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For lack of a better title, (open)

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  • For lack of a better title, (open)

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 11-27-2002 08:41 PM:
    For lack of a better title, (open)

    It had taken a fair amount of fighting and coaxing (plus a sedative or two) before Varlon finally gave into the medics and allowed them to take the Zabrakan woman, a fusion of Rain and Raine perhaps, into one of the emergency admission rooms for immediate checkups on her health. While his head swam from the injections the medics had been forced to give him, he still waited as alert as he could be outside the room where they ran tests on whomever the woman was. There had been no sign of his and Raine's master, Dara Shadowtide, just yet either. Vigilant as ever, the Lord waited...

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    Posted by Cerridwen on 11-27-2002 09:19 PM:

    *It was only about two hours before one of the medics came out of the room and spoke with Varlon. They notified him that the girl had simply fainted, and they could find nothing wrong with her physically. However, she had awoken, and apparently there were some other problems. Her eyes were open and she had sat up, but apparently "no one was home" so to speak. She had no responses to light or sound. Even pain did nothing to her. Apparently she had been awake for about a half-hour and in that time all she had done was stare at the wall with a blank expression on her face.
    That was where their report ended and they then told Varlon he could go in to see the young Zabraki female if he wished.*

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 11-28-2002 12:23 AM:

    The medics hadn't even had a chance to finish telling the Sith Lord he could enter the room before he was in with the woman. He opened his mouth to greet her, then closed it as he didn't even know her name. After a few moments of puzzling over things, he had decided. "Hello," He said quietly, then waited for a response.

    Posted by Cerridwen on 11-28-2002 12:37 AM:

    *There was no visible response to him, since the girl's back was to the Sith Lord. She didn't appear to move at all except for the slight rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. But what the Varlon did not see was that her eyes, which had been staring at a single point on the wall, finally let their gaze fall to the floor slightly.*

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 11-28-2002 01:00 AM:

    "Why so quiet?" The Sith Lord asked as he circled around in front of her then knelt down slightly so that their gaze met. "If I'm bothering you any..."

    He looked over at the door, then back to her. "... I'll go. All you have to do is say so."

    Posted by Cerridwen on 11-28-2002 01:09 AM:


    *That was her answer. Silence. She made no attempt to look away from him, however. But it wasn't that there was anything revealed in her gaze. Her eyes were like those of a doll, simply there, but nothing to be seen in them.*

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 11-28-2002 01:19 AM:

    Var couldn't help but scratch his head in frustration as he was yet to get even a peep out of the Zabraki. He knew both Rain, and her twin, Raine, had been quiet, but this was far beyond either of them. Shrugging and giving up any ideas that he had moments ago, he reached out towards her cheek to gently caress it. "Rain?" He said in a softer voice, hoping to stir some kind of a response from her.

    Posted by Cerridwen on 11-28-2002 03:45 PM:

    *A slap was heard in the room as her hand has suddenly shot up from her side and smacked his hand away from her. She closed her eyes and then reopened them slowly, then looked around the room slightly again with them, her head not moving at all.
    Her hand, however, had stayed right where it was when it had impacted with the Sith Lord's. Her eyes finally came to rest on it as she slowly started to move her fingertips, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Varlon was still there.*

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 11-29-2002 12:20 AM:

    Varlon blinked at the Zabraki's reaction, which had been something completely different than what he expected. He gave a frustrated sigh, and then went over to the far wall and leaned back against it. "Apparently you're not too fond of my company..." He said quietly.

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-01-2002 02:11 AM:

    *She looked over at him and frowned slightly, sensing his annoyance with her. Again her eyes looked around the room and came to stop on the IV in her arm that was delivering some sort of sedative the medics had decided to give her. There was a soft strange indescribable and grotesque noise as she pulled the long needle out from her arm.
    A sigh escaped her lips as she looked back at the wall. All she knew was that she had made someone angry and that she was in a medbay.... She hated medbays. At least, she thought she did.*

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 12-01-2002 10:27 PM:

    "You ready to talk yet?" Varlon said as he watched her look around like a lost little child. "Or would you rather talk over something to eat?"

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-04-2002 02:07 AM:

    *Looking over at the Sith Lord she frowned slightly and looked away again. She sighed slightly before speaking, her voice was soft, yet there was a certain power in it.*

    "I do not need food now."

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-04-2002 02:34 AM:

    :: Rama lifted the Chart up and looked it over then thru the glass at the two people in the ajoining room. He looked over the man.....Varlon, he had trained him some in the past, but they had parted ways. But the woman.....he had never seen her before, but she was why he was here. Suddenly he felt as though someone was about to turn to look at him. He Snapped the blinds to the window shut to block their view and returned the chart. ::

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 12-06-2002 11:28 PM:

    "... do you happen to need anything?" Varlon said as he raised an eyebrow quizzically at "Raine" before looking back towards the window, shrugging off what he could have sworn was someone watching them. Looking back at her, he sat down in a nearby chair. "Even something to drink? Or read?"

    Posted by Rama Sha on 12-07-2002 03:20 AM:

    "It's too risky now" :: Rama thought to himself. :: "Must wait till she is alone."

    :: Rama slowly back into the corner of the room, a great shadow rose up from the floor and engulfed Rama. It then changed to match the background of medical instruments and cold hard walls. It was if Rama was no longer there at all. ::

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-07-2002 03:45 AM:


    *It was her only response again. Such a simple answer, but it would have to do. She didn't feel like talking about anything. In fact, she didn't feel like doing anything. It was hard to want to do something when your brain felt like it had been hit with a baseball bat and smacked against the inside of your skull and was now laying in a puddle of mush in your head.
    She sighed again slightly and let herself drop back onto the bed in the room and stared up at the ceiling. The man in the room seemed to want her to speak, so, she did, though the comment was made randomly and mostly to herself.*

    "This ceiling. So unfamiliar."

    *The other presence that had been watching her, the one she had been vaguely aware of suddenly faded. With that she rolled onto her side, her back facing the Sith Lord. The white standard issue medbay clothing shirt that she wore moved as she did so, revealing the large scar that went across her mid back; one that actually went all the way around, forming a type of ring around her body. The scar stood out from the white of the pants and shirt she was wearing as well as her pale skin.
    She shivered slightly and closed her eyes tightly.*

    "I hate this place."

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 12-08-2002 02:31 AM:

    "You've always hated the Medbay," He said, looking up at her, studying the scar around her waist. "Can't think of a time you let us take you into the medbay without a fair amount of fighting."

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-09-2002 10:57 AM:

    "Oh. I'm sorry, I don't remember."

    *She wasn't referring to the medbay. More of her own body, her surroundings. Everything. But she wouldn't tell the man that. He seemed concerned about her and she wouldn't give him anything else to worry about.*

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 12-14-2002 12:15 AM:

    "Do you happen to remember anything?" He asked, staring at her with a curious glint in his eyes. "Who you are? Where you're at?"

    He pushed off the wall and walked over towards her, picking up a blanket or towel of some sort from off the counter. "You happen to be cold? The medics tend to keep it fairly chilly in the medbay..."

    Posted by Cerridwen on 12-15-2002 02:14 AM:

    *He asked too many questions, she thought as she sat up and looked over at the Sith Lord again.*

    "You look familiar. This place feels familiar. I do not know anything other than that. Tell me things."

    *She noticed that one of her hands was rubbing the opposite arm slightly and she frowned.*

    "And I guess I am cold.."

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 12-19-2002 07:34 PM:

    Varlon came up behind her and wrapped the somewhat thick blanket around her and smiled softly. "I'm familiar because you've known me since I came to the empire," Varlon said as he stepped around her and sat against the wall in front of her. "This place is familiar because it's been your home for a few years now…"