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    Moving with a silent, almost feline grace, Nick Donovan entered the exterior set of rooms that led to the mighty Vaago's audience chamber. It was both like and unlike the places that his path had taken him to in the past.

    Nick gave a respectful nod to one of the beings that was clearly security for the notorious Hutt. He went up to the bar then, knowing how such things worked; get a drink, mingle a bit, and avoid being killed. Then, Vaago would see him when it suited him. The routine was familiar from other places and times, so he'd do what needed to be done...

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    Once the twi'lek female at the desk informed the councilor that another was here for a moment of their benefactor's time, she soon motioned for one of the guards to gather him and that Vaago would see him now.

    Sliding up to Nick, a well dressed twi'lek male leaned in. "Vaago will see you now. Follow me." Turning, the robed male led their next guest to the large blast door and it slid upwards and allowed them into the large audience chamber. To the central light cascading down upon a large, ornate rug, the twi'lek stopped and introduced the assassin. A motion by the protocol droid confirmed that the hutt would see him, the advisor turned and left the room.

    Vaago's deep, bass voice rumbled on for a moment, then his translator droid spoke. "His Excellency welcomes you to Drifters and wishes to know what business you have with him. I would suggest being brief and to the point."


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      Nick took it all in. The sights, the smells, the sounds; he absorbed what it meant to be in Vaago's presence and listened intently to the protocol droid's introduction, his gaze fixed on the Hutt the entire time.

      "Your Excellency. I am called Nick Donovan, of Coruscant. I wish to align myself with the Cartel. I offer my services as a professional assassin."

      ...because unprofessional assassins are so unprofessional, he added to himself. It was an old joke, but it had stuck.


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        Large green orbs studied the assassin who was doing his best to gain some recognition for his word, which the Hutt and those seated and standing around him knew were worthless to the crime lord. His deep voice continued his opinion on the subject, as the droid then translated his owner's words.

        "The Illustrious Vaago welcomes those who have talents in every field, but he also expresses an interest to know your qualifications in this field rather than just your word. Have you killed anyone of note, or have any trophies from any of those that you've been hired to retire?"


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          Nick smiled thinly at the question. It felt like a trick question, but that was fair enough in this cut-throat business... no pun intended.

          "Sounds a bit like kissing and telling," he replied with a smirk. "I do not keep trophies. I'm a businessman, not a sociopath. I have a client list, of course, but that is confidential. Perhaps you'd prefer a demonstration? Someone you're looking to have removed, mighty Vaago?"


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            Not totally appreciating the evasive manner, Vaago understood it and knew that someone that usually didn't want to dish out their history may be trustworthy enough to have on the payroll. Though, if Nick proved to be a novice that just wanted to get his foot in the door, the Hutt crime lord had numerous ways to exact a refund.

            "His Excellency has stated that many contracts are posted and you're more than welcome to apply for one. If you're not as professional as you are attempting to make us believe, then he hopes you die honorably."


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              Nick's dark eyes never flinched or wavered. He kept his gaze focused on Vaago and nodded, executing a courtly bow of sorts.

              "I will check back, Mighty Vaago, when a contract is complete to show I am as good as my very vague word," he said smoothly.