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Broken Promises.

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  • Broken Promises.

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 10-24-2002 11:30 AM:
    Broken Promises.

    Leaning back against the wall near her dormitory entrance, Jezebella Shadana, sighed softly and brought a gloved hand up to her throbbing forehead. It had been one of those nights where she found herself lost in thought about her past... but... her thoughts did not linger that far this time. Now.. they weighed down upon her joining the Empire.

    She had pledged her loyalty and life to the Empire... and what had she to show for it? Her low rank of a Sith Disciple. But, now that she thought of it, it was no one's fault but her own. She was the one who had stopped training, the one who had confined herself within her room, the one who had not bothered to contact her Master.

    Looking down, her hand remaining on her forehead, Jez growled and pushed off the wall with the heel of her right foot. Stumbling forward abit, she span about and slammed her free-hand on the identy-lock on the wall in front of her.

    The door slid upward under her glowering gaze, which was an odd silvery color.

    "It's time to change, Jezebella." She said softly to herself.

    Posted by Drako on 10-24-2002 11:38 AM:

    Silent, like the angel of Death the ancient Sith Lord waited in the shadows, he knew the time was now but would not interfere, this was her battle and he would let her win it before he acted so he waited, invisible in the shadows.

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 10-24-2002 12:17 PM:

    Stepping into her small, nearly empty, room; Jezebella narrowed her eyes when they came to rest on her armlet bangles, knee plates, and chest-plate. They rested on her switch-table by her pallet-like bed. Armor.. something that protected limbs from danger... something she hardly cared for anymore... yet.. something treasured while fighting.

    Crossing the room, she grabbed up her spike-armlet and slipped it over her fore-arm. Next, she moved onto the chest plate.. and so on and so forth. Though adding to her weight, something felt right about being in a rush to battle again.

    Spinning on her heel, fully clad in all silver armor, Jezebella smirked, something she hadn't done in a while, and started back toward the door. Stopping in front of the exit/enterance of her dormitory, Jez snapped up her black-handled, duel bladed saber and quietly stepped out. Her door slamming downward behind her.

    "... It's about time.."

    Posted by Drako on 10-27-2002 07:57 AM:

    "Indeed it is,"

    The ancient Sith stepped from the shadows where he had been standing,

    "I was beginning to think you had died in there...i was expecting to pass one day and be greated by the stench of rotting flesh,"

    There was a smile on the Sith Lord's face as he walked towards her, he stopped a few feet from her and folded his arms.

    "But to what do we owe the pleasure of you company outside your quarters?"

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 10-28-2002 06:53 AM:

    "I wouldn't give up so easily. At least not before I get to blow some hot kisses to my devoted fans." Jezebella's stern, yet amused voice went up a level in volume... but it was still quite soft for her.

    Narrowing her eyes, she shifted her gaze upward to meet her Master's. It had been an all knowing feeling... he was here. Her senses had faded over the last few weeks, it seemed as a decade, she had been cooped up in her small chamber.. but it wouldn't change the direct intunement she had with her Master.

    Balancing a hand on her hip, the spikes that were engraved into her gauntlets digging slightly into her rough skin, she smirked and waved her other hand out in front of her.

    "I can't go on like this. It's time for me to really begin my journey... and this time.. I am not going to be giving in so quickly."

    Posted by Drako on 10-31-2002 03:43 PM:

    "Even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,"

    He held out his hand, it was a symbolic gesture, if she took it she would be coming back, a lost lamb back into the fold of her sheppard. DarkStar stood and waited for her to take that first step.

    Posted by Lady Jezebella on 10-31-2002 10:23 PM:

    Jezebella's gaze lingered on his hand for a few moments... golden flecks of determination setting off... even without the light to add to the effect. Smirking slightly, Jez took a step forward, her hand raising slowly and coming to hover over her Master's own hand.

    "I am ready to take that step..."

    Posted by Drako on 11-01-2002 04:49 PM:

    DarkStar squeezed her hand in a handshake manner more than anything else before releasing it.

    "Then meet me in the training grounds in two hours, I have a few matters to attend to first then I will meet you there."

    A feeling, just a feeling nagged at his gut, that he had to be somewhere else very shortly, but not quite yet.