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Lost and Bored .....[Open To Anyone]

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  • Lost and Bored .....[Open To Anyone]

    Posted by Lina Capulet on 11-01-2002 03:39 PM:
    Lost and Bored .....[Open To Anyone]

    Lina wandered the halls of the Headquatres, yawning and stretching. She couldn't sleep due to her boredom. Her eyes were barely open, but she wanted to keep up.
    She gently trailed her hand along walls absently, as her red, messed up hair, swayed back and forth.

    What can I do ? Gah ...

    She kept her footsteps as quiet as possible, knowing how a few of the Sith were trying to sleep, but that was only a few. She knew that most of them were probably training or what not.

    She kept on walking, trailing her hand along the side ... what could she do ? The night had gotten so boring ...