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Deadwood: For the mother who never gave birth to me (Closed)

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  • Deadwood: For the mother who never gave birth to me (Closed)

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 11-16-2002 02:04 AM:
    Deadwood: For the mother who never gave birth to me (Closed)

    ooc: please note before reading this that this thread will have things that are rather violent as well as some...not-so-nice words. So yes, you have been warned.

    *Sickening, Diseased, Rotting, Decaying. Only a few words that could describe the corpse that lay on a hard metallic "bed" in a secret room in Raine's quarters. What was once a beautiful Zabraki woman, was now nothing more than a mass of open sores and discoloring flesh. The bits of hair beautiful dark brown that had been on her head were now stringy, oily strands. Her lips had long withered away, her teeth now seen in a horrible grimace as her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling. The stench alone in the room was enough to make everyone run from the place, no need to even glance an image at the grotesque horror that lay in the room.

    However, one man sat there. The only man that knew of this place. The Sith Lord. He sat in a chair, staring at the figure in the room, his hands interlaced in front of his chin, hiding the sadistic smile that was on his face. The large hat that sat upon his head shadowed his eyes. The only noise in the room was his breathing....

    ...And the beep of a heart monitor. The woman was still alive!

    He had kept her so. Occasionally he would go in and yell at her. How sad it was. This woman could have given answers to not only him, but to the other Zabraks in the Empire. She had been born and raised on Iridonia. Only she had become a scientist rather than a warrior. But still she had knowledge. Not that it mattered. He had cut out her tongue long ago.

    What a lovely woman. But she was worth more to the strange Sith Lord this way. He loved it. He had kept her here for months, reveling in the way her skin would discolor as her body slowly rotted away as he forced her to remain alive. A living corpse begging for death. And everyone that knew Raine well enough thought that this woman was indeed dead. That he had killed her long ago. However, it was obviously not the case.

    What a fitting position for the woman who made him.*

    "Poor Mumsie Dearest, does it hurt today?"

    *He stood up slowly and took a cup off the wall and poured vinegar over one of the open wounds on her neck.*

    "I do hope it does. But believe me, I have yet to make you pay for what you have done."

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 11-17-2002 12:12 AM:

    *A sickening ripping sound almost echoed in the small room as Raine made a cut down the woman's rotting leg. She made strange gasping noises, yet kept from screaming, she hadn't the strength to. Throwing the dagger across the room when he had made a sizable cut he glared down at the woman again, leaning over her carcass of a body and started to laugh.*

    "You should have known better than make us. You should have known something was quite wrong the second that Kouu died! She was the second one, wasn't she?! Gods, but no! You had to keep going. And when the rest of them dyed, you still continued. You weren't satisfied with the five, nor the ten, were you? Even if Matariel survived!"

    *He started to pace the room and looked up, shaking his head*

    "But at what cost? When I found him he was a raving LUNATIC!"

    *The laughter filled the room again, covering over the agonized groans coming from the lady on the table again.*

    "It happened to him too, didn't it? You only made three stable ones. Out of the ****ing twenty of your CREATURES! Only three were WELL enough. Matariel, fused with the spirit of a writer...Ame, with a bounty hunter. And me...with that damnable SITH LORD!"

    *There was a loud crash as he shoved the chair over, the power behind his anger causing the chair to shatter and splinter as it hit the floor.*

    "But Ame died. I saw to that, didn't I?! But Matariel, there was something about him. Something I saw in his eyes right before I killed him. He wasn't like that when you gave me away to that family. Something happened to him. And I remember seeing you with someone when I went returned to the lab that one time when I was just a disciple here. A female...Oh God."

    *The Sith Lord suddenly fell the ground, putting his hands on either side of his head and screamed loudly.*

    "You *****! You knew what happened to him and you didn't tell me what was coming! He had already split! Just like I have now! That was the female part, only part of him! Just like I am only part of who I once was! SHE is the other half. Rain, I hate her! Gods, she looks just like I used to! And you knew that was going to happen to me! That I would be torn into two different people!!"

    *Springing to his feet slightly, he backhanded the woman, the crack of her jaw breaking echoing in the room slightly as blood oozed from the place where the impact of his hand had torn her diseased skin.*

    "But when I returned for your lives...Matariel. He was one again. HE WAS ONE PERSON! Not two..."

    *His hand went to his forehead as realization hit him.*

    "What once was one, became two, and then one again. It happened to him."

    *His maddened gaze once again returned to the eyes of his dying creator and mother.*

    "And I am next..."

    Posted by Rain13 on 11-18-2002 07:43 PM:

    *There had been a crack in the wall and she could hear him yelling at someone. So, against her better judgement she had decided to see what was happening. She had taken a chance coming to see her twin, after the incident with the Mercury.

    Now she stood horrified by what she saw.*

    "I always knew you were crazy but this is ridiculous, Raine! I didn't know you were into torture like this!"

    *Silence fell in the room as she glared at the boy that had once been part of her. He moved away from the body slightly and she let out a slight gasp as she recognized who it was.*

    "You...How could you do this?! You told me you killed her! Not this! What is the meaning of doing this, Raine? What do you hope to achieve by this?! She can't help us, anymore!"

    Posted by Raine Sarin on 11-23-2002 10:54 PM:

    "Fine! Then YOU Kill her!"

    *He shoved a dagger into her hands and then turned towards the secret entrance to his torture chamber.*

    "I'll leave you to do it in peace. I have no need to witness such an ill event."

    *A smile came to his face and when he spoke again, his voice was light, almost happy.*

    "Besides, my dear! It is time for me to rid myself of a burden and leave this retched place!"

    Posted by Rain13 on 11-23-2002 11:02 PM:

    *She looked down at the dagger, and then over to the corpse of the woman and shook her head. But she was not about to leave the woman as she was. Quickly unplugging the machines that were keeping her alive was the last thing that Rain did that day before she ran to follow her brother who was leaving the room quickly.

    She knew where he was headed though....The council room!*