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    Posted by Takai Konrad on 09-29-2002 08:10 PM:
    The Darkness (semi-open)

    (by semi-open I mean please PM me before you join in if you want to.)

    **The med bay, a cold, cruel place in it's own right. How ironic that a place of healing should be as such. Only once before had Takai been there, and that was for her birth. But now she sat quietly, waiting for someone to take her for the medics would not let her leave. They had tended to the broken ribs and gashes that she had come in with, but that was all she would let them do, she would not be put in any tank. Some expressed their concern about how thin she had become, saying it was unhealthy, but she refused to listen, and to speak for that matter. So, there was an obvious reason for no one knowing what had happened to her and when they tried to aid her further, she had only lashed out, having cut off the fingers on the right hand of one of the medics, and left a deep cut in another's cheek with a small dagger she had carried with her.

    They had tried to contact her father, but he was off doing something important, or perhaps he just simply refused to come. So, they had attempted to contact her uncle, again to no avail, he wasn't even in the Head Quarters, let alone on the planet.
    They were somewhat baffled as to what to do with the young girl, but as was mentioned earlier, they refused to let her leave alone, being slightly concerned with the girl's health.
    They didn't know however, that she had let someone know of the fact they were keeping her and that she wanted out. Now.**

    Posted by Lynch on 10-02-2002 03:48 PM:

    The man screamed.

    With dedicated care the blade sliced into the mans bicep muscle carving flesh like a piece of fruit, out poured warm blood that oozed over the surgical blade and the mans hand. Down his arm the blood flowed into crevices on the metal table on which the man was held down to a container below that collected the precious life source.

    Ripping free the muscle from within the mans arm the dark warrior held the warm piece of tissue in his hand before dispositing it within a tray on a table next to him. This held no medical experiment, no great value of study. It was merely one of the joys he had to inflict pain on the living. It matter little who or what. Young. Old. Man. Woman. Good. Evil. It was all the same to him.

    A man walked into the room and spoke to him of a message. He nodded only once and signaled for the messenger to leave. Hearing the man scream again the Sith turned to regard the poor soul before grabbing ahold of the mans jaw and yanking open his mouth before reaching in to grab the mans tongue, his fingernails dug into the mans tongue firmly before yanking it out. Blood poured out from the mans mouth as his muffled screams were nearly drowned on his own crimson.

    The Sith was already walking out of the room, the lights going dim leaving the large chamber filled with meat hooks impaled on bodies from the ceiling to fade into the dark oblivion.

    Entering into the medical bay he saw one medical doctor screaming about his fingers while holding his hand, at the end of the hand there were mere bloody stumps. A droid attended to him as another doctor was being attended by another to correct the crimson trail that flowed from his cheek.

    Without speaking a word to them he walked towards the cause of this anarchy, his dark green eyes shining from beneath his hood, the Siths dark cloak flowing around him as he approached Takai and stopped just before her. What had his student done this day. He stood there, silent with eyes that stared at her waiting for an explanation.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-02-2002 06:03 PM:

    **Looking up at her master she began to speak for the first time since entering the med bay.**

    "They were going to put me in one of those tanks."

    **One of her hands raised from her lap and pointed at one of the bacta tanks in the room. As she did so, her sweater moved away from her hand enough to show part of the bandage that was wrapped tight around her wrist.**

    "Upright coffin is more like it. I see no reason for me to be put in one. I am suffering from no fatal wound, master."

    Posted by Lynch on 10-03-2002 03:32 PM:

    “Yet you are wounded”

    Having caught the sight of the bandage about her wrist he questioned how she gained the cuts that were no doubt hidden beneath the wrapped bandage. One of the doctors not harmed by the girl approached him but the Sith held up an hand to silence the man before he even began to speak a word.

    “The bacta tanks are useful devices that will help you to recover should you need it. You need not to fear them. How did you get injured?”

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-03-2002 04:26 PM:

    **Her eyes instantly fell from his and looked down at her hands. She did not want to answer. After
    all, one answer would lead to more questions, and soon she would be in trouble for talking and would be in a state far worse than the one she was in now. She shifted where she sat slightly, trying to make the large tight wrap around her torso that was holding the fractured ribs in place more comfortable.**

    "Careless mistake...I cut myself with a dagger while searching for it underneath my bed. They wouldn't let me leave on my own..."

    **It was all she could say, and it came out somewhat of a mumble. She did not like the fact she was not telling her master of what had occurred only a few hours ago. It was hard to not tell everyone that someone was hurting her constantly and had been doing so since a few weeks after her mother's death. It had started with simple things...too tight of a grab on the wrist, yelling. Nowadays it was worse...much worse and the mental scars she carried were larger than those that somewhat littered her body.
    She was not lying about the cuts, just somewhat had warped the truth. The cuts were her own doing, the broken ribs and bruises however, were not.

    These thoughts were kept in tight order in her mind, but masked behind walls of jibberish. It was easy to hide things, she just covered them with the voices and thoughts of the people around her that were always floating through her mind. It always seemed like random chaos whenever someone tried to read her thoughts, she liked it that way and had learned the trick early in life.

    Quickly, though, she changed the subject.*

    "You asked me if I had knowledge of anything else I could do, last time. I do now. The force has granted me more abilities, though, I do not know why."

    **Glaring at the doctor behind her master she looked back to Jedah**

    "But I will not speak of such things before them."

    **In all honesty she did not care if the doctor heard, she just did not want the man informing her Master of what she had heard them talking about. Therapy...they thought she needed to speak with someone who could "help" her. She was too angry for such a young girl and the fact she appeared as if she had not eaten for some time was part of the "problem".
    Takai did not want or need help.**

    Posted by Lynch on 10-03-2002 04:45 PM:

    There were questions here and avoidance. That much was certainly, it interested him to find these answers whatever they might be. That would be gained through one method or another. Few things were beyond his finding out, it was his ability although hardly an force given one to find out what secrets hung behind the closed doors of those who wished to hide the skeletons that loomed in ones closet.

    Taking a last glance at the wounds he looked at the doctors than back to her speaking out loud to them as much as her. “Are you fit to come with me to discuss these new abilities than.” If the condition was more than it was she would need to be treated but if they did not currently warrant any treatment it was time for a discussion to be held.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-03-2002 11:53 PM:

    "I feel I am ready to leave."

    **She glared at the doctors again, challenging them to say anything different with her eyes, but they remained silent, though looked uncomfortable.

    Posted by Lynch on 10-07-2002 02:34 PM:

    Very little did the doctors in the med bay steady their tongues, seldom did they take care to not offend a girl not much more than a child. They knew the value of silence and the cost of boldly offering their own small minded opinions and words. They were in the midst of superiors, for them to speak when it was not needed to keep Takai any longer it was very possible to incur the wraith of the Sith Masters fury. One whom had slaughtered more than one or two people for no reason than they failed to do their job wisely or spoke when it was not needed.


    Returning the way he had entered Lynch walked with carefree arrogance towards the door and lead the girl from the stares and hatred of the medical staff. Down corridors, many of which were dark and all too often gloomy that inspired a sense of dread and haplessness they traveled on turbo lifts and past obsidian statues of Sith past and present immortalized in stone.

    Not long after they came to the library, the place from which the Master had first found the girls own natural ability shining forth as she had read a book far beyond her young years. Many of the languages in the books were old, often forgotten and surrounded only in myth and legend, there was no way she could have read one of the books as she did. To do so was a task he himself had to spend months and years at researching, a tedious process that with her ability might prove all the more simpler. The force did work in mysterious ways..

    Pushing open the two great oak doors that were crafted with the designs of men and women doing battle against each other with beams of light to reflect an age old conflict the two entered into the massive sprawling chamber. Book cases lined the walls past tables and chairs as far as one could see. Past roll after roll they walked until they came to a tall spiral staircase that lead down below. Downwards they walked to the lower level of the room as the air grew slightly more stale and the smell of older books flowed through their nostrils while the darkness around them grew.

    Finishing their trek to the bottom of the stair case light met their eyes once more as they walked into a room not as large as the above main library but filled with many older parchments carefully placed in glass casings to prevent any further degradation in the open air. Several rooms lay adjoined to the one they were in, walking into one of the rooms on the far right they came two book cases with a dead end at the end of them where two massive gargoyles stood guard with their wings outwards, one of which was grabbing at a woman yelling in pain as the beast was about to devour her whole, each of the beast was skillfully marked and designed in detail to reflect the gargoyles features with eyes that looked alive and claws held out that could tear through most anything that dared to fall onto them.

    Standing before them the Sith whipped his cloak over one side of his shoulder and held out his hand before the gaze of one of the gargoyles, a symbol on his hand glowed bright. The gargoyles eyes shined bright in response, it even looked as if the beast had moved slightly to inspect this new comer as its eyes focused on her. Such a thing was no doubt just a trick of the lighting in the room if not ones own active imagination. A split in the wall opened and the two entered.

    On the top of a new stair case they looked out over a room before descending below to the old forbidden room where a few book cases and desk were held. On the walls were the designs of smaller beast, imps and other wicked otherworldly creatures that were locked in their fixed positions as their eyes observed all. There were four other rooms attached to the one they were in, one consisted of a study, the second an bed room, the third was empty and the fourth was locked.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-08-2002 11:43 AM:

    "**Takai had to keep her curiosity and constant want to explore each area more under check as they had walked from the med bay. Everything was demanding her attention, but she would not deviate from her Master's side. Though, it was somewhat difficult to avoid running over to the ancient books that she had never seen before. The ones behind the glass had really sparked her interest...but that would all be dealt with at another time, perhaps.
    Then there was the gargoyles; they looked real, as if they might have leapt from their places and attacked. She could not help herself as she somewhat moved behind Jedah as he had walked closer to it. Having no experience with these sort of things, she did not want to suddenly find out that the appearances were truth, and that the huge creature would be tearing her apart.
    When their journey finally ended, Takai let her eyes wander around the room they were currently in. She smirked slightly at the decor, it fascinated her. Though, as to where they actually were, she did not have any idea. And the reason as to why her Master had brought here to this place was just as much of a mystery.**

    "What is this place...?"

    Posted by Lynch on 10-16-2002 02:28 PM:

    “This I have decided shall be where you will now live for an time until it is decided otherwise.”

    Activating a power source within the room, a creaking sound echoed causing a series of obsidian torches on metal constructs to rise up from the floors, a wail similar to that of a banshee screamed as their flames ignited casting shadows about the room revealing more detail of the splendors within the room. Below the stairs they had walked down a mural was revealed that stretched to one end of the wall that showed a bloody battle between men holding blades and winged demons that clawed at them, some stood valiant against the onslaught in their nobility and bravery, some lay on the ground slashed, bloodied and dying as blood covered their armor and severed limbs.

    “This is sanctuary. A place where those who need a place to rest and stay may find so without the eyes of those who would do them harm, it is a place where none tread unless invited and none may come too unless they have a purpose here.”

    The faces of the imps grinned and glared in the shadows of the torch light giving mixed reactions to the words the Sith spoke, what one showed on their face one moment could change in the next with a quick change of shadow cast on them. All remained silent in judgement.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-19-2002 12:43 AM:

    "I am the only one to stay here.."

    **She continued to let her eyes wander, enchanted by the view of it all. She liked it here, the voices of the thoughts of the members of the Empire were nothing more than whispers. It was nice to get away from it all, even if not fully. She blinked slightly and looked back down at her hands before looking up at her master, it was time to tell him.**

    "I know, because I hear them when I'm down there with them. They never stop. All of them."

    Posted by Lynch on 10-21-2002 01:55 PM:


    Taking a stern look at the child as the lights in the room continued to flicker casting dancing shadows about the room that resulted in shapes appearing and disappearing the only other eyes in the room belonged to the stone imps with their facial expressions wearing amused expressions, some smiling, some laughing and others bearing jagged teeth.

    “Are these voices the source of your wounds?”

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-22-2002 01:07 PM:

    "No. Only one of them..."

    **She looked down at her hands as she spoke. It was obvious as to what her Master would ask her next. Who? She did not want to say. Takai had been warned about what would happen if she told anyone. But, she could not keep it all to herself anymore. She had to tell someone and it might as well have been her master.**

    " father."

    Posted by Lynch on 10-24-2002 07:40 PM:


    Had the Sith Lord done this to his child? It was certainly possible she was lying, such things for children was not all that uncommon. One born into a family whose life style festered on the destruction of other species and saw lives snuffed out in the blink of an eye could easily lead to such a thing, but was Takai lying to him now? What would be such gain to do so? A bid to escape from her family perhaps, an ambitious child might want to get out of the shadow from any famed siblings or parents. If she felt burdened by their presence that might be such an excuse.

    Still...she had not showed herself to be a manipulative creature much yet. She would know if he investigated the matter she could be punished for lying. If her father did not hurt her before it was not all that hard to think to slander her fathers name would result in her paying dearly. The life of a Sith for parent or child was not easy. At times obedience, loyalty and manners would be enforced. Such was life.

    Was it his place to step in and stop such a thing? Was it really any different then him striking one of his apprentices when they failed in his eyes?

    “Why does he do this?”

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-26-2002 04:21 PM:

    **She frowned, and then looked slightly pained. During the times when it happened, she would sometimes demand to know the answer to the question that her master had just asked himself. However, her father would never answer her. Takai knew that her father blamed her for her mother's death; but was that really the reason he did it? She wasn't sure. Maybe it was just the fact that Varlon had wanted to see his daughter cry...something she had never done.
    Sighing slightly as her gaze still remained downcast as she looked to almost be studying her fingers, she spoke again.**

    " not know."

    Posted by Lynch on 11-07-2002 05:24 PM:

    A question asked and a question unanswered by the simple fact of a child unable to know that which existed in the mind of her own blood kin, a bloodline that from her own words often watched her own blood drip.

    Lynch had to admit to himself, this development was unforeseen and more to the point suprised him, although Varlong was capable of great violence and indeed served the Sith cause well he would never have pegged the man for the abuse of his own daughter.

    It might be possible although the child did not know it Varlon had been trying to strengthen her, such things were done on apprentices were they not? To beat into submission any unwanted or bothersome qualities of a human being that were undesired until at last the person was shaped and molded in the fashion an teacher so desired.

    Whatever the cause the Sith Master could only speculate at the Sith Lords motives in this, if should he even interfere was a question he would need to decide on or perhaps he could let the answer come to him.

    By staying in this place the child would be safe from any further abuse from Varlon for the immediate time, the Master knew the Lord might not be happy with what he had planned for the child but if it would serve the Sith and all that they fought for such an issue would be moot he believed.

    "One day than you may know the answer....until then you shall stay here as I have decided and continue to develop your talents so that they may serve our glorious cause. As long as you improve yourself to serve our way of life this place shall be your home and you may be spared the fist of pain save perhaps in battle. Understood?"

    A home for the child in an abode of darkness to prevent her pain. Yet those voices she mentioned...Had this been a bigger purpose than he knew, more questions, more to ask and more to think about later over meditation and study. For now this place that was called sanctuary the girl might earn an reprieve against all that would do her serious harm.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-13-2002 11:09 AM:

    **She looked up from her hands slowly, the long dark hair that had covered her face parting slightly, allowing her to look back up at the Sith Master.**


    **So, she was to stay here. Almost as if to protect her. She would not complain there was no reason to. She would be away from her father. Now the trick would be to avoid him in the future. He would wonder where she had gone off to, and his anger when he found her would be great.**

    Posted by Lynch on 11-19-2002 10:15 AM:

    Walking to one shelf that was lined with books the Sith ran his index fingers across their surfaces as he searched for the one he knew that would be of some use. Finding the book he removed the thing with care, the cover to the tome was old and had turned brown so long ago, its edges had chipped away over time.

    Holding out the book for her he awaited for her to take it.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-19-2002 08:01 PM:

    **Cautiously she took the book from her Master and looked at it, admiring it for how old it was. Though the awe soon wore off. It was sad, some people would look through these books, have no idea what they held and would wonder and would amuse themselves with thoughts of what the text could hold for hours. She just had to open it and find out. Though she did no such thing, yet. Rather she continued to simply hold it, waiting for instructions from her Master. Though she knew that she would probably go through all the books in the room, or at least as many as she could, when her Master was not in the room. She loved knowledge, craved it, and lived off of it. Perhaps she simply wished to know everything, not that she didn't know a lot already. Maybe she just wanted to see if anyone like her had existed before. She was finding new abilities almost every day, and some she didn't like.**

    Posted by Lynch on 11-23-2002 08:42 PM:

    Moving to a table where candle light could shine down upon the book and all that it contained the Sith Master let her place the old thing before them and gently open the cover. The pages inside were brown with age having been left in poor care of the previous owners whom had it placed in poorly aired rooms. Inside the book was not any great secrets of old as many of the older books carried but inside were stories. Stories from many famed writers of ages past who had long faded into dust.

    Their stories were timeless and had passed through the years due to the tales that carried a hint of morality if not consequences. And some were but stories to entertain and tell to the young ones during nights to give them something to dream about.

    This was not of such a case. He would not read to her of stories and tuck her into bed to sleep soundly for on the planet few slept soundly if at all. Many carried a blade beneath their pillows. Still there was a purpose here, the book held something for her. It was written in a tongue long faded to far regions of the galaxy, each story by every different author was penned in a different language. It would take her time to translate each but as she did so she would gain a new fable, a new tale to read.

    There might have been no great knowledge to gain but she would be able to do something he bet would put her mind into another place for a time and the voices she had mentioned might somehow be less. Down here, in the safety of sanctuary it was designed to keep the outer world out and thus could benefit her.

    Soon enough she would be placed in a test that would measure her.