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    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-13-2002 09:44 PM:
    Silent Voices (closed)

    **It was late, very late. Though that meant nothing to Takai, she was always awake. Though tonight was a little different than most. Ever since she was born, every month on one day she would have problems focusing, concentrating. She had been living through the hell of one of those days when the Sith Disciple, Talus had come across her in the hallway that one day.
    Though this night she was somewhere else, far separated from the other Sith. It was her sanctuary, a place where the voices and thoughts of the others were never louder than a soft whisper. But this night, she was having problems, they were louder, but that was not what was truly bothering her as she sat on the bed that had been given to her, but never really used for it's purpose. There was a feeling in the air, one that had her continually looking up from the books on the bed and her gaze would go about the room. She was looking for something, though what, she did not know.

    It was when the knocking started that she finally got up from her bed. Simple knocking, not very loud, but it had demanded her attention. Stepping out from her bedroom of sorts she looked towards where the noise was coming from. The locked door. Knocking, as if someone was politily asking to be let into the room. Takai frowned as she took a few steps towards the door and the knocking continued. Then it came over her, that feeling again, like something just was out of place, not right. Something not planned.
    Feeling the need to leave, she quickly headed away from the room, walking quickly past the books and then stopped at the flight of stairs that lead up. Such a strange maze it was to get to the place she called home. Stairs that went up, some that went down, some that seemed to go in a spiral, it was really hard to tell. She scolded herself slightly for feeling so childish about the darkened way and then started up the stairs.

    Though that did not last long. She stopped suddenly and stared ahead of her. Someone was in her way. Takai stepped back slightly as her eyes focused on the girl standing on a step that was only stairs before her. The girl was dressed in white, tattered, off-colored white, her face covered by thick black hair. No, not black, dark purple. Takai's hand went to a strand of her own hair as she continued to watch the girl standing on the stairs. There was a smell in the air, a sour one...rotting flesh. Takai could not help but let herself step back again onto a lower stair as the girl raised an arm, her skin discolored and full of open sores oozing black and deep blue. A corpse...a walking corpse. One who was now bleeding. Gashes could suddenly be seen all over the girl's body, deep ones, all bleeding a deep color...though not red.

    "What is this?"

    Takai's voice was soft as she asked the question, her eyes had never left those of the girl-like creature before her. Was this one of her master's creations? Before she could figure it out however, the girl suddenly screamed and lunged for her, reaching out with her decomposing arms. In an attempt to avoid the sudden attack Takai tried to step back, for a second forgetting that she was on stairs. That second cost her and the last thing Takai saw was two vibrant purple eyes staring down at her from under the long black hair as she lost her footing and fell back.**

    Posted by Lynch on 12-14-2002 11:02 AM:

    “So what is her condition?”

    The bright light shined into her eye dilating her pupil as the two doctors in white examined her. They moved with slight caution as they observed her, taking note of the bruise on her head, a wound they only healed when they were promised no harm would come to them. They remembered what happened to the last doctors who had once checked on this girl before she violently took the fingers from one. One who later killed himself after he went raving mad saying how she never left him alone during his sleep.

    Closing the last of the cut they nodded to each other. Turning to the man in the cloak one of the two walked to the Sith with slight trepidation. “She has a slight concussion from the fall. No bones were broken, she appears to be in fine physical health otherwise”

    Turning his attention to the young girl his eyes lingered on her. When he had found her she laid unmoving near the entrance to her room, he noted nothing out of the ordinary to suggest someone had pushed her on the steps; nothing to show anyone did her harm. It appeared to be a simple case of falling down. The thought of such did not sit right with him; his intuition told him it was something more.

    Perhaps Varlon had followed her and had lashed out. She once said he did her harm, a story he had yet to validate. Even if she saw him on the steps she might have moved to get back and fell. To a degree that made more sense than her simply loosing her footing.

    “What happened.”

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 12-14-2002 11:20 PM:

    **The one doctor turned away from Jedah and went to tend to a disciple with a broken leg that had just entered. The other, however, turned around slowly to face the Sith Master, his cheek was marked by a large scar. One which he had received upon Takai's last visit. Somewhat timidly he walked over to Sith Master Lynch, a few datapads in hand.**

    "Sir, if I may, can I discuss some things with you. You seem to be her guardian now, and I feel that you should know."

    **He tried to speak solidly, but the fear showed through. He just hoped that the information he wished to share was not going to cost him his head.**

    Posted by Lynch on 01-06-2003 08:07 AM:

    Eyeing the weary man with a hint of disdain showing as the foolish doctor did not speak up the Sith Master gave him a long solid cold stare. Yes he remembered what Takai had done to this one the last time they were all here, Lynch found it amusing. Was this the cause of the mans fear.

    Or was there more to the story.

    “Speak before your tongue recoils to the back of your mouth even more”

    If he was her guardian or not was not a factor for he was one of the high members of darkness and as such warranted any explanation he so wished, the fact of the matter was that he indeed watched over her like a dark angel for he had designs for the girl. That was still no business of the doctors unless he wanted to risk the Masters displeasure and anger.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 01-06-2003 02:30 PM:

    **The doctor glanced nervously at the unconscious child and then quickly set down the datapads in his hands except for one of them.**

    "I had to tell someone. We weren't supposed to talk about this, because we can't explain it. It involves the death of her mother. Before Mrs. Konrad went into her coma she was here almost daily, being treated for bruises and gashes. When asked how she received them, she looked frightened and would refuse to answer.
    And then there is the matter of when she...passed away. We thought she had died when her husband had left the room, but soon after...her eyes opened, pulse returned. And then it happened."

    **He held out a datapad, his hand shaking, on it were images.**

    "I've never seen anyone die like that."

    **The images were in a series, starting with the young woman that was Takai's mother simply looking panicked, struggling against the hold of the doctors. The next her eyes were wide open, her mouth open in a scream. The next few were hard to really describe, but it looked as if her face deformed, her mouth stretching wide open, her face discoloring as if the skin was rotting away.**

    "The last was taken five minutes after she finally was still.."

    **The last image...horrifying. Takai's mother looked as if she had been drowned, though black ooze was pouring out from her mouth, eyes, and open wounds that had unexplainably appeared all over her body; her mouth still wide in a silent scream.**

    "We just can't explain it. Well, not scientifically. Though, I have dreams with her in them. And this.."

    **Reaching back over to the stack he quickly picked up another. He didn't want to hesitate in saying what he had to. The Sith Master might kill him, but he had to say everything.**

    "I know I shouldn't have this, but it's her journal. The last few entries all she talks about are dreams. Dreams of killing her daughter. Dreams of stabbing her, drowning her, dismembering her. It's all there. Though the last one bothers me. She said that...Takai knew. Takai knew of her dreams. And that her daughter was going to kill her."

    **He paused and looked back at the girl.**

    "...She told me she was going to kill her mother one time she was in here. She told me that one of us medics would die as well. She said that her brother is next, and then her father.
    There is something not natural about that child...she's a chronic insomniac, she exhibits self destructive behavior...self mutilation, anorexia...though still she's trying to kill us! She drove one of us mad, and she torments me constantly! You have to destroy her..."

    **The medic started to speak faster, his words panicked, and then they just stopped. He suddenly found himself choking, her coughed, black ooze suddenly pouring from his mouth and he collapsed to the floor.**

    *Takai however, was sitting up now, staring at the doctor on the floor with a silent burning hatred. He screamed in agony and fear before he finally went silent. It seemed for a brief instant, she smiled, but it faded as quickly as it had appeared. She then looked up at her Master, yet said nothing.**

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