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    Posted by Nikka on 08-29-2002 08:55 PM:
    What's in a name...

    *Sith Disciple Nikka Darkstorm lay in her bed late that night... all alone in her quarters. Her usual now. All she could think about was Darran. She wondered if he was watching over her now and had always watched over her since he tragically departed her life. Still so many questions remained unaswered and would probably stay that way for eternity. There was no way she would ever think of returning home. There was too much to risk in returning home. Now, this was her home.*

    *As she remained lying there staring at the wall, her eyes caught the chrome hilt of her slain love's lightsaber that was resting on her nighttable. Every time she looked upon it, a pain stabbed in her heart and felt so real, as if a stake was driven into her chest. Tears ran down her face freely. The pain was overflowing now. Grief. Sorrow and even guilt. They always talked of leaving Hapes and travelling to other places in the galaxy. Just before he died, they bought transportation tickets to a remote planet so that they could settle down and have a quiet life alone... but it never happened. She knew if they had left the moment the tickets were bought, he'd still be here.*

    *She stood from her bed and grasped the saber hilt in her hand, eyeing it closely. Her thumb ran over the activation switch softly. She could end it now and save herself from the suffering of having to be alone and rid the guilt and remorse that plagued in her mind. She ignited the crimson blade from its slumber and held it close to her, the eerie glow of the blade lighting up her surroundings, seeming to hypnotize her. But another feeling came over her. She switched the blade off and still stared at it. A tear fell down her cheek and fell onto the chrome-plated hilt. Nikka stood then and raised it above her head, holding it in both hands. As she gathered all of her thoughts and pain of losing Darran, the saber came to life again. A low surge of enery shot out of it like a beam and bounced around the room, opening the door to her quarters. She then spoke in a low tone, calling upon his spirit.*

    "Darran... in honor of your love and dedication to my life, I shall name this weapon, your saber, that I'll hold dear to my heart forever, Love's Pain."

    *It shut down then and Nikka held it close to her heart, as if she would hold Darran.*

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-29-2002 11:06 PM:

    ~Alisa had been trying to meet her fellow members of the Sith Empire since she had felt a sense of disconnection lately. The Sith Warrior wanted to be a more active presence..someone people would walk down the hallway and know the name of without thinking.. hm, who's that pale girl with the marking under her eye?

    She had always been a bit self conscious of the marking on her face. Even more strange was that she didn't have a clear memory of how she got the curved symbol under her eye. Perhaps one day that part of her past would be revealed. Approaching a door she had not been to before, the Princess of Ord Mantell stopped and then took a deep breath. She knocked three times and then waited to see if anyone was home.~

    Posted by Nikka on 08-30-2002 11:22 PM:

    *Hearing the slight knock at the door, the Disciple turned around and clipped the saber onto her utility belt, making her way over to the door to see who it was. She wiped a few tears from her eyes, though it was obvious she had been crying. Clearing her throat, she opened the door and saw the dark haired woman standing there in the hallway. The woman looked very familiar to her, but Nikka didn't remember who she was. She nodded slightly while smiling despite the pain felt in her heart and soul*

    "Good evening, miss...? I-I don't believe we've met.."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 08-31-2002 10:19 PM:

    ~Alisa smiled as the woman greeted her, although the Warrior noticed her eyes were reddened and that her smile was a bit forced. Not wanting to intrude, Alisa nodded and spoke quietly.~

    "Hi. I'm Sith Warrior Alisa Sha and I just kind of wanted to get out and meet some fellow members. But if you're busy, I can come back."

    Posted by Nikka on 09-04-2002 10:26 PM:

    *She nodded and smiled, though it was obvious something was very upsetting to her. Opening the door more, Nikka motioned for her to enter.*

    "Oh no, it's alright. Please come in. I do believe I have seen you before, probably around Rama's, but I never got around to introducing myself. I'm Nikka Darkstorm. Pleasure meeting you, Alisa."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-15-2002 12:34 AM:

    ~She smiled as she stepped inside.~

    "Hi Nikka, it's nice to meet you too."

    ~Alisa glanced around the dwelling and then looked back over at Nikka.~

    "I'm sorry, but I can't help but notice that something is bothering you or has upset you. Would you like to talk about it?"

    Posted by Nikka on 09-15-2002 10:42 PM:

    *NIkka's throat clenched. There was no way for her to mention anything now as she was still overrun with sadness. She quickly cleared her throat and shook her head.*

    "No, no. I'm fine. Thank you for the concern, though."

    *She managed a smile.*

    "I'm glad to know that someone cares... even if it comes from a Dark Sider such as myself."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 09-27-2002 01:57 AM:

    ~Alisa smiled and then looked around Nikka's quarters before speaking once more.~

    "So have you been in the Sith Empire for a while then? Sometimes I feel as if I have lived here all my life."

    ~She smiled and laughed lightly.~

    Posted by Nikka on 09-29-2002 08:27 PM:

    She shook her head and shut the door to her quarters. "I've only been a member for a few months... well not counting the time I was here before."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-05-2002 11:29 PM:

    ~Alisa stepped into Nikka's quarters further and looked around before speaking again.~

    "Yes, I know what you mean. I have also had a time where I was not around the Sith Empire and I was away on personal business. It was kind of unsettling when I returned though. So many new faces and then such a feeling of disconnection from everything and.. everyone."

    Posted by Nikka on 10-12-2002 07:16 PM:

    The warrior nodded. It was good to know that she wasn't the only one that had the same experiences.

    "Yeah.. sometimes I still feel that way... even with the ones I am very close to."

    Nikka motioned for her to sit and they both did so.

    "Would you care for a drink or anything?"

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-18-2002 12:16 AM:

    ~Alisa smiled as she sat down.~

    "Sure. A brandy would sure hit the spot."

    ~A picture hanging on the wall caught her attention and she asked Nikka about it when she returned.~

    "That's a very interesting picture you have, Nikka. Where was it taken?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-19-2002 07:51 PM:

    Nikka returned with two glasses of Hapan Brandy and handed one to Alisa. Turning to the picture, she smiled somewhat, a slew of thoughts racing through her mind.

    "Oh, that's my late husband. He gave it to me before he fell ill."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-21-2002 09:49 PM:

    ~Alisa smiled as she accepted the glass of brandy from Nikka.~

    "Thank you. So you were married? I am so sorry to hear of your husband's passing, by the way. Were you married long? If you don't mind me asking.."

    ~She took a drink of her brandy and then looked back over at the Warrior.~

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-22-2002 02:11 AM:

    "Oh, it's ok. We weren't married long, but we were together for quite awhile. He died a year before I came here."

    Nikka took a drink of the brandy and sighed somewhat.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-27-2002 07:04 PM:

    ~Alisa nodded, understanding what it was like to lose someone.~

    "Do you think you will ever love anyone again?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-27-2002 07:10 PM:

    "I know I will in time... and I have."

    She smiled slightly as she thought of Talus and despite the tough times they were going through, she loved him no matter what.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-30-2002 01:07 AM:

    ~She smiled as she sensed a different feeling all of a sudden surrounding Nikka. The tension in the room had almost dissipated completely and the Warrior was a bit relieved at that.~

    "I am glad to hear that. He is certainly a very lucky guy whoever he is."

    ~She grinned again and took a drink of her brandy.~

    "Oh, I was wondering, where did you grow up?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 10-30-2002 10:31 AM:

    "I was born on Hapes and adopted when I was three. I never knew who my real parents were. They told me they died in some freak accident.. or something like that."

    Nikka wanted to say more about her dealings with abusive parents but felt it wasn't the right time.

    "And you?" She inquired, an attempt to change the subject.

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 10-30-2002 11:52 PM:

    ~Alisa nodded to Nikka as she listened and did not push the other subject any further.~

    "I grew up on Ord Mantell where I was raised as a Princess. My upbringing was a typical royal one I imagine, although my parents, the King and Queen, seemed to think they were more qualified to choose who I marry than I could ever be. Being independent, you could say that I really didn't like the thought of that very much."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-06-2002 01:11 AM:

    "That's understandable." She nodded in agreement. "I lived in a very... tight household growing up. I guess you could say I grew very tired of it and took out my agressions in devastating ways."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 11-14-2002 09:05 PM:

    "I don't believe I have ever been to Hapes. What was it like there? Were you sad to leave? Or grateful to get out?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-15-2002 01:26 AM:

    "Well, it's much like the planet you described. It revolves around royalty and sovereignty, run by what they call a Queen Mother. Ones who are poor are treated unfairly. Me, I was born from a lower level family and when I was adopted, it was by a couple who were on the royalty chain, so yes I was glad to leave. I don't believe that anybody deserves that type of treatment. It might sound almost non Sith like, but that's my belief."

    Posted by Alisa Sha on 11-18-2002 01:36 AM:

    "Will you ever go back there since you were so glad to leave when you did?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-26-2002 06:13 PM:

    She only shrugged. It was possible.

    "If I have to I will. For some strange reason, I've had this overwhelming feeling that I will be returning home. I'm not sure what about, it's just there."

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    ~Alisa nodded~

    "Well if you ever decide to return and would like anyone to travel with you, I'd be glad to accompany you if you need someone to go along. You just let me know, ok?"