that she was worth her salt. Her astromech caught the attention of Racey, his R8 unit. Wiping his hands and rising to his feet as he pulled his gloves back on, the devil pilot waved. Hello there.

        The next pilot arrived not really wanting to be there, it looked like he wanted action. Ewan could respect that too as sitting around all day ruins one's edge when it counted, it's why he didn't want to be in the simulators. Those were good for Academy cadets, but these are Rogues, the both of them, they should be able to handle themselves and adapt to anything, and if he had anything to say about it they would. Well howdy. He wasn't a farmboy, but he knew a few.

        Walking out and away from his fighter he looked off and down the landing strip, he waited a moment before turning back around. I figured it was better to actually do something worthwhile rather than sit in a couple of simulators. So I was thinking we make a run to Tatooine and a couple of canyon runs in some Y-wings. Savvy? Before either of them could answer, he clarified. If you can fly a tub like a Y-wing at speed, X-wings will be that much easier.


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          Jamie returned a hello, passing along a friendly nod and smile to both men, and listened to Rusty excitedly tootle a whistling greeting of his own to the other pilots droid.

          Her lips pressed together as the details of the day’s run was again explained, but this time with a little more info than before. Jamie bit into her lip and nodded.Savvy. Let’s do it.” Jamie’s tone was one of approval and agreement, maybe excitement even. When was the last time she’d taken a ride out of a controlled environment like the sims? The pilot couldn’t recall.

          Besides, what self-respecting Corellian could resist a challenge?

          The prospect to fly a duration and speed test made Jamie’s reflexes tingle, and a charged smile began to stretch on her features. “I hope you boys enjoy space dust, cause you’ll be eating mine today.” Jamie knew it was her own ridiculous fighter pilot pride rising up in her when she spoke, and had tried to beat it back down before it managed to fall out, but there it was. A rueful smile followed suit.
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            He was instantly reminded of his younger years flying the un-weaponised versions of Y-wings back home when Ewan mentioned the task. They were bulky, heavy and a pain in the backside to fly but by the gods he missed the old reliables.

            “Funny, canyon run is my middle name.” He gave a small laugh pointing to the simple Cobbs that was written on the left chest of his jumpsuit. “They just spelt it wrong.”

            He loved the idea of actually taking a ship out, the limitations of the sims driving him positively insane of late. He was looking forward to this, even more so with the attitude driven banter from the other pilot.

            “If it’s your space-dust darlin’ I’ll learn to love it.”


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              OOC: Three Corellians, love it.

              They were interested, eager, this was a good thing. That meant that they loved a challenge, they should, they wouldn't be Rogues otherwise. He inwardly chuckled thinking so highly of the squadron he once outright refused to take command of, but that was then, this is now. So if they wanted to go, he pulled up the sleeves of his green flightshuit(he preferred the A and E-wing pilot's suits, more range of movement) and grabbed his webgear. There was only a few things left to do, and one of them was wave for them to follow.

              He smiled freely as two LAAT gunships flew overhead, they were old, clanky and bulky but they were still so useful, they were a great addition, just like Y-wings. Speaking of Y-wings, the three that he had requested were on the flighline and being prepped. They were standard models, they showed their age and scars, but they were holding up beautifully. Racey was already headed over to the lead bomber for insertion. Alright whippersnappers... you two up for some real flying? Not just controls? With a smile he went to the ladder to his lead bomber.


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                Whippersnappers? Heh. He sounded like a grizzled old war vet.

                "Real speed? Real danger?" Jamie chuckled, shrugged her shoulders, and cheekily grinned. "Sounds intense."
                Jamie had almost used the word 'fun' but had stopped before it passed her lips. That wouldn't have been the accurate way to describe flying a Y-wing.

                Rusty hooted impatiently. "Yeah, yeah. You old bucket." Another tootle, this time in protest.

                Jamie wasn't listening, 'cause like a kid in a candy store, the eager brunette had excitedly rushed to the side of one of the Y-wings and climbed in. Rusty, of course, was promptly seated behind her. She was feeling pretty good about all of this and not only because she was going out on a real run, but because she'd gained a great deal of confidence within the last ten months.

                Reaching out, she flicked the switches for the engines and watched various buttons, and monitors flash to life.
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                  Ganner watched as Jamie clambered into her X-wing.
                  “Eh?” He shot her a look of confusion before pointing down the flight line towards the stationary Y-Wings. “Wrong ship love.”

                  He’d prefer if it was just the Incom’s being used today, but no they had been told Y’s and that is what they would have to be flying.

                  He moved across to the Y-wing that sat on the left most side of the flight path, his own droid R3-D3 sat in the astromech socket already whistling cheerfully to himself.

                  “Oh shush you.” Ganner remarked as he clambered up the access ladder and lowered himself into the open canopy. The seats were bigger than that of his normal X-Wing, the control panel more simple yet much larger in scale.

                  A big set of controls for a slow piece of metal.


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                    Hooking his helmet up and his oxygen mask (no, it wasn't necessary unless the canopy was broken in space, but still) to the system, Meteor climbed in and closed the canopy. Running the systems start-up process was simple of course, after all this tub was a good 50 years old, but it was still something to follow step by step, respect and all. Pulling back on the stick and testing the targeting computer he could feel the repulsorlifts push the vessel into the air. Flipping on the comm-link he brought up the tower. "Lighthouse", this is "Consular One" requesting clearance for launch and departure.

                    A moment later he heard the response he was looking for. "Consular One, all three of you are clear for launch and departure, have a good run Commander."

                    Ewan just smiled as he flipped the channel to the one they would use. Alright you two. We're out of here. Well, at least I am, I don't know about you two. The last little quip brought a smirk to his face as he brought the bomber into the stratosphere and further, eventually coming into upper atmosphere and finally breaking orbit. Setting the nav computer was going to take a minute and since Racey liked to do so, Ewan left it to the droid as he spent time purposely dodging asteroids. Finally the computer was ready and they were off into the blue and purple void.


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                      The Y-wing's rugged design left Jamie shaking her head, still going through the motions and following standard startup procedure. Once all green lights were a 'go' she eased on the controls and felt the Y-wing engines push power and lumber the old machine to life. It wasn't as elegant as an X-wing, and it was sure taking it's time slowly getting off the ground. Channeling in, Jamie reported her startup success, the navdata spilling over the main computer with coordinates.

                      "Right behind you Commander."


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                        The initial start up of the ship felt slower than most of the recent ships he had flown, in fact he swore the entire Core War ended while he was waiting for the engines to display required energy levels. Artree continued its own diagnostic allowing Ganner to see his findings in the screen that sat atop of the currently blank targeting computer.

                        “Engine leaks will be the least of our concerns.” The Rogue said cheerfully, “In order to leak I have to get it off the ground.” He pulled on the yoke softly and felt the rumble through the Y-Wing as the repulsorlifts began to do their job and lift the fighter off the ground. The familiar surrounds of the airfield leaving as the sky became his target, the brilliant blue slowly darkening before opening into the darkness of Telos’ orbit.

                        “On your six.”


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                          Dropping out of hyperspace he didn't say much, they were going through a normal entry procedure. However the devil flashed in his eyes and he wanted to have a little fun as they dribbled down through the stratosphere. Ewan wasn't going to do anything dastardly, not by a longshot but they were coming in at speed, why not have a little fun, right? Flipping on his comm-link he smiled as he throttled forward, making Racey, his astromech wonder just what the frell he had in mind. Let's have a little fun on our way to the course, shall we? Follow me.

                          He was an officer, and set the protocols, as well as the example, Ewan was fully aware of this. The thing is though, sometimes you just have to have a little fun. As the control tower of the Mos Espa Spaceport was screaming at him about how "the pattern is full" he just smiled and buzzed it, being sure the dip the wings with Republic markings away from their sight. The trip though was just beginning as he flew through and out of town about a thousand feet off the ground. He didn't fly close enough to hurt anyone, or do any damage, save a fruitstand that lost some produce and a travelling Jawa circus whose Ronto wasn't too happy, but it was all worthy of a good laugh.