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The small hours...{Zena}

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  • The small hours...{Zena}

    Posted by Darth Mundus on 11-26-2002 06:02 PM:
    The small hours...{Zena}

    ::A door slammed opened by a powerful forward kick::

    :: DM had made his way into the med-bay in TSE's HQ's. Sweat was rolling down his face and through his body, he had run, as fast as he could, all the way from the council room to the med-bay; a woman could be seen in his arms, she seemed to be unconcious and convulsing::

    ::It was his master Dark Lady Zena, who had suffered a severe concusion, when the Sith Lord Darth Phantom, force-pushed her, and as a result she hit her head::

    "Quickly...tend to her...NOW" ::The large Zabrak placed the former mercenary in one of the medical tables there::

    ::Every second seemed like millenia, and Mundus lost patience rather quickly, he could just not sit there and watch his master having those convulsions and be in pain. Regardless that Jenobi had come in here and let them know that a patient was coming, they were not ready for the emergency::
    "WHAT IS TAKING YOU SO LONG??? TEND TO HER RIGHT NOW!!!" ::This words left his tattooed lips as he grabbed one of the med-droids by what could be considered its neck, and then threw it a few feet away, like if he were throwing a piece of paper::

    ::Just a few seconds later more med-droids were nursing the Sith Warrior, checking her vitals, serum IV's and meds, were being administrated. The Zabrak just stood back and let them do their work::

    OOC: This thread derives from the events unfolded in "A Request..." found in the council room, if you wanna join in, pls feel free to do so, it's an open thread, though intended for Zena's recovery.