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Never Trust...(closed - Talus)

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  • Never Trust...(closed - Talus)

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-20-2002 09:41 PM:
    Never Trust...(closed - Talus)

    **Walking down the hallway of the living area of the headquarters, as she was known to do, for once Takai had an actual destination. The room of one Talus Invictus. She lacked any caring for who saw her or if any noticed the fact she was dressed all in white. There were things that needed to be said and actions that needed to take place.

    And it all started with a knock on the door.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-21-2002 12:19 AM:

    And ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil...

    A large dark-skinned man was sitting alone in a dimly lit room. There was a chair and a bed; nothing more, nothing less. Grasped in his strong hands, there was a book, The Prince, to be exact. The giant dreadlocked man was thumbing through the pages, taking it what he read and contemplating it. The subject of the book was on how to rule efficently, how to make others follow you willingly and if they did not follow you willingly, make them fear you sufficently that they followed you without rebellion. It was his favorite book, it taught him how to satisfy his ambition and use it to his advantage. Talus was not evil, nor was he good, he was simply power hungry and would do anything, including turn to the darkside to feed his hunger pangs.

    The focus on his face as he read was evident, there was no emotion. Nothing eminated from his visage. He nearly ignored the knock at his door when it came, but something urged him to sit his book down and answer the door. What he saw suprised him, a young dark haired, pale-skinned ghost of a girl, clad eerily in a white gown. Nodding his head he spoke softly with a smile;

    "And do what do I owe this unexpected pleasure for, Death-Ghost?" The nickname he affectionately used was a play on the young disciples real name.

    "Please come in..." He spoke as he stepped to the side allowing her access to his spartan quarters.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-21-2002 12:41 AM:

    "No time."

    **The words came out soft, typical of how she usually spoke.**

    "I am looking for something...I lost."

    **She had made only one stop before this one and it had been at her uncle's. Such a strange man he had become. He refused to speak anything coherient but he somehow knew what was about to take place. All he had said was "Beware the duchess' cook. He has what you want. Find the rabbit and return at 6." She wasn't quite sure what he had meant, or if she would return as he had suggested. She wasn't quite sure if she would be able to.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-21-2002 09:11 AM:

    Alway's in riddles...

    "Something you lost? What might that be?"

    Perplexing this young disciple, always full of suprises, always a mystery that didn't want to be solved.

    "By all means, take a look around, see if you can find it."

    Talus opened his arm and motioned for her to take her time.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-22-2002 12:11 AM:

    "No, I can not see it. So I would not regain it that way."

    **Despite her words, still she looked past him into the room. The long sleeves of the white dress she wore were slightly stained a strange dark bluish color about where her wrists were as well as lines elsewhere on her arms.**

    "What I am looking for is my true solitude."

    **She looked back at Talus and glared at him slightly**

    "And you stole it from me!"

    **No sooner had she spoken than there was a blur of white fabric and something silver as Talus felt a sharp pain in his thigh. The young girl had made a deep gash with a dagger that had been hidden in the sleeve of her dress, but had been in her hand the entire time. Quickly she leapt back away from the other Sith and began chanting softly. As she did so, the walls of the room seemed to pulse and a sickening squishing noise was heard as they appeared to almost bleed a deep black ooze. Of course, the illusion was something only Takai and Talus could see, but to them, it was horrifyingly realistic. Takai could tell that Talus was less than amused and at that point, the ground began to suddenly crack and rip apart, creating almost a void between the two.**

    "Get out of my head!"

    **She yelled in her strange, monotone voice, and suddenly the ground underneath Talus gave way, and he fell into the darkness.**

    **When her fellow Sith opened his eyes, he found he was laying on the floor in the hallway and the young girl was sitting a few feet from him, staring at him. However, it was as if she did not exist to him. He could not feel her presence, could not sence her thoughts, it was as if she was not sitting there, the dark blue blood of her race slowly dripping from her eyes like tears, staining her cheeks.
    The girl could not afford to have anyone linked to her mentally in any way, and so, she had severed the ties which Talus had created, even if it had caused her physical harm.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-22-2002 09:54 AM:

    Talus stood slowly, the blood dripping from his legs. The pain was exquisite, sneering he looked at her with malice, then confusion. What had she done to him, the feeling he got when she seemed near was gone, he could see her, smell her, and if his leg wasn't bleeding chances are he could strike her, but he couldn't sense her. She wasn't there.

    "What in the hell was that about?" the young disciple roared, reaching out he attempted to call his saber to him via the force it wouldn't come, angrily he callled out to it again, still nothing.

    "What have you done to me?" Talus attempted to feed off the pain, to strengthen the force inside of him, but he couldn't, instead he realized just how much blood he was losing when the room began to spin again and he fell to the floor.


    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-22-2002 11:50 AM:

    **She couldn't help but smile. She loved the look of anger, frustration, and even panic that had come to Talus' face. The spell she had performed shouldn't have been able to have been done by her. Hell, even a knight would have had some problems getting through it without having it backfire horribly. But she had been born with a gift in the Sith magicks, and her mental abilities made up for the physical ones her frail body could never hope to perfect.
    Talus' complete blindness to the force would wear off in another hour or so and he would soon be able to do the things he used to. But when it came to her, she would be a complete void in the force to him. It would be as it was now, as if she simply did not exist.
    His wound was not fatal either. He would awaken from it soon enough. The bit of poison she had used at the tip of the dagger had thinned the blood in the area, causing the wound to appear to be bleeding far more than it was. The poison was also a sedative, one that would not last long, but would leave a person completely disorientated, thinking that they might have been passed out for hours, rather than just the five minutes it was known to last for.**

    **It was an eerie site in the hallway. A large Sith disciple on the floor, looking to be bleeding to death from a leg wound. All the while the cause of the incident sat and watched him like a wild animal might do to it's fallen prey, dressed in a gown of white that was now splattered in the crimson blood of the other Sith, twirling the dagger that was coated in his blood, appearing like an angel of death and murder. Thank goodness it was late at night and most were asleep, otherwise someone might have come across the gruesome scene. Not that they would have done anything to her, though. She wouldn't have let them.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-23-2002 11:26 PM:

    Talus lay on the floor for much longer than he would have under normal circumstances, but these were anything but normal. His anger seethed inside of him, the force was dead to him at the moment and he was unsure why, but he knew this little one had something to do with it.

    What has she done...

    Suddenly Talus was on his feet, his left hand clamped firmly over the arm that held the dagger and his right hand wrapped tightly around her throat. His hands were so large and her neck so small that his fingertips nearly touched. He may have been without the force, but his genetic engineering still made him more than a physical match for many and now that he had clamped off her air supply so she couldn't speak, her Sith Magic was neutralized as well. He wasn't sure but he suscpected that using the spell had taken more out of her than her poison and dagger had taken out of him.

    "I don't know what you just did, but I want it undone. Otherwise we will both be disconnected from the force, you just a bit more forcefully..." He growled, he was positive she wasn't intimidated in the least by him, but that didn't change the fact that he could snap her neck with but a motion.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-24-2002 12:20 AM:

    **The child did not fear death, at times she welcomed it. Slightly amused by the man's reaction, she was once again intrigued to see how one would react when they felt threatened; even if only by a young girl. She couldn't tell him that his feelings in the force would return, the sudden brute force and chokehold he had on her throat prevented her from doing so, and she had no intention of undoing what she had done. Wasn't even sure if she could, but that didn't matter. Her mind was her own and she was going to keep it that way.
    So instead of doing anything, she stared forward blankly and focused on breathing what little she could, ignoring the pain that was being caused by the hold on her throat. No doubt there would be bruises there later. How strange, the disciple had struck her before, and now this. So, now there were two in the Empire who were not afraid to cause her pain and would do so.
    Good. They would pay some day, even if she were to die at that moment.**

    **Though, it puzzled her slightly as to how Talus thought she would be able to undo the spell. Considering he had it so she could to speak. Such a perfect example of how some simply do not think in some situations.**

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-24-2002 07:14 PM:

    Suddenly he felt something, the buzz of the force. He felt it flowing through his veins again. His grip tightened. His grin became a bit more malicious as he realized what she'd done.

    "So you simply removed yourself from my sphere of influence, have you death ghost?" He laughed. "Seems you're in an even worse predicament now, I know that I have full access to the force in all matters except when it comes to you. Why then should I allow you to live, when you hold the key to my downfall?"

    Talus' eyes gleamed. Then his grip relaxed and he let her down gently.

    "Because I'm not an animal and I've seen inside your head remember. A part of you will always be inside here." Talus touched his temple solemnly.

    "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to have my wound tended to. Good evening Death Ghost." With those words he limped off.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 10-24-2002 08:00 PM:

    "...A part of you will always be inside here."

    **She watched him motion to his mind and then she just...snapped.**


    **The word shot out from her as he started to walk away from her. She wouldn't let him keep her like that. It would be best if they had never met. She wanted Talus to not know her name, her thoughts, anything!
    Takai glared at him, her eyes burning with rage. Pushing herself up from the ground she staggered forward slightly and then stood in the hallway, leaning against the wall to keep herself from falling again. Her hand clutched the bloodied dagger as she spoke again, this time softer.**

    "I'll kill you."

    **The volume of her voice raised again to a shout**

    "I WILL KILL YOU! You...You did this! And you will pay!"

    **Cringing, she dropped to her knees slightly. She should have known better than to attempt such things when she had been injured prior to it all. Her ribs had been fractured a few days ago, and the pain was flowing through her. But it did not matter..**

    "You all will pay."

    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-30-2002 09:41 AM:

    He watched the disciple fall to her knees from over his shoulder. He'd heard her threats and was unconcerned. If he was to die, he was to die, he could not escape it forever and that was his philosphy on life, what made him so dangerous. His unconcern for the future, he simply lived to become more powerful each day.

    "Perhaps Takai Rei, but not today. You should go have those ribs checked out, thats where you hide the abuse you recieve." He spoke coldly, he had no remorse for his attack at her, she was a disciple as well, she struck first, Talus' was simply defending himself and ending the fight.

    "Now go before I change my mind about ending this in the way of a true Sith." His voice changed, it sounded stronger, changed. Talus felt stronger, perhaps her spell, had an unexpected side effect. He would have to test his theory later though, he had to have his wound tended too.

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 10-30-2002 11:56 AM:

    Glaring from the shadows, Takai's father, Varlon Konrad, watched the ordeal between she and Talus unfolded. When the Disciple took it upon himself to threaten her life, that's when without any warning, Talus suddenly found himself unable to draw air into his lungs as a tightening pressure formed around his windpipe. As the Disciple fell to his knees, still struggling to breathe, he suddenly felt the ripping burn of a force lightning bolt striking him in the middle of his back. Stepping out of the shadows, the Sith Lord Konrad appeared, growling as he released the force choke hold on Talus. "You touch my daughter like that again, disciple," Varlon said in a hiss, his eyes burning with the seething fury he had just unleashed. "And you will not live to see another day…

    "But before I kill you, I will skin you alive, bathe you in citric acid, then dry you on a bed of salt, all before slowly roasting you alive…" Then the Lord smirked. "Then allowing my daughter to do with you as she pleases. Do I make myself clear…?"

    Var's gaze then locked on his daughter's, slightly glaring at her knowing he'd have to deal with her and her over-developed abilities later after she would be treated for the wounds the overzealous disciple inflicted.

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    Posted by Talus Invictus on 10-30-2002 01:17 PM:


    The only word he spoke, as he forced himself to rise. The Sith Lord would do as he pleased, Talus did not have the ability to stop him, but he would not let someone run roughshod over him simply because her father was a Sith Lord, he'd rather go through the pain and torture Lord Konrad described than defer to someone. His pride and arrogance would not allow it.

    Pushing off the ground he stared at the Sith Lord in the eyes, not averting them. He was tempting fate but the rage building inside of him was nearly more than he could control.

    He hobbled by the Sith Lord never breaking his gaze. He needed medical attention even more now that he'd been attacked by two Konrads.

    Someday you'll taste force lighting from my hand... and then my saber tip. Was the one thought that passed through his mind over and over. He did his best to keep it concealed to himself, he knew at least one of them had no choice but to hear it, but he'd rather the Lord not be given an excuse to extinguish his life, when he'd decided to spare him; because of a foolish thought Talus could not control.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-02-2002 12:31 AM:

    **She slowly looked up from her hands as her father had decided to show himself. She kept herself from shrinking away while Talus was still need to let the man know more than he already did. But as Talus limped away, Takai let herself move back away from her father. Varlon had seen what she could do and he now knew what she was capable of. She didn't want anyone to know...especially him. But she knew what was on his mind, and spoke.**

    "I do not need medical attention...I have already received it."

    Posted by Varlon Konrad on 11-04-2002 12:13 AM:

    "Don't be too sure, Takai," He said softly as he kneeled down to be more level with her. "There may be a few wounds you don't know of that need checked out. I'll make sure the doctors don't do anything to hurt you, though."

    The Sith Lord, only moments ago a beast that could only have been spawned from Hell, was now tame, any trace of anger he felt were vanquished until he looked into his daughter's eyes. "After that, you'll be telling me where you've been the past several days…" The lethal tone he had carried during his "talk" with Talus again returned, a clear sign he was unhappy with Takai as well.

    Posted by Takai Konrad on 11-05-2002 12:46 AM:

    **She shook her head slowly, her eyes locking on those of her father.**

    "No. No I won't."