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Intensifing Pain. (open)

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  • Intensifing Pain. (open)

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-03-2002 07:31 PM:
    Intensifing Pain. (open)

    :: Dark was again walking thourgh the hallway once more for he had a something pllaging his mind. This thing has been plaging him ever since he came back from the empire after his absenc,e from his journey to find out more of his parents, and what he was really dealing with.

    But ever since he got back he's noticed this precense that he knew to well that was gettin closer and closer everyday and he could not get his mind away from that place unless he was sparing with a fellow sith or training. But even then he still had it on his mind.

    As he was walking that presence was getting stronger and stronger and he could tell that it was still a long way away but this power was way to strong. Just then while he was walking in the hall he had a big percing pain in his head. It was unberible. So much that he had to go to his knees and had to hold his head. I contiuned for a couple of minutes untill the pain went away.

    This took so much out of him that all he could do was lay on the floor curled up in a ball.::

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    Posted by Davka Volaw on 11-07-2002 01:01 PM:

    Davka had noticed the disturbance in the force when he felt the presence of Shadow. He was curled over on the floor.

    Davka did not know what had happened in the force, but he knew that it was there, a splinter in even his mind...

    "Are you alright?" Davka asked his friend as he knelt down, no reply. He was battling something in his mind. Davka felt the forcesurge as he picked up his companion and carried him to hisquarters.

    As the doors to Dark's quarters opened, Davka felt thesurge as he set Dark down. Davka sat down and waitedin the dark gloom of his room until Dark was able to reply...

    Posted by Dark B Shadow on 11-07-2002 01:27 PM:

    OOC: umm Davka you can't post here yet cause your not part of the empire yet. You have to wait untill your accepted. Okay.