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new beginnings and old problems...again (open)

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  • new beginnings and old problems...again (open)

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-29-2002 07:09 PM:
    new beginnings and old problems...again (open)

    *She had left the bar and quickly tore off the tracking device the medics had put on her and had headed towards where she learned her old room was. Upon opening the door she covered her nose and took a step back and the strong bitter smell of wormwood, blood, and paint drifted into the hallway. She sighed and walked into the room, gathering what she could into a bag, not even bothering to close the door. Clothing that was now too large for her, daggers, and a few other personal items. She paused as she held up the sabre that had been with her since the first time she had come to the empire. The crystals were now changed, from purple to blue, but the casing was the exact one. A small dent in it from a bullet...she sighed and quickly shoved it in the pack and then looked up slightly as she thought she saw a movement coming from the bathroom.
    Setting the bag onto a table she slowly walked towards the room, pushing the door open and stepped back slightly, her eyes wide at the site. Blood everywhere. It was dried, old, but it was not expected and covered everything: the ground, the sink, the shower. The mirror had been shattered and pieces of it littered the ground and sat in the sink, though some fragments still remained in the frame.
    Slowly she walked to be in front of it and just for a moment, she thought she saw someone standing behind her, with a started gasp she quickly spun around. No one there. Cerridwen shook her head and laughed slightly and then looked back to the mirror, that was when she heard it. Laughing...soft at first, then far louder. Quickly she looked around again, still no one to be seen. She was alone.

    "Why do you look for what can not be found?"

    "I look for nothing."

    "Indeed. Is that why you leave?"

    "No. I'm leaving because I have no place here!

    "Pathetic excuse. You leave because you are hated. Run away again, no one will care."

    "Some will care."

    "You lie. You know everyone hates you. You have no friends."

    "Yes I do!"



    *Cerridwen stopped speaking and looked around again. She knew the voice of the one who had been so cruel. It was the same as the voice she answered with...*

    "I hate you."

    *Quickly moving she walked out of the bathroom and over to the table, picking up the bag that she had set there.*

    "So! You will leave...Truly pathetic."

    "Shut up!"


    "SHUT UP!"

    "Stupid little girl"


    "Everyone hates you. Mama hates you, she tried to drown you. Papa hates you, for you aren't even his. Master hates you, for you are weak, and HE hates you for you are pathetic. That man can not help you."

    *A scream. That was her only response as she crumpled to the floor, falling to her knees, her hands covering her ears. She remained like that for a short while, though someone was bound to have heard her, she did not care. Her eyes were focused upon something...a dagger. An escape.*

    Posted by Saharia on 12-30-2002 01:02 AM:

    ::Saharia had felt a disturbance and followed the scent to a door. She opened it to find a woman going twards a dagger with a certain look in her eyes. With a lazy half smile Saharia causally lent on the doorway::

    What will that prove? Will you not fight whoever or whatever is making you so distressed, this only makes them win.
    You die, they win. You live and fight and prove yourself and they lose.

    ::moving towards the woman she sat down on the table and took out a drink of jawa juice from her jacket, sipping it then offering it to the woman with yet no name.::

    Thirsty? Lets chat together and weigh up the pro's and con's before you do anything hasty.

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-30-2002 04:26 PM:

    *Her eyes quickly locked on the woman who had entered her room.*

    "Don't you ever knock? Or do you always just waltz into people's room without even bothering to tell them? My life is none of your concern."

    *Her voice came out an angry hiss, she had been annoyed half to death by the two women in the this. Did everyone here want to die?*

    "Leave. Now."

    *She glanced for an instant at the dagger that lay only a few feet from her. Gods, how easily would it be to just send it into the woman's throat. But Cerridwen was in a strange mood...she would give the woman a chance to explain herself. And if she did not give an answer that the Lordess liked, she would kill her. Rama wasn't here to stop her this time..*

    Posted by Saharia on 12-30-2002 07:08 PM:

    :;Saharia saw the dagger and she smiled. She could die that easily true, but she perfered not to. Life was full of risks and she had never hindered from risks, so she stayed a while longer to speak. If the woman wanted it that way.... Shrugging she stood up slowly, , then half smiled and bowed her head in honour to the suicidal woman before speaking and relaxing on the wall for a few minutes. She would never be seen as weak, even if it involved suicidal measures. Honour demanded it.::

    I don't normally come in without knocking no, but you looked busy and ready to do something rather unpleasant so I thought I'd come in and see if thats the choice you wish to make. Knocking didnt seem appropriate at that particular momentum, and I am one that takes bad manners rather heavily.
    Forgive me for caring for another TSE'r life, it does seem melencholy here and I offer an ear but I will but leave if you wish it so. Say hello to whatever is looking out for us darksiders.
    Please do not kill me in the process Lordess, if I guess your rank. properly, for I do not wish to end my life also. This choice of death be yours.

    ::She bowed in honour to her superior in every aspect of respect as was befitted for a lower rank to a lordess. Before turning to leave, awaited a reply, her eyes never faltering as she looked at the angry woman. She angry with Saharia certainly, or with herself more so also? Saharia wished only to help but she would be no help if she was not wanted. Saharia hoped her direct manner did not offend too much but she would not change her manner of speaking for anyone.::

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-30-2002 10:35 PM:

    *She was shocked, though hid it well. The way the woman had acted was not expected, though a pleasant surprise, for sure. She pushed herself off of the floor and stood up as the woman started to leave.*

    "I will not kill you. may stay...if you wish. I should apologize for how the room appears though, I was not expecting anyone, as you can guess."

    *A small gesture with her hand and the door to the other rooms were closed, no need for anyone to see the carnage that was in them. Another simple movement and a candle or two was lit, just enough for light, not enough to fully show the disarray of the room.
    Though Cerridwen was not one to fully enjoy company, perhaps this woman knew a few things. Besides, she would love to hear arguments for why she should not simply end her life.*

    Posted by Saharia on 12-31-2002 07:33 PM:

    ::Saharia nodded pleasantly, some gambles were one and some lost. This gamble still could be lost if all did not go well and she kept that in mind.
    Bowing her head she nodded and sat down::

    You do not need to apologise for the mess Lordess, a room is oft a reflection of ones own mind, there is no shame in that.
    I am Saharia Saryin-Azalin, sith apprentice to MiryanNoTrunks and mentored by Sith Master Dara Shadowtide.
    If it pleases you, may I enquire your name?

    ::After her formal greeting, Saharia also took out the bottle and put it on the table with a smile.::

    The drink is also still on offer. I have had a little too much today.

    Posted by Cerridwen on 01-06-2003 12:37 PM:

    *The name, Shadowtide, was familiar. Very familiar. And it was frustrating that she could not place it, but she would think about that later.*

    "I am called Cerridwen. Though, you might have known me as Raine Sarin."

    *As she moved slowly to the table and sat down at it, she looked at the drink and shook her head slightly. Alcohol really didn't appeal to her for some reason.*

    Posted by Saharia on 01-12-2003 02:55 PM:

    OOC: sorry for the long wait. I'll be away for 2 weeks as well so I apologise for the inconvenience.

    ::Saharia looked slightly startled. She heard that name, Raine Sarin. Never met her but her rpeutation had been well known. Her mother had known Rain Sarin.
    That name carried power, and she wondered how Raine had gotten here.::

    Raine Sarin holds power and respect Cerridwen, a true sith. One wonders why you chose Cerridwen instead, but I will not pry

    Posted by Cerridwen on 01-17-2003 10:57 PM:

    "The answer is rather simple. The woman who named me was no better than a cheap *****."

    *A laugh escaped her lips, she could see the image of the woman once called "mother" again. The rotting, living corpse that had been kept in a hidden room.*

    "I rather have a name that she did not choose for me"

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