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Scars that may never heal...

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  • Scars that may never heal...

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-03-2002 10:10 PM:
    Scars that may never heal...

    Silence and darkness filled the medbay later that still evening. Her last spar was over and Nikka was in a healing state as she lay on the medbay bed, semi-conscious. She was barely aware of anything going on around her. All she saw was a black mass before her; she only heard muffled sounds of equipment beeping and med droids conversing from time to time. As for memory, she barely remembered being transported to the med bay by a medical team as she was in and out of consciousness most of the time. The last thing she recalled was looking at her opponent and declaring her failure to him.

    The droid looked over her as she opened her eyes more, but never did she speak or even move. Not only did she have to recover from physical scars, but emotional ones as well, but the emotional ones may never truly heal...

    Posted by Lord Sabre on 12-04-2002 04:44 PM:

    :: Sat just across from the bed, waiting patiently and quietly was her fellow Sith Warrior. The droids had tried to make Sabre leave, that was the explination for the pile of droid parts around him, severed by a lightsabre. ::

    :: Sabre's eyes never left Nikka, he didn't even appear to blink he just watched, waiting for her to be able to comprehend his prensence, then he would go sit closer. Till then he would watch, he had no intentions of leaving till he knew she would be ok. Physically at least. He didn't know why she was in here so he had no idea about her mental state but he would find out, thats what friends were for. ::

    :: The thought struck Sabre as strange, he had never had a friend before, or had he. He didn't really know, neither did he care, Nikka was his friend now, and, like his 'father', he would look after his friends ::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-06-2002 01:22 AM:

    Nikka had slipped back to unconsciousness many hours ago and was unaware anyone was with her at the moment. A soft mumbling was heard from the dark corner that her bed was in. The words were incoherant, but once in awhile, the words 'don't leave..' were heard very clearl

    Her eyes opened as if she were awake, but the setting was very different from what she could recall and it was not where she thought she would be. Around her stood soldiers armed with blasters, as if they were ready to attack or possibly lead her somewhere. None of their faces were recognizeable, but the one directly in front of her was. It was him. The lover, husband and would be father to her child.

    "Where am I?" Nikka muttered softly in her sleep.

    "You are with us now, dear."

    She tried to move and strike against him, but was unable to move. ARound her wrists were electrobinders, making it impossible for her to break away from them. The man grabbed her by the hair of her head as he sensed her intentions. One of the soldiers approached and placed his blaster to her temple.

    "I'll only tell you this once so you'll make no more mistakes. Need I remind you that I share your powers as well, Sith Warrior Darkstorm and can sense when you are lying? If I have to fill you in on this again, no more mistakes will be made in your favor." The dark haired man moved in, closing the break between him and his former lover. "You will die."

    "You are pathetic, Darran." Nikka hissed back. "Faking your own death, sending your troops after me while I had no idea you were behind it and then you expect me to return to you with open arms after discovering you were alive. How DARE you!?" She sneared. "You will be the one making no more mistakes. They're coming for you. WE know. They will erradicate you with one strike. You may share my powers as well but they are nothing compared to what you are about to witness."

    Explosions were beginning to be heard in the distance and then overhead as the sonic booms of TIE fighters filled the air. The malevolant grin that many knew well shone back at Darran and then that dark laughter.

    Then Darkness.

    Nikka continued to laugh in her sleep, more peaceful and serene did she feel. The dream that her fate would be sealed and revenge served.

    How sweet it was.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-07-2002 01:52 PM:

    Talus sat in the corner of the room watching the man enter and look over his ex-lover and friend, who laid upon the med bay from wounds he had inflicted.

    "She's quite beautiful isn't she," He said, but his voice had a more sinister tone to it. She may not have been his lover any longer but Talus knew the way the man looked at her and he had heard of their little get together in Rama's. He was not pleased.

    "I'm Disciple Invictus and you are?" He asked as he rose to his full height of 6'6" and stood before the man, who oddly looked like his master, Drako.

    Posted by Lord Sabre on 12-07-2002 04:07 PM:

    Sabre didn't even spare Talus a glance, his eyes never left Nikka, when he spoke his tone was clear and emotionless but there was an undeniable power to it.

    "Do not bother me little man, I have no intrest in your oppinions of my friend, or the tone in your voice. If she is your friend be here for her, if she is not leave but either way, don't bother me,"

    Sabre continued to watch Nikka, Talus was neither worth his time or his effort.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-07-2002 07:07 PM:

    Talus hand shot and gripped Sabre by the shoulder and whipped him around to face him, his dragon saber, the weapon of a Force Vampyre and the Death Guard, was in his hand, mouth open, thumb on the finger.

    "I care not for your prescence nor what rank you may hold, do you understand, cyborg?" Talus hissed at the man. Then without waiting for him to reply. "I can thumb this switch faster than you could react and the funny thing is I could care less what others would think of my killing you."

    Talus then lowered the saber and released his grip of the man.

    "But my respect for Nikka and my feelings for her would not allow me to do so." Talus spat the word then spat on the boot of the man before him.

    Turning to the droids he spoke with a more reserved tone: "She will be fine?" The droid nodded in the affirmative. When they did so he simply placed his saber back on his belt and left the med-bay. His anger nearly at breaking point.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-07-2002 07:35 PM:

    "Knock it off! Both of you!"

    The voice heard in the darkness shrilled weakly, the best Nikka could speak. She was still weakened from her injuries but had awakened several moments ago, hearing the voices echoing in her mind.

    The Dark Side gathered in her mind, thus sending a droid halfway across the room, shattering to pieces, sparks flying through the darkness. Nikka's eyes flared red and then turned back to normal.

    By that time, a team of med bay droids rushed to her bed as lights and indicators to her vitals beeped furiously, like klaxons going off during a red alert. One pushed a needle into her arm while beeping garbles of electronic communication, indicating there's a problem. The others then prepared the bacta tank for her to rest in for a few hours.

    Nothing else could be said from the fallen Sith Warrior...

    Posted by Lord Sabre on 12-12-2002 03:57 PM:

    :: Sabre didn't pay Talus any more attention, his vision snapped back almost instantly to Nikka and he returned to his seat, watching her, waiting for sighs of her regaining enough consiounous for her to converse with him ::

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-15-2002 03:12 AM:

    The droids withdrew the tubes that were hooked up to her about 2 hours later. Her eyes slowly opened but she had no memory of what happened before she passed out. Looking over at the man, she only smiled somewhat, knowing who he is and why he was there. For some reason, she knew he would be the only one to ever be concerned for her recovery. She said nothing for the moment. She was just too weak to say anything. Something inside her was twisting unendingly though. It was more mysterious than ever.

    Posted by Lord Sabre on 12-23-2002 03:44 PM:

    :: Sabre moved and sat on the edge of the bed, smiling down at Nikka, he reached out and gave her hand a squeeze ::

    "Are you feeling better my friend?"

    Posted by Dark Lady Zena on 12-23-2002 09:13 PM:

    "Nikka....I trust you are well, comrade." Dark currents of surging winds ejected Zena's thoughts to her friend, as her words stemming off the elevated mountains in which she was camped, targeted her fellow female Sith's familiar essence.

    " it physical or emotional, it is always the latter which invokes the invisible scar which is of the most painful to endure. May the core of your powers see you through this obstacle of anguish and further deepen your connection with the Darkside to rid yourself of further torment." The Sith Knight added as she stroked the tail of her rancor, the two of them venturing further into the forest, tapping into mental obscurity void of interrupted deliverations.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 12-24-2002 12:01 PM:

    "Some...what." She spoke in but a hushed whisper, grinning slightly as he took her hand. She could only barely squeeze it back as she was still weakened from her injuries.

    "How-how are you?"

    She then heard the voice of Zena speak in her mind and smiled only briefly before returning her attention back to the friend whom sat at her bedside. As she felt the other presence nearby, her green eyes burned fire for a brief moment. Barely recalling the arguement and near fight, she growled low in her throat. How dare he? She would deal with him later, fully healed or not...

    Let the games begin. She thought to herself, awaiting Sabre's reply.