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  • Yet Another Failure...

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-04-2002 03:59 PM:
    Yet Another Failure...

    Nikka was lying on the bed, semi-conscious after her first battle as Warrior with her friend Sten. The battle was grim. After the last two hits, she was nearly on the brink of death.

    `Where am I? Who is there? Anyone?`

    Nobody could hear her, but she did not speak, only called through the Force.

    The med bay was very deserted at that time of the night. The spar ended in the wee hours of the night and Nikka was brought in by a med bay team. Everything was a blur from the last hit she took, so she had no idea where Sten was, or if he was okay.

    She just barely opened her eyes, glancing around just a bit but couldn't move that well. Her entire body was screaming in pain. It would take a while for her to recover from this spar.

    The defeated Warrior sighed and dfifted back to unconsciousness again. She barely knew where she was... but there was something very familiar about all of this.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-04-2002 04:11 PM:

    Talus stood silently in the corner of the med-bay watching her. He waited until she drifted back to sleep to move towards her. Sitting down he took her hand. He hadn't held it in quite sometime.

    "I'm always here Nikka..." He whispered gently, he wasn't always around, but his heart was always with her. She probably didn't know it, he didn't really show it. But he felt it, he always felt her in his heart. His head slumped down as a few tears fell gently down his face. He had ruined his relationship with her and he knew it. His ambition and drive to become powerful consumed his time, perhaps it was time well spent, perhaps it was time wasted, he wouldn't know until he'd attained or failed to attain his goals if it was worth all that he had sacraficed.

    "Didn't tell you enough times how much I love you did I? I didn't show it often enough, didn't let teh universe know that you were at the center of my heart." He spoke, half-choking from the tears pouring down his face. "I didn't know how to, guess I still don't, I have to wait til you're unconcious to come to your bedside, when I know I'm welcome anytime I wanted to be with you." Raising his hand gently he pressed it to his moist lips.

    "I love you Nikka, I'm sorry I don't say that often enough."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-04-2002 05:23 PM:

    Nikka didn't realize he was there with her, nor did she feel his presence in the med bay. The warrior was too out of it to know what was going on.

    "I'm always here, Nikka..."

    Somehow the words echoed in her subconscious mind, thought despite her being so out of it. And it somehow made a weak smile cross her battle torn face. The droids remained busy monitoring Nikka's vital signs and pumping medicines in her every few minutes so that she can maintain her strength. There was a moment when she opened her eyes again, but just barely. She couldn't see that well, but felt that someone was there at her side.

    As she turned her head to the side, she groaned weakly and tried to bring her vision into focus to see who was there, but she couldn't open her eyes anymore than to just barely see a blurred foreground before her. These injuries were far worse than she had ever been through.

    For a moment, she could see the blurred image of Talus' face looking down on her, but couldn't make out how he appeared. Then she sensed how upset he was. Tears rolled down her face as she closed her eyes again... just as he said the words, I love you, Nikka...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-05-2002 11:31 PM:

    "Shhh... just stay down, the bots are going to take care of you." Talus quieted her down. Chances were she'd never know he was there. He didn't want to be there when she woke up, it would more than likely just upset her. His prescense seemed to do just that now-a-days.

    "How long is she going to be out of it?" He asked one of the droids with an unusual warmth. It was Nikka he was here for, not to harass the droids and he would let them do their work unimpeded.

    A few more hours sir... One of the droids piped back, Talus nodded his head.

    "Keep me informed of her progress. As he sat back in his chair to relax.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-06-2002 06:55 PM:

    Where am I?

    Nikka awoke several hours later, looking around at her surroundings. Her neck and back was sore but she couldn't figure out why... or how. She groaned again, wondering why the pain was so bad.

    "Ma'am, you took quite a bump to the head, please try and relax."

    The droid spoke in its electronic voice as she raised up in the bed slightly. Sitting next to her in a chair was a man, who had his hand clasped within hers and had dozed off in the chair.

    For a brief moment, an image of the man flashed in her mind, his smile and the way he was looking at her. She then looked down at the hand that held hers and another image came to mind... the same hand that more than likely held hers once. Nikka blinked and shook her head, trying to clear the image out of her mind, but it only remained.

    Looking across the room at a mirror, she brushed a hand across her forehead. There was a nasty looking bruise across her forehead and a large scar on her left cheek. She winced when she barely touched it and groaned again.

    A battle, perhaps?

    She knew what she did and what she is: A Sith. Battle was her life as well as training and sparring. It was the song that she sang everyday- training to be one of the best warriors in the Empire. And she knew where her home was and where her heart lies- with the Sith Empire.

    But what of the man that sat next to her in the chair? Odd that she can't seem to place where she had seen him before. He has to be one of the members of the Empire as well... Looking down on him again, he seemed so peaceful and serene as he rested, she didn't know whether or not she should disturb him. Again as she looked down on him, those flashes raced through her mind like a slide show. Nikka only blinked and squeezed his hand to get him to awaken.


    She spoke weakly, and almost hesitantly, looking at him in a confused manner. Then it happened again. The images raced through her head even faster than before, jumbled so much she could barely make sense of what they were. A wave of dizzyness came over her, making her nearly fall out of the bed. Luckily, one of the med bay techs were nearby to catch her as she doubled over.

    As she opened her eyes, she looked to the man again and blinked.

    Now she remembered...

    He had been there the whole time she was, holding her hand. It was as if he never left her... She realized then that he really and truly did care about her. She smiled and gently scooted off the edge of the bed, planting her feet on the floor.

    "Talus..." She leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear. "Wake up."

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-07-2002 09:54 PM:

    The Darkness swirled around him, consuming him. But Sten was used to it by now. Now the Darkness made him stronger. He was used to it. But then it changed, began to rapidly eat away at him, and in months he would die. It seemed impossible that the Darkness he so wanted to wield was in fact killing him. It made him mad, added to the rage that welled up inside. And in one explosion, the Darkness was gone........

    And Sten sprung straight up from the bacta tank in the medbay. The rage burned, and Sten couldn't control. Suddenly, Sten's strong side, the thinking, calculating side, sprung, and gripped the reins of his body. He fought with the beastial rage, and after thought of ultimate power through the Dark Side, the thinking Sten won. He clambered out of the tank, strengthened by the thoughts of power and the agreeing rage that worked with him. Violently, he shook, getting the liquid out of his body hair. After his eyes focused, they saw Nikka, and a human male. He padded up, and once he got beside them, he spoke.

    "I'm sorry I did such a number on you. Think of it as practice, for you will not die. I, nor the Darkness, will not allow it....."

    He then looks at the male.

    "No reason to cry. She'll be just fine."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-08-2002 10:59 AM:

    Talus stirred from his slumber. He'd been asleep for far longer than he'd wanted. He had intended to leave before anyone awoke. Looking at Nikka, he turned his head away, the tracks of his tears were marking his face.

    "Are you feeling better?" He asked gently. Looking at the primate before him telling him not to cry, Talus just nodded and rose to his feet. His muscular yet suprisingly agile frame fully extended as he stretched out.

    I finished crying a long time ago...

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-08-2002 02:52 PM:

    She took a step back as Talus stood up, looking down at the floor and then at Sten as he spoke to her. Smiling briefly, she only nodded and shrugged slightly. It was a good spar and Nikka knew she needed the practice.

    "It's alright, my friend. I need all th practice I can get."

    The droids began to unhook the IV's from her arms as well as the other monitoring equipment. She then glanced to Talus again, who wouldn't even attempt to look at her. Maybe she really done it this time and is losing yet another. She didn't want that. It happened too many times already.

    "I'm fine..." She spoke weakly, almost in a whisper. Her voice quivered, but she held it together, not wanting to lose it in front of others present in the room. She knew Sten was watching them and probably knew what once was between the two standing before one another.

    The bridge was once built between them and they would meet in the middle, but now it had fallen apart, taking them with it. The possibility of rebuilding and reaching the top again was probably at a low. The truth was beginning to feel devastating to her and she had to suppress the urge to run out the door and leave the Empire and never return. But that was not the answer...

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-09-2002 12:40 AM:

    "Yes. And so have I."

    Sten turns to Nikka.

    "I'm glad you're feeling better. Perhaps we could do it again sometime."

    Sten didn't mention the tension between the two. It was obvious and unnecessary...and not a good thing to tinker with.

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-09-2002 10:50 PM:
    Another Loss

    Nikka nodded to Sten and smiled, the idea of another spar was appealing, but it would have to wait at a later time.

    "I'll take you up on that offer soon. Just let me know and I'll meet you in the training grounds again."

    Turning back to Talus, she noted his silence. Sighing deeply, she simply brushed past him, seeming to be lost as she stared at the ground, heading toward the door. Right before she reached the exit, she turned for a brief moment.

    "If anyone needs me... I will be in my quarters resting."

    Nodding to them both, Nikka turned and exited the medbay, heading for her room to rest. A crashing sound was heard on the way out, like an explosion of some sorts. Several light fixtures had exploded as Nikka passed them. It was obvious her anger focused and contributed to the damage.

    He will pay for what he has done to me...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-10-2002 02:19 PM:

    Talus felt the fiery redhead push by him. He moved to stop her but she left too quickly. Stepping out into the hall he snapped;

    "What the hell is your problem? I sit by your bedside to show my concern, I stand beside you, I told you I'm not good at this love thing and if you can't accept that or me then I'll leave you be. I'm sure you'll want revenge so take it..." As he finished speaking Talus drew his saber and threw it on the ground at his feet.

    "I'll not stop you."

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-10-2002 05:13 PM:

    Sten slowly walked beside Talus, and spoke softly.

    "You might not want to do that. As ****** as she is, she might actually do it.... And don't worry, young one. She's probably just ****** off at me, for how I won the spar. Such is the way of the Sith. And if you wish for your love to flourish with her, then it would probably be in your best interests to keep it separate from your tenures and happenings here at TSE until you can learn not to let them interfere. But it really isn't my place to try and give advise, 'cause I really don't know you, but I'm only trying to help. Perhaps we should grab a drink, get to know each other. You want to?"

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-10-2002 08:30 PM:

    Nikka continued her stride down the hall, glass fixtures breaking all around her as she passed each one. She focused on her anger more as she approached her room, the door blowing off it's hinges and landing in the middle of the hall with a loud thud, loud enough to jar the entire hallway. She didn't even hear Talus speak to her in that instant. Everything else was blocked from her mind.

    Upon entering, the black candles on her dresser lit on their own, but didn't explode. Could she be calming down at this point? Perhaps... perhaps not. But one thing was for certain. Nobody would be able to bother her for several days. Anybody who knew Nikka would advise that...

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-12-2002 10:13 AM:

    "A drink would do me good..." Talus responded as he called his saber into his hand. Never did the young man kneel before any other than his master to retrieve anything.

    "I am Talus and you are?" He asked nonchalantly.

    Posted by Sten the Chimp on 11-16-2002 01:51 AM:

    "I'm Sten. So, now let us go and drink to our healths and be merry."

    Posted by Nikka Darkstorm on 11-16-2002 02:02 AM:

    A few moments later, Nikka was lying on the bed, seeming to be in a daze. The repair droids were already working on her door that burst off the hinges when she approached it. That was something that certainly never happened before. Something was growing inside of her... something mysterious. As she awoke, she looked around her, wondering why the droids were fixing her door and sprang out of bed. The candles were still lit, but burned halfway down.

    "What the he..."

    Rubbing her forehead, she stood up. It was like she had the worst headache of her life. She motioned one of the droids over and spoke to it.

    "Get me a bottle of water and some herbs for pain, now..."

    "Yes, m'lady." It beeped and rolled off, heading back to the medbay. Nikka walked over to the door and peaked her head out into the hallway. She saw Talus and Sten still standing out in the hall talking and wasn't sure to approach them. They seemed to have become good friends. Groaning again, she stumbled over to the bed and crawled in it again, waiting for her pain relievers and water to arrive.