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    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-11-2002 02:22 PM:

    It was a long night for the Sith Warrior as she sat at her desk in her quarters later on in the evening. Sat beside her was a pen, paper and a half empty bottle of Hapan Mist. Thoughts of recent events were playing into her head as she sat there and stared at the blank paper. Then the thoughts rolled into a flow of words. Nikka picked up the pen and began to write, furiously.

    Sure I've been in love a time or two
    But in the end I still chose you
    No one could ever make me feel this way
    That's why it's killing me, what we're going through
    Somehow thought between me and you
    Our love would stand the test of time and never ever fade

    But we're not making love no more
    We're not even trying to change
    Tell me how it slips away
    Does it ever stay the same?
    We don't even talk no more
    We've ran out of words to say
    Tell me it don't have to change
    Won't it ever stay the same?

    I know that things aren't going right
    But don't you think it deserves a fight
    A love like ours don't happen everyday
    And we're losing it right as we speak
    And if we don't wake up, it's a memory
    A time gone past, a love that sailed away

    But we're not making love no more
    We're not even trying to change
    Tell me how it slipped away
    Will it ever be the same?
    And we don't even talk no more
    We've ran out of words to say
    Tell me it don't have to change
    Won't it ever be the same

    I dream of lovers past and
    I see a girl so sad cause
    She lost the only man she loved
    He went away
    Well it's not too late for us
    To change

    It didn't take her long, nearly 15 minutes to complete what she had written. Nikka had always had a knack for coming up with a song that fit any situation, though she never revealed any of it to her friends. As she re-read over the words, she swallowed a full gulp of the Hapan Mist while tears stung in her eyes, tears of disbelief and sorrow. It had been so long since she felt this way and wished nobody could sense it, but knew everyone in a 10 mile radius could. It was all ovbious over the way she has behaved around her comrades and friends over the last few days. Hopefully they understood what it felt like for her...

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-14-2002 11:54 PM:

    She wandered the halls later on that evening, clutching the notebook in her arms. The lost feeling was beginning to take over her and she didn't know where to turn to. On the way down the hall, she passed Talus's door and then stopped there for a moment. The lost feeling cut into her soul like a knife. It might as well had been real because she actually felt it. Sighing, she swallowed the lump that was building in her throat and moved on, heading toward the dining hall for a quiet dinner.


    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-25-2002 11:13 PM:

    Upon entering the dining hall, Nikka sat down in the furthest booth in the back. She thought this place would be much better than going to Rama's. Less noise. For once, Nikka wanted to be alone with her own thoughts and also be able to hear them while she ate and drank.

    As she placed the notebook down on the table, she opened it and began to look through the pages of all the music and words she had written, even back before meeting Darran or joining the Empire. Most of it was a form of release from pain she suffered from being raised in a rough household. The dates were hugely gapped, but she only wrote songs when the words came to mind, which was only on occasion.

    The young warrior just sighed, placing an order for a salad and a glass of water. She then ran across the most recent ones she had written and sighed again.