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Licking His Wounds (Darkstar)

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  • Licking His Wounds (Darkstar)

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-04-2002 12:37 AM:
    Licking His Wounds (Darkstar)

    OOC* Closed for Lord Darkstar

    "Son of a bitc.. arrggh you frelling tin cans!" Talus screamed in rage as the med-bots administered first aid to the burns on his back. As he finished his verbal expression of displeasure with the treatment the droids where giving him he launched one across the room with the force and pinned it to the wall.

    "I have nerve endings unlike you, so be careful!" He growled as he released the droid. Talus was somewhat amazed at his ability to lift and pin the droid, normall all he could do was throw them, but this encounter with Takai and her father had seemed to add something to his abilities, though he was paying a heavy price for it in pain.

    "Of all the cowardly, weak, disgusting things to do! Strike a mere disciple down from behind and use force lightining on him for defending himself from someone who is supposed to be his comrade. Well I won't make the same mistake as he, I'll kill the son of a ***** as soon as I'm strong enough." The rage in Talus combined with his own arrogance and pride had overcome his usual high amount of self-control. He was being stupid and loud, but he didn't care for the moment.

    Talus rose and pushed the droids away, they'd placed the bacta patches on his back and he could feel them work their magic on his damaged skin. He rose to his feet and began pacing.

    I'll have my revenge...

    Posted by Drako on 11-04-2002 03:25 PM:

    "Indeed you shall,"

    Unusually Talus felt an invading presence in his mind as the ancient Sith plucked his thought from his head. Entering rather later than usual, not before he needed to be there.

    The Sith Lord went and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Talus, he was just pulling on his gloves, as though he had removed them for some reason. Also, he was missing his armour, this was the first time Talus had ever seen his master without his armour.

    "Tell me what happened..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-04-2002 03:34 PM:

    "Nothing a saber and his head on a stick can't handle!" Talus roared, he knew he was no match for a Sith Lord, but he was enraged, he would fight him and kill him or die trying.

    The large disciple's hands shook, his eyes were on fire, there was death in his gaze.

    "I'll kill him, his family anyone he's ever known and considered a friend." He wasn't even talking to his master now, just uttering what was in his head.

    "He thinks since he's better trained that he is better than me, I'll gut him and take his head with his own weapon!" As he rose he flipped the medical table he had been lying on spinning he caught a droid by it's metallic neck and demanded that he bring him his saber.

    "I'll do it now..."

    Posted by Drako on 11-06-2002 03:16 PM:

    With a single hand DarkStar forced Talus to the floor, forcing his knees to buckle under the power of the ancient Sith. His face was cold and determined and he brought Talus to his knees.

    "And how my young apprentice do you propose to slay a Sith Lord when you cannot even stand up?"

    His voice was cold and condisending, attempting to break Talus's resolve as he gave him a final push backwards onto the floor. He stood over his apprentice, arms folded, grim expression on his face.

    "With one hand I defeated you, imagine if I was trying to kill you? And I assure, the Sith you hunt is no less dangerous than I,"

    Perhaps this was true, perhaps it wasn't. There were few in the universe more dangerous than the ancient Sith, he knew his fellow Sith Lord was powerful but was he as dangerous, he didn't know.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-06-2002 03:23 PM:

    "Then train me to kill him..." The young man snarled. As he tried to push himself back to his feet.

    "Because whether I'm strong enough or not. I will try, the first oppurtunity I get." There was fire in his eyes, a mixture of bloodlust and ambition. Talus had found a new reason to become powerful and he would use it to drive himself further.

    "Teach me how to kill him master..." the Dark-Skinned Sith growled.

    Posted by Drako on 11-08-2002 04:24 PM:


    The answer was simple and cold, his eyes were locked on Talus, the fire in them burning.

    "I will not have my apprentices fighting other members of TSE, that way leads to collapse, leave Lord Varlon to me..."

    Now there was a twinkle in his eye, one that spoke of pain, pain for someone.

    "I will teach you to kill Jedi though, that will be more usuful to you I think,"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-08-2002 04:31 PM:

    "Gah! I do not want others fighting my battles for me... but if you command me to stand down I will m'lord. " Talus growled. He bent to his master's command, stiffly but bending none the less.

    "Then teach me to do that... Just teach me to be so strong that none dare threaten me again... That the mere mention of my name, glare of my eyes, would bring them to their knees in terror. Train me to be power incarnate." He asked, with a desperation in his eyes that said that he would attempt to become that strong one way or another.

    Posted by Drako on 11-11-2002 04:23 PM:

    DarkStar said nothing, he just watched the desperation in Talus's eyes. I will have to watch this one, he thought to himself, there is a maddness in those eyes that, if left unchecked, will consume and destroy him.

    "I will teach you, I will teach you all you need to know"

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-11-2002 06:25 PM:

    Slowly the Sith took a deep breath, it seemed as if the entire atmosphere calmed, the charge left the air. Talus bowed his head slowly, his breathing became controlled, his eyes lost their hint of madness and returned to their normal dark calm.

    "I apologize m'lord, I do not know what came over me... I of course will obey you, I have no need to get myself killed or kill another member of the Empire." His voice was cold, still there seemed to be something behind it, a rage that was being held complacent by extraordinary emotional control.

    "I believe something happened when young miss Konrad used her Sith spell on me, I felt a charge of power and with that power a sense of rage as well. I have never been as out of control as I just was in my life."

    Posted by Drako on 11-14-2002 03:48 PM:

    "To be out of control is to loose your edge, your anger is a tool not something that should control you,"

    The ancient Sith had stood and wandered over to one of the tables and was inspecting something absently.

    "That is what sets us aside from the Sith who have died, they died because their anger took over and they lost their edge, do not make that same mistake my young apprentice."

    He was holding something in his hand now, a scalple, with no warning and no apparent effort he turned and flung it at Talus's head.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-14-2002 03:54 PM:

    Talus moved his head and caught the scapel with his left hand, without flinching. His master had taught him how to be quick, quicker than those around him andhe used his master's lessons to his advantage.

    "I believe you dropped this m'lord..." He said casually as he tossed the scaple back to his master. His voice was suddenly devoid fo the rage and emotion it had held just moments before.

    Posted by Drako on 11-14-2002 04:06 PM:

    Drako caught it and set it back down on the table, back exactly where it had been as though nothing had changed. He wandered back over to Talus and sat down on the chair proviced. He streached out and yawned.

    He was dressed all in black, as was usual these days, but this was not the black of darkness that most Sith sported, it was simply the absense of colour. He closed his eyes for a moment the looked at Talus.

    "Tell me your oppinion of Rey, I saw the incident in Rama's the other night..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-14-2002 04:43 PM:

    "Arrogant, over-confident, proud... much like I am, but he lacks what I have, discipline and the experience of training. I'm sure once he's under you watchful eye m'lord he won't have another incident as you so tactfully put it." Talus spoke cooly and the truth, he did see a lot of himself in his fellow disciple, but one key difference.

    "There is a difference though m'lord, I don't contaminate my body or my mind." This response came out almost in a hiss, "I would never bring shame to you, the empire or myself with those disgusting substances. "

    He looked at his master, then he grew a bit somber; "I apologize for my actions in Rama's, it angered me that he would disgrace you and the empire in such a manner. I was disgraced as well, that he would call himself of the same rank and position as myself and do somethign so despicable."

    Posted by Drako on 11-14-2002 05:20 PM:

    Drako sighed and closed his eyes again, thinking. Things had changed, they were moving and Drako wasn't sure he could predict where and that bothered him. He opened his eyes again.

    "Watch that one carefully Talus, he may be after your hide, for one reason or another and I have no way of telling, the future is...clouded."

    He would keep an eye on both of them though, when he had them to spare, when he didn't, well, little happened that he wasn't aware of.

    "I am glad to know you wouldn't contaminate yourself and I will have words with Rey on the matter, it is not something I approve of in the slightest..."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-14-2002 08:59 PM:

    "Yes m'lord. He may come for it if he pleases, I will stand my ground as I did before. " Talus responded with earnest, he wanted his master to know that he would stand his ground no matter the assailant.

    "It is not like you to have a clouded view of things to come m'lord, is all well?" Talus asked witha bit of concern.

    Posted by Drako on 11-15-2002 05:19 PM:

    "The winds of change are blowing, they cloud the future from me,"

    Drako sighed and stood, he had spent too long here, he had come only to check Talus was ok it seemed as if things were actively attempting to slow his progress today but it didn't matter, there wasn't much left to do.

    "I'm sure you will take care of matters, now, rest and heal, I will speak to you again soon."