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Invictus Project: The mystery of Genesis

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  • Invictus Project: The mystery of Genesis

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-12-2002 10:39 AM:
    Invictus Project: The mystery of Genesis

    A small message arrived on Talus computer: Package awaits you at your office on Drifter's Paradise. Smith over

    Talus looked bemused by the notice, he hadn't recieved a package in a long time, but part of that was there were no known locations to which to deliver something to him and he be assured to recieve it, his office at Drifter's Paradise had changed that and it seemed someone had something for him.

    Checking his schedule he saw that he had a few hours that would allow him to visit his office and pick up his parcel.

    What in the hell would anyone send to me? He wondered to himself, shrugging he went back to his previous business.

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-12-2002 07:35 PM:

    Talus had already traveled to the Drifter's Paradise and returned with his package. It has been prescreened for any known hazard and passed. Carrying the parcel nonchalantly under his right arm he entered his quarters, it's contents still unknow to him, though he guessed it was more than likely a data disc, what else would fit in such a small package. Gripping on left side just under the perforated lines, Talus ripped the package open casually, there was no excitement or anticipation in his eyes when he did. Sliding his left hand lower he gripped the envelop by the lower left corner and turned it upside down dumping a data disc into his outstretched right hand. On the cover it had the Symbol of the now defunct Galatci Empire and the wordsINVICTUS PROJECT.

    Invictus Project.... What the devil is this He thought to himself. Slowly he opened the disc holder and removed the contents, stepping towards his desk console he inserted the data disk into the reader. It loaded quickly, on the viewer the Imperial symbol flashed once again followed by the same inscription on the container. This gradually faded as a date was scanned across the upper left corner.

    Imperial Research Station Prometheusus... 1200 SGT 9/1/20 ImpEra

    The nervous voice of a scientist came on line:

    "By order of the infalliable Emperor Palpatine we have begun Project Invictus, an omega security level program to design the perfect force user's body and cultivate it for his own personal designs, we have been given a limitless budget and the highest level security clearings, answering only to his eminence himself. We have collected a vast amount of genetic material from the premier physcial specimens of Sith Lords. We shall begin fertilizaton of the artificial created egg and incubation of the zygote within the next 24 hours."

    The image of the scientist cuts away to the image of a lab and the artificial womb, with a developing fetus inside, with tubes and wires running to it, to both monitor the childs vitals and alter its genetic makeup. The unborn child appears to be nearing the third trimester, the date below reads 9/18/20.

    The disc advances the scientist comes back on the screen:

    "It appears we have advanced the embryo too quickly and altered it's genetic make up too much, The specimen failed to survive the "birthing" . The emperor was notified, Dr. Higano has been terminated from the project, Dr. Zyran is now in charge."

    The tape advances further, more failed projects are shown, each specimen a bit further advanced than the last.

    The date reads: 10/12/54. An aged scientist appears on the screen.

    "It appears we have finally succeeded after 34 years many specimens survived the initial few days or weeks after the "birthing process, but the continued genetic enhancements, the stress of the modified Midi-Chloreans takes its toll too quickly, but as of 1200 SGT we have finally had not one but three specimen survive the first 3 years of existence. Called Achilleus, Atlas, Talus, and Ullysses, resepctively" As he spoke 4 images appeared on the screen, the children however appeared to be closer to 5 or 6 than 3, the camera then cut back to the scientist.

    "It appears that Talus is the apex of our creation, his body has shown an affinity to the modified midi-chloreans and has been able to endure the addition of much more than his counter-parts. They will begin their desesitivity training and physcial trainig with in the month, we expect Talus to be ready for the Emperor with in the next 5 years. We have however yet to recieve contact from his majesty, we were informed to not bother him with failures and have not been in contact with him or any of his representatives in quite sometime or anyone else outside of our military installation. We will continue to wait diligently for his reply"

    The disk then cut out, slowly a script message ran across the screen:

    Talus, we know it's you... we'll be in touch... Invictus Project

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 11-15-2002 10:19 AM:

    What the devil was that?

    Talus stood and removed the disk from the player, putting it back into its casing. This answered some of his questions on who he was, but it also raised a few more.

    "What is the Invictus Project and more still what do they want from me?" He muttered to himself. He had never been particularly concerned with his past, but now he had someone trying to contact him and he wasn't sure he was up for it.