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    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-24-2002 11:09 AM:
    In The Shadows....(open)

    A dark figure made its way down the halls of the Living Quarters set aside for the members of The Sith Empire to reside in. Her room was across the large complex, set somewhere beside a Sith Knight and a fellow Apprentice. This side, she had never visited...though she had been a resident for quite some time. Beneath the hood of her black robes, she smiled to herself as her eyes wandered about the Darkness, taking it in and filling her soul. Perhaps there was another lurking in the shadows.....perhaps someone was watching her. She felt the presence of others around, yet did not pay it much mind as she continued walking, turning a corner here and there. Danya had not seen her brother in some time, nor other members of her family....and her Master she had only the pleasure of speaking with during training. It was a bit lonely now with her boyfriend having left to follow a different way of the Sith....she felt cold and alone. Once before had she felt this way but she had made the mistake of hurting herself because of it...not this time, so she walked and thought about what life was to her.....

    Posted by Drako on 10-24-2002 11:26 AM:

    "They are all gone..."

    The voice was quiet, yet she heard it clearly, the ancient Sith Lord, breft of his normal armoured cloathing appeared out of the shadows. He was dressed in a red silk shirt and the same type of black trousers he always wore. The chameolionic cloak and armour were strangely absent though.

    "Your brother and the rest of your family are gone,"

    He repeated, making his meaning clearer this time, he was stood no more than a few feet away from her, those his eyes had been cast down till this point. Now they came up to meet hers, they were tired, warn and drained like the face of the ancient Force Vampyre but there was still a timeless quality to the cold green orbs.

    "But I am here and for now I offer you my company, and ask for yours..."

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-24-2002 02:12 PM:

    Danya stopped in her tracks and let her eyes sink into the darkness....only to meet those of her Master. She was quite relieved it was him, yet a bit afraid now. Will he punish me for wandering? Seems as though whatever I do it is wrong... She pushed the thoughts aside and bowed, gently nodded as she moved toward him.

    "Indeed my Master....I shall join you...."

    She spoke softly and then moved to be at his side as the pair began walking. It was nice to see him outside of training for once....perhaps they would come to understand one another more.....but that was only a dream within her heart; to be accepted as a friend, perhaps, by her Master.

    Posted by Drako on 10-25-2002 05:10 AM:

    The seemed to be wandering aimlessly through the corridors, but DarkStar was gently stearing their direction to where he wanted to go.

    "You know Danya, few have ever counted themselves amungst my friends, it is not always an enviable possition to hold. I have many enemies, living and dead, my friends are often their first target,"

    He steared them left without any effort at all but stopped speaking for a moment, another left and he began again.

    "Like your family many of my friends are go, dead or left, either way gone, few remain...but enough of that, tell my young one, tell me of yourself for I know less than I would like,"

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-25-2002 10:26 AM:

    Danya smiled to herself....he had done it again....he knew what she had been thinking. Sighing, she again wished in her mind that she was his friend, for her loyalty to him ran deep despite other happenings. It was a curious thing to her that he now wished to know more of her, so she gathered her thoughts quickly before she began.

    "Well, I shall start from the beginning. Since I can remember, I have always been an outcast. My birth parents gave me up for adoption when I was born to protect me from the Darkness that was engulfing our family. The Sith seemed to be dominant and they did not want that life for me. I was placed in the care of a foster family who knew my story and became afraid of me as I began showing signs of impatience....and malice. They tried to dump me off and one day, they succeeded....for I ran away from them. I hated them ran deeply from the depths of my soul..."

    She paused a moment and noticed that they had turned left again. Were they going around in a square? Danya paid it no mind but gathered her thoughts once again and focused on her story.

    "I became a street dweller and friends of those whom are lost. One day a man told me that I was.....Force sensitive.....though I knew this not. He was a blind man too, strangely enough. He said there was a darkness in my soul that he had felt many a times, and then he fled my presence. It was then that my path was marked out for me. I met another who dealt in shipping, and he agreed to take me here where I could fulfill my dreams and goals and become what I knew I was.....a place where I would be accepted....and I could serve."

    Danya paused once again as they turned another corner, down a hall that looked awefully familiar once again. She sighed to herself as her thoughts went to those she had lost.

    "Then I met him....Vega. He showed me the truth as to who I am. See this marking?"

    She held out her wrist, revealing a tattoo of a dragons head. Sighing, she brought her arm back down to her side and continued walking as she spoke.

    "All children of the Van Derveld clan are given one of those at birth....and so inevitably I discovered the truth, even before I became an Apprentice of you. We compared age....twenty-four....and blood testing occured and the such, only to lead us to the conclusion that we're twins. Funny how things turn out, isn't it? So then I went in search of the Council so that I would be accepted into the Empire....and then I was, and I chose you to be my grateful I am that you said 'yes'."

    She smiled once again and looked over at DarkStar. There was a fatherly quality about him that she took comfort in...even though he had been a bit brutal to her in the past. He was teaching her valuable lessons though.....things she would never forget.

    "So here I am now.....still getting used to droids....the annoying little things, and other such ammenities that I never knew growing up. I feel in love with Chaos Alexander Dawnstrider, only to have him leave as well.....but all is I can focus on my training and perhaps someday I shall bring great honor to the Empire; my home."

    Posted by Drako on 10-26-2002 03:40 PM:

    DarkStar nodded slowly as she spoke, most of what she said was known to him, there had been a few gaps in his knowledge that she had filled in for him. He took a right turn.

    "I would not make it too well know you are Vega's twin, he is not the most liked person around here. Myself I could not careless, the sins of your brother are not yours,"

    Another turn, this time left again. He had fallen silent letting them walk through the empty corridors of the Empire with only the sounds of their foot falls, and the quiet padding of the wolf that had joined them at some point that Danya couldn't quite put her finger on.

    "My only question is why, why did you choose me?"

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-26-2002 04:05 PM:

    Danya smiled and shook her head. He had been everything she was looking for in a Master.....but there was more to it. She had prophetical dreams and she had never told a soul.

    "It came to me one night in a dream.....while I was living on the streets. The name DarkStar rang in my mind....I had images of a powerful man who had fatherly qualaties about him. Strong, Brave and Valiant was he...but a hard teacher, one who made the lesson clear and whose students learned. When I came here, I knew that he would be here as I searched his name on the list and found it.....and so here we are. I had watched you silently for a few days before I asked to join were the one who I needed to teach me."

    She said softly, as if everything was matter of fact. In her mind, it was. Though her brother did not approve of DarkStar's training, she was her own person and made what she knew was a wise decision....

    Posted by Drako on 10-27-2002 02:20 AM:

    DarkStar seemed to digest her words as the took another right then a left, walking down a long corridor with no turns on it.

    "Are you aware DarkStar is not my real name? That it is a title of shame I took after my death?"

    His eyes flicked over to her, a hint of saddness in the green orbs, time was nothing to the imortal sith but it's passing was often a great sadnes to him.

    "It has been a long time since anyone uttered my real name, longer than most realise..."

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-27-2002 01:41 PM:

    Danya nodded slowly and closed her eyes as a spark of realization came over her. It was truly him she had sought after and he had just confirmed her suspicions. She had once a conversation in a dream with a man named Dagger....could that be it? She would soon find out.

    "Lord Dagger....."

    She spoke his name as he had said no one did in such a long time. Her eyes looked over to him and saw the sadness in the green orbs of his own. The young Apprentice sighed to herself and continued following his lead as they walked.

    "What happened to you? Why did you change your name?"

    Posted by Drako on 10-28-2002 05:08 PM:

    DarkStar's eyes snapped up and over to Danya, there was a fire in them that had been missing up till now.

    "You speak of things of which you have no understanding, Dagger is dead, you would do well not to mention his name again."

    DarkStar's eyes fell to the floor, away from his apprentice, his hands clenching and unclenching, trying to stop himself from striking the woman again.

    The name was full of haunted memories for the ancient Sith, it was a name he would never bear again, one that should never be uttered.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-29-2002 02:12 PM:

    Danya eyed him fiercly, not taking her gaze from DarkStar. She would stand up to him again if he dare hit her, though she held reverance for her teacher. Sighing to herself, she looked away as he did and they continued walking.

    "I'm sorry Master.....I shall never say it again....."

    She said softly, letting her eyes follow the ground as they moved together around another corner. How was it fair that he could question her yet deny her the right to know anything of him? All she wanted to do was be close to her Master but that did not look as if it were to happen. Even his other Apprentices had known him and seen him more than she. It broke the young woman's heart and so she remained silent, dwelling upon her thoughts.....

    Posted by Drako on 10-29-2002 02:20 PM:

    "My past,"

    He spoke quietly as if feeling out his words with great care before uttering them

    "Is something I wish to forget, though that is beyond the capasity of my kind, soon I will reveal all to all who wish to hear,"

    He fell silent again, musing on the future that he knew would soon come to pass, it would hold suprises for all, even those few who had know him before his death.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-29-2002 02:26 PM:

    Danya glanced over at DarkStar once again as he spoke. What he said surprised her a bit to say the least. Why would one as great as he wish to forget their past? Surly it was his past that brought him to greatness? With a sigh to herself, the Apprentice thought of what to say, without stepping over the line.

    "Everyone has things they wish to forget.....I wish this did not haunt you so. It is not fair when one lives a perfect life and another suffers...."

    She said softly, a side of her was coming out that no one had ever seen in her before. She too could be a nice person....though the front she put up as being tough was a good one. Inside, she felt weak and alone at times...afraid and worthless.

    "Neither is it the best feeling in the Universe to know that no one wanted was my case...."

    Posted by Drako on 10-30-2002 04:16 PM:

    "For nearly six hundred years my life was fine, then less than a decade ago everything went wrong but of that I will not speak,"

    He was silent for a moment, digesting some igot of information before continuing.

    "Someone always wants you, just not always for a good reason,"

    He chuckled at some private joke of his before looking over at her, his eyes twinkling with their inner fire, though not much, as though the fire was going out in the Sith Lord.

    "You are always wanted here, the Empire is a family, if you choose to make its members your family, talk to them, befriend them, they will want you,"

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 10-30-2002 06:56 PM:

    Danya's eyes shot from the ground to Lord DarkStar as he laughed to himself about something he commented on, then he began speaking once again. She listened intently and smiled at his reassuring words.

    "I shall remember that, my Lord.....for I consider you top among my family."

    She smiled as a joy glinted in her eyes of even having a 'family' now. He was like a Father to her....and she took immense comfort in knowing he was there for her. Smiling thoughtfully, she continued walking, following his lead.

    "I wished to know something of you. How is it that you always know my thoughts?"

    Such a random question it was, but it had been bothering her...not in a bad way, but more of a wondering way. It was something he always did....he always knew what she was thinking even when she attempted to block everyone out. For this, she was grateful at times....and so she wished to know, if he would tell her.

    Posted by Drako on 10-31-2002 03:39 PM:

    DarkStar laughed at his on private joke.

    "Ah young one, few ever dare ask that question, so I will tell you, as I tell all that ask, though in telling I often loose the ability. I do not know what you are thinking, I guess. It is an educated guess, I take into account such things as; possible futures, human nature, the personality of the person in question,"

    He smiled and began flipping a coin up in the air, catching it and showing heads or tails.

    "Then, based on that information I guess, I am rarely wrong, though I am sometimes, it is not reading your thoughts so worry not, I am not intruding into your mind,"

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-01-2002 05:57 PM:

    Danya couldn't help but laugh at her Master's words. He was only guessing? How was it then that everytime she thought something near him, he knew it so well? He was never wrong? How she wished to be able to guess like that. Smiling to herself, she shook her head and brought her hand to touch the coin hanging from a silver chain around her neck. It was the coin that he had given to her the day her training had begun....and more than a coin, it represented their bond and many promises that went with that bond. She smiled thoughtfully and let her eyes wander into the darkness as they turned yet another corner.

    "I have another question for you too Master. While Kat and I were training the other day, you said that I was a thorn in your side....and I could tell not if you were joking or serious. Which were you, for it has bothered me so. I would like to think that perhaps we have a good relationship.....I hope.......maybe...."

    She swallowed hard, wondering if she was asking too many questions but she yearned to know more of him so that they might grow closer. All she wished for was some stability in her life and at the moment the only stability she had was him.....

    Posted by Drako on 11-01-2002 06:38 PM:


    He spoke simply and stopped, as though that were the only answer he was going to give, then he took a deep breath, sighed and spoke again.

    "There have been times when you have been an unimaginable pain in my side. The drugs incident for example, you came very close to making me loose my temper,"

    He flipped the coin up in the air and caught it again, it seemed to vanish as he palmed it back to where it had come from, his movements faster than the eye.

    "Whilst on other occasions I have enjoyed your company but make no mistake, I truely care about only two people, myself and the lady who holds my heart,"

    He shot her a glance sideways, a sly smile on his face

    "And while who that is is still not common knowledge, I can assure you it is not you,"

    He laughed and guided them down another turn before speaking again.

    "I do not hate you if you believe that, but niether will i ever really be the father that I think you want, perhaps grandfather is closer, I will look after you, i promised that when you took my coin, but I will promise nothing more, for now,"

    For now could mean alot of things, to someone as old as the ancient Sith, the way he said it made it sound like for now could last several hundred years without him being even slightly inclinded to change his thinking.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-01-2002 06:51 PM:

    Danya laughed to herself as he mentioned the woman who held his heart. Perhaps someday he would speak of her, but for now, she would not push the issue.

    "I'm glad to know that you're happy...."

    She said softly, thinking of Chaos once again. It was sad to know that he would never return to her and her heart would always be with him. Sighing as they continued to walk, her eyes drifted over to DarkStar as she recalled what he said. She was a bit disappointed that he made it sound as though they would never really be close.....but she understood that he had no time for someone like her anyway...and he was only doing his job by training her.

    "I understand.....maybe someday I'll have a real family again.....maybe...."

    Though no one seems to appreciate me anyway....perhaps I'm a thorn in the side of the Universe. The young woman shook her head and tried to forget this thought....though, it seemed to make a lot of sense to her. She continued walking, absent-mindedly following DarkStar's lead.

    "Just think...if I'm a pain to you'll surly hate me in a few hundred years. You must remember my life span is near six-hundred or so!"

    She giggled to herself and thought it quite funny that he should mention anything about "for now" for she had a long time to live. Smiling to herself, she kept silent and listened to their footsteps upon the floor.

    Posted by Drako on 11-02-2002 04:51 PM:

    DarkStar stopped, shock and perhaps a little horror on his face now as she told him her estimated lifespan then suddenly he threw back his head and roared with laughter. When he finally stopped he looked at her with a smile on his face.

    "Well young one, it seems I am stuck with you for a while. We will have to see what the future brings will we not, if we have futures that is, or chosen path could cause our lives to be conciderably shorter than we would like,"

    Reminding himself of that seemed to ruin his good humour and he continued down the corridors towards his destination.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-02-2002 07:33 PM:

    Danya was a bit surprised when her Master stopped in the middle of the hall and began laughing. He had looked horrified, but she was happy to know that he was not....and he was giving her a good lesson as he spoke.

    "Indeed...but hopefully I will learn well from you and prevent my life from being shortened. I wish to stick around and make your life a nightmare....then you might wish I was dead."

    She laughed to herself and could not contain her giggling for a moment as they continued walking. Her smile faded slightly at the thought that he could possibly be killed before she would ever die....and that saddened her, though she attemtped to put these memories from her mind.

    " the amount of time that I have been here.....I have learned so much from you....and to speak with you as we are, gives me great joy. I just wanted to thank you for taking your own time and spending it on me......that means a lot to me...."

    Her words were quiet for she was not good at expressing these types of things...but she meant every one of them and offered them to her Master to do what he wished with them. The young Lupine's eyes went from the floor to look upon his face and then back to the direction they were walking in.

    Posted by Drako on 11-04-2002 03:35 PM:

    DarkStar smiled kindly, though not directly at her, he was thinking of others who had said such words to him, though it had been a long time since.

    "You are my apprentice, my time, for now, is shared between my lady, and my apprentices,"

    Now he turned to look at her, the kind, grandfatherly smile on a face that seemed to grow older the further they walked, there were lines on his now and his hair was graying.

    "You will all be powerful one day, I will see to that, in the end I may need that power. As I once did and it wasn't there..."

    He sighed saddly, letting his thoughts trail off as they drew him to his imidiate past again. He made another turn, another couple of minutes and they would be at their first destination.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-05-2002 09:59 AM:

    The young Apprentice couldn't help but smile as he spoke to her. His time would be spent on his Apprentices and somehow, he'd still have time for the love of his life. It made her so joyous to know that he had someone to share life with. But then she got to missing Chaos.....and her heart grew sad again.

    "I will do my best to reach that goal, Master. I shall strive to be all powerful.....and that power shall be there for you too."

    She said softly, noticing that he had aged greatly as they walked. It was a bit odd to her, but it was almost as if it had happened so gradually, she did not realize. They turned another corner and she forgot to wonder where they were going. She trusted him and knew wherever they were going was fine.....

    Posted by Drako on 11-08-2002 03:53 PM:

    DarkStar stopped outside what appeared to be a jail, he opened the door and motioned for Danya to go first, this was in the depths of TSE and it was cold and damp here.

    He was taking off his gloves, revealing the hands that could drain the life from a living being in a matter of seconds.

    "Few have ever seen me feed and lived to tell the tale."

    He said quietly, just behind Danya as they walked down the dark corridor.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-08-2002 06:10 PM:

    Danya walked ahead of her Master and entered the long corridor that looked like a jail. It was cold and the air was thick......damp as if it had just rained. She shivered slightly and nearly stopped at his words. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes momentarily and continued on.

    "Suppose I shall be one of those few who do live to tell the tale, yes?"

    She had complete faith and trust in her Master....or she would have turned around and gone back by now. Her eyes stayed trained on the path before her, though she could not help but wonder who would be down here that he was to feed off of. Surly it would not be....her? Taking a deep breath, she continued on.

    "I am guessing this to be.....most interesting......but why should you have me witness this?"

    Posted by Drako on 11-10-2002 03:26 PM:

    "Don't flatter yourself by thinking I want you to see this, it is a coincidence, I am in your company and I need to feed,"

    DarkStar pushed open one of the doors behind Danya, a snivaling human male was inside, shackled to the wall, he was thin from starvation and nearly dead. With two strides he covered the distance between himself and the man.

    He lifted the man by the throat, a second, no more, passed and DarkStar dropped the lifeless husk to the floor. There were no flashes, no screams, one moment he was alive, the next not and DarkStar was growing younger by the second.

    In less than a minute he was returned to the youthful form that Danya most often saw, though he still looked tired and drained, his eyes still lacked much of their fire.


    He said quietly,

    "Let us leave this depressing place,"

    He left the door open behind him and headed back into the main part of TSE, Danya in tow.

    Posted by Danya_Argent on 11-22-2002 06:03 PM:

    The eyes of the young woman widened in wonder and then a twisted smile crossed her lips as he finished the man off.

    "That was most...interesting."

    She gulped slightly and followed him out closely, leaving the place as he had said.

    "How often do you need to do that?"

    It was a stupid question, perhaps, but she truly was interested now. She had never seen anything of the sort in her entire life and it struck the Sith Apprentice with a bit of awe.

    Posted by Drako on 11-23-2002 04:05 PM:

    Drako shruged, it was a truely non-comittal gesture.

    "As often as I have need, there is no logic to it, though I often wish there was,"

    He turned a corner and stopped, thinking for a moment,

    "I need some fresh air,"

    He said suddenly and began to head towards the surface and the non recycled air it would afford them.