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  • A Business Proposition (Vaago)

    Charon hadn't been at Drifter's very long. The man aimed to leave his freelancing pirate ways behind in order to work for a more...legitimate organization. Charon was tired of having to worry about protecting himself at every point in the day. If he were to join up with the Hutt, he'd be able to pillage and plunder as he saw fit, without the risk of having Planetary Judicial Forces coming after him. Also, with Vaago, it was steady employment. The Hutt had his slimy fingers in every corner of the galaxy. Charon wanted a piece of the action.

    Charon was dressed in his typical attire. Black overcoat over a white shirt. On his hip was an empty scabbard where his vibro-cutlass would go. On his other hip was a holster where his DH-17 blaster pistol would rest. He had given these weapons to the nice droid at the gate.

    Coming towards the Audience Chamber, Charon saw a protocol droid standing outside. Knowing that the Hutt wouldn't allow just anyone to waltz right up to him, Charon spoke to the droid.

    "Aye, droid." Charon began. "I'd like to have an audience with the illustrious Vaago. I've got a bit of a proposition for him, if he's interested in a lucrative business relationship." Charon says, his rough words accentuated by his Tionese accent.

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    "Just one moment, Vaago the Great is a very busy Hutt." Turning, the droid moved through the small crowd of guards and servants to the desk and inquired as to the next available time slot for the pirate. Soon, the twi'lek motioned to the droid and guards to allow the rugged looking human to enter the heavy, large blast door. Within, music finished it's last note and some clapping was heard as the Weequay guards escorted the next guest into the large chamber. A single cone of light cascaded through the gloom a large, ornate rug in the center of the room's open area. Leaving him there, the guards returned to their positions outside the door as the grinding soon ended in a resounding boom.

    Faint figures could be seen moving about to all three sides, most lounging and enjoying the Hutt's hospitality to those he trusted most. Soon, Vaago scrutinized the bearded male and spoke, his bass voice booming in the shadowy chamber.

    "The Illustrious Vaago welcomes you to Drifters and wishes to know why you have come," the glowing photoreceptors of the translator droid pierced through as the droid faced Charon, then waited for a reply.


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      Charon eyed the hutt as he entered. Charon had seen Hutts before, but Vaago looked a lot different than most. Charon didn't look at the droid as he spoke. Charon knew enough about Hutts to know that they were often multi-lingual. The pirate doubted that he didn't know basic.

      "Mighty Vaago, My name is Charon Black, and I've come all the way from the Tion Cluster in order to lay out a business proposition for you." Charon begins.

      Charon's Tionese accent was hard to hide, so he figured he might as well go ahead and get the formalities out of the way. Charon knew that the Hutt was a businessman first, and like all businessmen, probably very busy. Charon didn't want to take up more of the Hutt's time than he absolutely had to.

      "I am a pirate by trade. Before now, I worked alone, tackling whatever corvette or frigate came passing by. I've come to Drifter's to work for you. But that is not the only reason I'm here today." Charon begins.

      "I pilot a Thanium Star-Glaive. It's an old ship, but a good one for my purposes. But I've never had the manpower needed to properly crew the ship. The general miscreants I recruit at whatever port I'm at leave a lot to be desired. They always end up dead or surrendering to local authorities. It's bad for business."

      "What I'm asking from you, Vaago, is help manning my ship. Specifically, I would need about 20 B1 battle droids, half of them programmed for piloting, the other half for combat. I would also need a few pit droids for general maintenance. Nothing special. I just need them to be able to fire a blaster when I need them to. As you know, Piracy is about theatrics and instilling terror in the crews of the vessels you commandeer. Soulless droids holding blasters tend to unnerve most men."

      "What's in it for you, you ask? Think of it as an investment. I'm offering to work for free until the cost of the droids is paid back to you, with interest. If you're willing to take a chance on me, Vaago, I guarantee you won't be disappointed." Charon says, smiling.

      Charon looks through the darkness at the shadowy crime lord. All he could do now is wait.


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        While typically Vaago wouldn't just offer a host of droids to just anyone, this pirate had a way about him and the Hutt's reply conveyed his opinion which the droid then translated again.

        "His Highness has a particular venture in process at this moment which are claiming a great deal of resources and manpower, but he in his gracious hospitality can offer you five B-1's and the maintenance hangar here on Drifters are always at your disposal when you need them. He will however offer one Artoo unit for maintenance when the need arises and will have all these put to your account. The Great Vaago is very eager to see how profitable you are and if he's disappointed, then he hopes you will die honorably."


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          "Your kindness is much appreciated, Mighty Vaago." Charon says, bowing with a flourish. Hutts tended to enjoy that kind of dramatics. "I'll begin getting you a return on your investment immediately."

          Charon tips his hat towards the Hutt. Evidently, his bluntness with the Hutt was what attained the result he wanted. While he was a scoundrel and a criminal to the rest of the galaxy, Charon was a man of his word. He'd get Vaago back his investment, and then some.

          Not because of any true loyalty to the Hutt, though. Charon was loyal to the amount of credits in his account. But he didn't think Vaago would have any trouble buying his loyalty. That much he had shown the pirate already.

          Charon began making his way out of the audience chamber, heading directly for the terminal.