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Dusting off the cobwebs (open)

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  • Dusting off the cobwebs (open)

    Posted by jenobi on 11-08-2002 05:26 PM:
    Dusting off the cobwebs (open)

    Jenobi walked into his room and just looked at it. All that was in it was a bookshelf that had literature from his home on it, a bed, a desk, a window, a closet, and a rack where he hung his projects in the making.

    As he was in this trance, a little mouse ran across his desk an knocked down a gem he was going to use.


    Jenobi was very angry it took him two weeks to get it that way. He used the darkside and flung the mouse out the window, but before it hit the ground a bird snatched it out of the air.

    Jenobi then turned his attention back to the broken stone, and still enraged he took out his lightsaber and made a deep cut in the wall.

    It was at this point he realised he left his door open.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-09-2002 03:33 AM:

    "You'll never get your damage deposit back now..." A voice mocked lightheartedly from behind the Warrior. He'd been walking down the halls of the Head Quarters when he heard the all-to-familiar snap-hiss of a light saber being ignited and decided to investigate their origions.

    As he stepped in through the open door, his large frame came full into view, the dark-skinned, dreadlocked disciple stood over 2 meters and weighed nearly 120 kgs. But his height and weight were nothing in comparison to the breadth of his shoulders and the palms of his hands, which were twice that of a normal human. This Sith was indeed a physical specimen to behold.

    "I'm Talus, one of Lord Darkstar's apprentices." He said with a certain air of confidence and arrogance, that seemed to be written all over the way he presented himself.

    Posted by jenobi on 11-09-2002 08:24 AM:

    Jenobi shut off his saber, and put it back on his belt . He then said

    " Well, it would seem we have the same Master. I'm Jenobi"

    He nodded towards the shattered stone, an said

    " I was going to use that to change the color of my blade. That type of stone is hard to find, and very fragile. If I were to chip it too hard it would have broken anyway."

    He looked at Talus

    " So how long have you been with the empire?" Jenobi asked

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-09-2002 09:16 AM:

    "A few months... give or take a few days. You?" Talus replied. Calling the broken pieces to his hand he stared at it.

    "What color would have it made your blade?" He asked solemnly, it was indeed a beautiful tone, Talus could see that even from it's shattered remains.

    Posted by jenobi on 11-09-2002 03:48 PM:

    "About a year, i think...give or take a couple of days." Jenobi replied

    He looked back at the stone

    " To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. It was going to be a mixture of colors, but not sure of which. I was just going to pop it in and hope for the best." Jenobi said with a smirk

    Jenobi looked back at Talus

    " If I may ask...what brought you to the empire?

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-10-2002 02:13 PM:

    "Boredom and ambition... I was an enforcer for the Hutt's, I traveled quite a bit making sure that bills were paid and debts collected. I tried my hand at being a Jedi, but I was informed that my arrogance and ambition clouded my judgement and they refused to train me further."

    Talus said casually, his past wasn't particulary exciting nor dull, it was pretty simple.

    "And yourself, what drove you to be trained here?" Talus replied in turn.

    Posted by jenobi on 11-10-2002 03:23 PM:

    "The quest for revenge. I'm the last line of royalty on my planet, everyone one else was killed in a war that took place. I found a book about the empire, in my grandfather's house. In it was basic lightsaber construction instructions, and information on the sith. I decided to seek out this empire and I found it."

    Muscles budged at the corners of Jenobi's mouth, then he continued

    " At first I was trained by Vega, who was a Sith Lord at the time. He taught me how to use the darkside, and with that I killed the people who killed my family. After a while later, Vega decided to join the Black Hand...Now Lord Darkstar is my Master."

    "So do you have any family?" Jenobi asked

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-10-2002 04:37 PM:

    Talus grinned at the question, he was an orphan, but not because of any deaths or cruel twists of fate, he just simply was.

    "No, unless you count the other's who share the same genetic coding as I do. I'm a genetically engineered creature, born in a tube raised in a lab, trained to be a killing machine, until I was liberated by the New Republic." He replied nonchalantly.

    "And that suits me just fine, with my genetic enhancements, military training and fledgling force abilities, plus my lack of any relationships, I don't really have a concience or any moral dilemna with anything I do. Which makes my training all the easier.

    Posted by jenobi on 11-10-2002 04:51 PM:

    Jenobi started to laugh " so you're a test tube baby... I'm just messing with you."

    Jenobi's look became serious

    " From what you've said they might have been trying to remake the clone wars. Do you know of which genes you're made up of?"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-10-2002 05:01 PM:

    Talus grinned again, he had an inkling of what he'd been designed for, but it was nothing but a theory. The NR doctors who ran tests on him after his "saving" were shocked by the sheer amounts of midi-chloreans in his blood stream and their make up, some how the m-c's where modified. There was also hints of different species in his bloodstream as well.

    "No, but I'm not a clone... I am a heterogenous mixture of genes, combined and modified to create what could be called a completely new species. I'll find where I came from soon enough, but it's not as important to me as you'd think, I'm only interested in power, becoming stronger, smarter, better than all who have come before me or will come after."

    He was speaking casually about himself until he spoke of his power-lust, his voice became cold, almost calculating when he spoke of what he wanted to do and become.

    "Not what you expected?" He asked

    Posted by jenobi on 11-10-2002 05:11 PM:

    "Not really, but it seems that you've are at peace with what you are, and that something not all can do"

    Jenobi face tunred to that of worry

    " What does make me wonder is if your mc count is that high and you and everyone else continued your training, then turned to the lightside than the dark...would you have been let loose on us sith and the dark jedi."

    Jenobi then laughed

    " A race of possible Super-Force users, who would have known."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-11-2002 10:57 AM:

    Talus just smiled at the comment, truth was there was no possible way he could have been a Jedi. His andreline levels and agressive nature made him to volatile for the emotionless order. Though the short time he was there he learned how to focus and keep his rage in check, for most of the time.

    "Well I doubt you had that to worry, I was created by Imperial scientists. My midi-chloreans were modified to allow for extended usage of dark-side disciplines without substantial damage to my cells. My theory was that I was created as a host, but the Sith Lord who was to take my body, didn't last long enough to lay claim, so I get all the physical benefits of his ambition for a perfect body." Talus replied without emotion, a trademark of his personality, but an oddity for Sith. Though if one could look inside his mind it would see that he was simply cold and calculating, even this conversation with Jenobi served a purpose for him, other than just making connections in the Empire.

    "Enough about me, what about you. I'm sure revenge wasn't the only thing that brought you to the sith, revenge can be had by hiring mercenaries or bounty hunters, revenge is oft a lie told to one's inner-self to make the conversion to the Dark Side rationalized." Grinning as he continued; "Not many are blessed as I and born without a conscience to explain myself too."

    Posted by jenobi on 11-13-2002 02:31 PM:

    "No, others would not do I had to do it...Let me share something with you."

    Jenobi then connected his mind to Talus's and showed him the war that had taken place

    : Swords clashed, people cried out cries of pain, death, and victory. Jenobi was walking around killing anyone in his path, then it happened. Before he could aid his father, the other armies leader cut him across the gut. Jenobi began to run not caring what happened to him in the process, and stopped when he reached his father.

    < Father don't leave can't leave me.>

    < I love you my so...>

    Jenobi cried out in such a rage that has never been heard before, his eyes changed as well as his heart and mind

    < I will avenge you father>

    Jenobi ran towards them man who killed his father, and fought him. After 10min, Jenobi was about to deliver the final blow when someone hit him from behind knocking him out.

    Jenobi awoke from what he could tell the next day, still on the battle-field. He wandered for hours searching for any survivors from his family, but what he saw next he knew there would be none.

    The other amy won, and to torment Jenobi they decapitated his whole family and place their heads on stick around their castle.

    Jenobi departed from Talus's mind at that point, and took a deep breath

    " Now I hope you understand why it had to be me. It was not only a quest for revenge, but also a promise I made to my family."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-13-2002 08:04 PM:

    "Yes I can understand that you had to take revenge and even the need to do it personally, I guess it's the fact that I've never had anything I've cared about enough to dedicate my life to, besides my own personal ambition."

    Talus, bowed his head in respect of the Warrior's family, they were comrades in the empire and that meant that his lose was Talus' as well.

    "How does you're training fare?"

    Posted by jenobi on 11-14-2002 12:45 PM:

    " Training is moving slowly, but I believe Master Darkstar is trying to instill patience in me. I'll wait for as long that is needed, but in the mean time I work on improving my skills."

    Jenobi then noticed Talus's lightsaber

    "Seems to be a very unique design...It's not an ordinary lightsaber is it?"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-14-2002 09:06 PM:

    "You are quite observant aren't you?" Talus responded with a laugh.

    "No it is not an ordinary saber, it is a Dragon Saber, the weapon of the Death Guard and the weapon of our master, it was a gift and a lesson, he taught me how to build it when we traveled to his homeworld. He carved it for me as well when we returned, it is my most prized possesion." Talus removed exquisitely carved hilt from his belt and handed it to Jenobi.

    "It is impossible for any other than it's maker/owner to wield. It served me well in a spar versus the disciple Macros. It caught his eye and I convinced him to trade blades during the battle, effectively disarming him for a while." Talus chuckled at the memory of his spar with his comrade.

    Posted by jenobi on 11-18-2002 04:30 PM:

    "A quite useful technique" Jenobi replied as he looked over the craftmanship of the weapon

    After returning the weapon Jenobi smirked

    " I've added some special modifications to my saber as well. Although, anyone can weild it if it's not me...boobytraps kick in. Sure does make someone think twice before using something that doesn't belong to them."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-19-2002 08:54 AM:

    "Ahh that is a most helpful trick as well, but I wonder, what happens if you face someone who is as observant as you and knows the tricks to your weapon?"

    As Talus asked this he smiled nonchalantly, it was conversation yes, but he may have to spar Jenobi someday and it would be most helpful if he knew the gifts of his opponent.

    Posted by jenobi on 11-19-2002 02:18 PM:

    Jenobi let out an evil grin

    " That's the beauty of it my friend, only I know of them...those that I have fought may have figured them out, but by that time it was too late."

    Jenobi nodded towards his work-table

    " Besides I'm always modifying my saber, so there's always new surprises for my opponents."

    He smirked again

    " That might be something you would want to remember...if we ever have to spar that is."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-20-2002 09:36 AM:

    Talus grinned, he didn't know if Jenobi had read him like a book or just thought in a similar manner but either way it was amusing to him.

    "I'll do that.." Talus replied.

    "So do you simply tinker and train or are you interested in other things?"

    Posted by jenobi on 11-20-2002 04:10 PM:

    " Training mostly takes up most of my time, but when I'm free I sometimes visit planets I haven't been to before or hang around here and try to meet some new people."

    Jenobi being the curious person he can be at times asked

    "How about yourself, what do you do around here besides train and stuff?"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-21-2002 02:22 PM:

    "Read, I pretty much spend all of my spare time reading. However I do like to have conversations so I do my best to meet other members of the Empire." Talus thought of Nikka while he responded and tried to explain that tactfully.

    "I'm also seeing Sith Warrior Nikka Darkstorm, she tends to take up alot fo my spare time as well."

    Posted by jenobi on 11-22-2002 12:46 PM:

    With a smirk on his face Jenobi said
    " I bet she long have you been seeing her?"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-22-2002 12:51 PM:

    "A few months, she's wonderful."

    Talus nodded.

    "So what does one do around her for fun other than Rama's" He asked with a mischievous grin. He was in the mood for a fight, but not a spar, he wanted a battle for keeps. Perhaps he and Jenobi could stir up some trouble.

    Posted by jenobi on 11-22-2002 01:10 PM:

    Jenobi let out a mischievious grin at Talus's question

    " I have a ship and we could go somewhere not to far or anything, and see what we can do...At the best we might even run into a couple of jedi along the way."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 12-08-2002 03:43 PM:

    "Sounds interesting, but let us wait until I have acheived the rank of warrior before we go off to fight the Jedi." Talus responded: "I wouldn't want to slow you down"

    Posted by jenobi on 12-09-2002 02:22 PM:

    Jenobi nodded, having Talus as a warrior would be great.
    Then Jenobi smiled

    " Sounds good enough for me.When you get promoted we'll have to go do it as some sort of celebration...but don't doubt your skills at your present rank, it seems you're pretty good now I look forward to see what happens when you move up."